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Gloomveil/World/Restless Hollow

A Restless Tale, Download the Video, Extension:  Myth II Netmap

By the pen of Brand, Chief of the Peacekeepers:

Restless Hollow is situated to the East of the Barrow Cliffs, past Rust Dragon's Lair, through a rocky crevasse that is often obscured by Fog. The journey itself is treacherous enough, as the rough trail wends dangerously close to the foot of the dread Cliffs - a natural habitat of harmful Rock Spiders. Add to this the possibility of confrontation by Rust Dragon's warband, and you have a lofty mission ahead of you.

From the ichor-clawed creature pictured to the left, to baleful, silent ghosts of spearmen and engineers, Restless Hollow is home to horrifying mysteries. Why do these armies of the undead battle? Who were they in life? One thing is clear. Something grim and unnatural awaits in Restless Hollow. As Chief of the Peacekeepers, I cannot assure the safety of travelers in this area. I have provided descriptions below of the general types of creatures we observed for your edification.

Engineers are known for their skill in the manufacture of siege machines and other weapons of war. In the Hollow we saw what appeared to be the ghostly shades of such engineers, hurling explosives into the field of battle. From my own soldiering experience I have seen much in the way of destruction. Ballistae and catapults are fine for ruining city walls, but nothing is deadlier than a clay pot full of Boom Powder in the rights hands. More commonly than not, the stout mountain-folk are the ones with the Powder pots at their disposal. Back in the Old Country, the mountain-folk leached explosive powder from the very rock they lived within, and were masters of controlled destruction. Here, in Restless Hollow, I wondered what sort of curse afflicted the souls of these people. Some bore a resemblance to our mountain folk, short and wide, and yet others were simply ghostly men, cackling maniacally as they blew their foes to bits.

Footsoldiers toil hard enough in mortal life. They are the first to fall to the rain of arrows, the first line of defense against horses, and the trained pawns of their general. What punishment the soldiers I witnessed endure, I cannot know. Battlefield corpses standing erect, arranging themselves in formation as if controlled by an unseen commander, these pathetic creatures seemed set on the destruction of the enemy. An enemy barely distinguishable from themselves - rotted, disintigrating, and crawling with graveworms. Each side was ill-equipped, some with great-axes, many with pole-arms, many more still with only their fetid claws to use as weapons. Plodding slowly into rank and file, we watched as they then advanced upon their opposition across the Hollow. I only hope their spirits gained rest when their earthly bodies fell to the ground one last time, covered in green sickness.

Blending in with the Foggy horizon, skeletal apparitions bearing throwing spears hovered over the battlefield. Each appeared to be missing large portions of its bones, as if smashed to pieces in life by some powerful siege machine. These ghostly shades were chilling to observe. They glided effortlessly over the rocky terrain of the Barrow Cliff to join their soldier counterparts. Once a missile was hurled, another seemed to appear out of thin air in their skeletal hand. This sight was enough for us. We have not seen any of the undead of Restless Hollow outside of their eternal battleground, and I thank the gods for that.

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