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For Parents

So, your baby has a beard. Don't worry - you are not alone.

Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of babies with beards are born each year. The history of shame and secrets has come to an end. Hold your baby up to the light of the sun and let the beards flow freely! That's what the people of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia did in July, 2007. They celebrated the birth of a bearded baby openly. We are entering a new era of social maturity and tolerance, but things were not always so. For a summary history of babies with beards, visit our History section.

When your doctor told you that your baby would be born with a beard, what went through your mind? Probably the same sorts of things that parents have wrestled with since the dawn of mankind.

"Is my child normal?"

While a doctor might not agree, we, the parents of babies with beards ourselves, would answer with an emphatic "YES!" Did you know that every human fetus actually grows a soft layer of thin hair in the womb? Dr Stephen Juan tells us that this hair forms on the upper lip when the fetus is about 5.3" long and 6 ounces in weight. The hairy coating, called "languo," is usually gone by the time the baby is born--with beardlings, it is simply shed in all places other than the facial area.

Sometimes a beard on a baby is confused with the medical condition of hypertrichosis. If your baby is diagnosed with this condition, this is not the web site for you. This site is only for babies with normal facial growth, such as a moustache, beard, or sideburns. Information for medical professionals can be found in the section entitled For Doctors.

"Will my child be shunned?"

Unfortunately, some people are not as progressive as others. Some people may shun you and your newborn, following the tradition of fear of the unusual. Others, however, will welcome you into their homes and hearts. After all, who can resist the lure of a baby, whether with beard or without. You can use the Messages area of this site to communicate with other parents and share your bearded baby experiences. As your child grows, many challenges will present themselves. Only by reaching out to our community (or finding one locally) will you be able to cope. We're here to help!

"What are the benefits of my baby's beard?"

The primary benefit of a beard is the added warmth that it provides for a newborn. If your baby has a particularly fast-growing beard, you may be able to weave a "beard-blanket" that will travel with your newborn wherever he or she goes.

"What about health-care?"

Probably the most important thing to remember is to always take good care of your baby's beard. Wash with a mild, baby-safe product, such as those available in our store. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and we all know our little angels are a gift from heaven!

"Does the beard last forever?"

In some cases, male beardlings lose their beards much later in life, as a consequence of androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. Female beardlings may also suffer from facial-hair loss during their later years, although this is rare.