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Welcome to Gloomveil

was created in 2000 by Tony Walsh as a fantasy environment to be used in conjunction with online games, most notably, Neverwinter Nights. The world of Gloomveil grew over the course of several years, culminating in a 3-year campaign for Neverwinter Nights.

With the conclusion of the campaign, Gloomveil has been frozen in time. It stands as a record of the imaginations of Walsh, his behind-the-scenes collaborators, and of the players who experienced and co-authored the world of Gloomveil via Neverwinter Nights and the Gloomveil Discussion Area.

Gloomveil will be reborn. Its author is formulating a new foundation for the project, but there is currently no timeline in mind. Walsh is more concerned with getting it right than getting it done on a schedule.

Stay tuned!


It's in the places you were warned about as a child. It's behind your back, under your bed, in the corner of your eye. A place between worlds and beyond time. No matter who you are, or where you've come from, Gloomveil is just a nightmare away.

Cloaked within a shroud of mysterious black Fog, the Gloomveil region is a ghastly realm of danger, exploration and adventure. Amidst the ruins of a long-dead civilization, under the brooding stare of the Barrow Cliffs, lies the Brothers Three Inn. An oasis of nourishment in a harsh land, the Inn is the only friendly place in Gloomveil.

Whether you've come through the Fog by chance or by choice, whether you're from a known or unknown realm, The Brothers Three Inn is your refuge. Have a seat with other wayward souls, share a drink or a tale, and enjoy yourself while you still can. The Inn may be warm, but it's a cold, cruel world outside.

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