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The Fog, The Brothers Three Inn, The Library of Lore, Peacekeepers' Hold, The Barrows, Rathbone's Hut, Restless Hollow, Rust Dragon's Lair
The Barrows

Baleful moans, murmuring whispers, and other unsettling noises keep most visitors well away from this gnarled rock face. Peppered with large and small caves, and topped with an abandonded keep, the Barrow Cliff is said to be the site of an ancient siege. Most people think the Barrow Cliff is cursed, and the rare few who explore this place have refused to talk about their adventures.

View an image of the Barrow Keep.

Read "A Barrow Expedition" in the Library of Lore.

Read about the Barrow Hermit in chapter 4 of the Gloomveil Anthology.

View information on the Hermit of the Barrows.

Listen to the musical composition "Barrow Cliff Caves" in the Gloomveil Music Box.

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