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  Just Playdo It  
Posted 2003-11-19 by Tony Walsh
 is a tasty piece of Web community confected by Swedish chef Andreas Rehnberg. Originally developed in 2000 as part of a Karlstad University project, Rehnberg's award-winning "nice and friendly" environment features avatar-driven chatrooms, user-created homepages, games with user-created content, and much more.

I'd be hard-pressed to come up with a better general-audience play-oriented community, particularly since Playdo appears to be devoid of corporate influence.
  After Life  
Posted 2003-09-17 by Tony Walsh
After Life features the effects of the four seasons on London's Streatham Cemetary photographed and Flashified by Jonathan Clark. More than a mere gallery of photos, After Life is a gentle soundscape, a lightly-interactive experience, and a relaxing way to spend 15 minutes. Top-notch motion graphics and Flash effects add life to many of the scenes.
  Paper Cuts + Wasabi = Ouch  
Posted 2003-08-20 by Tony Walsh
"Let's make paper craft model from 3-dimentional data." Pepakura Designer is a Japanese-developed software kit that works with output from most 3D modelling packages, allowing digital 3D models to be converted to paper models. Pepakura Designer could be a nifty afternoon project or a way to prototype simple objects destined for real-world usage. [link:jos]
  Fly Guy  
Posted 2003-07-21 by Tony Walsh
Fly Guy is delightful, playful, and nonsensical. It's not a game, but if it was a game I could play it for a very long time. Art by illustrator and pixelmeister Trevor Van Meter, programming by Toronto whippersnapper Jason Krogh. [link:andrew]
  Subtle Technologies 2003 (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-05-21 by Tony Walsh
Toronto's 6th annual Subtle Technologies festival explores the relationships between art, science and technology. The festival kicks off tomorrow and runs through the weekend.

"On Thursday night, May 22nd, Subtle Technologies opens with a panel discussion at DECONism Gallery, featuring Steve Mann, Derrick de Kerckhove, Arthur Kroker, and Simon Penny. Following the panel, SubtleTechnologies will host an opening reception for Simon Penny's interactive installation, Bedlam."

Continue reading: Subtle Technologies 2003 (Toronto)
  2 New Categories- Input Requested  
Posted 2003-05-14 by Tony Walsh
I'm considering adding two new categories to Clickable Culture. This might involve splitting one or more of the existing categories (which would be 2+ new categories). I'm still trying to keep things minimal, and I only have 10 slots available.

I think Digital, Games, Tech+Sci, and Weird are all pretty solid categories. The weaker ones are World, Arts, and Life. World sort of covers international news as well as eco/environment stuff. Arts seems pretty catch-all, and covers everything from home-brew comics to The Dixie Chicks (hah!). Life is another catch-all, covering politics to business, to Big Media, to personal stuff.

If you've got a suggestion, leave it in the Comments section, please. Thanks!
  Canon Digital Creators Contest 2003  
Posted 2003-03-25 by Tony Walsh
Canon's fourth-annual digital creativity contest opened yesterday, offering up $177k USD in prize money and other goodies. Judges include Joshua Davis and Hiroyuki Nakano. Entries will be accepted until September 4, 2003. More information and guidelines can be found here.
  Matt Jones On The “Warchalking” Phenomenon  
Posted 2003-03-14 by Tony Walsh
Toronto's pricey Digifest is underway, drawing affluent digerati downtown like so many hackers to a honeypot.

On Friday, March 28, 6:00 pm at the Design Exchange (234 Bay Street, Toronto,) Matt Jones will be speaking about "warchalking."

What is warchalking?
"Dozens of companies in urban centres all around the world are leaving their networks unprotected, enabling anyone with a wireless card in their laptop or PDA to connect to these networks. Warchalking is the practice of marking a series of symbols on sidewalks and walls to indicate these wireless networks. Aware of these symbols and their locations, computer users translate the symbols and are able to connect wirelessly and 'freely' to someone else's internet access."

Tickets to hear warchalking inventor Jones elaborate on and moralize this issue are $35, and can be purchased online or by phone: 416-216-2150
  Viva Vintage Vegas!  
Posted 2003-02-13 by Tony Walsh
I don't have a gambling addiction, but I just can't get enough retro art and design. Take a trip to Vintage Vegas and wreak havoc, happy-hour style. [link>stephan]
  Crumple Zone  
Posted 2003-01-13 by Tony Walsh
The Origami Boulder is beautiful in its simplicity. Order the boulder with or without Haiku. Order the "performance art" option, and get no boulder at all. "I answer important questions with FAQ, but still get email anyway. Here is what dumb dumbs write to me."
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