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  ICQ Patented  
Posted 2002-12-18 by Tony Walsh
ICQ's sugar daddy, AOL Time Warner, has secured a patent that "governs a system of point-to-point communications involving users at a network of terminals. Users log on to the system with a unique identifier code that remains the same regardless of their IP address, and can chat with other users logged on at the same time." This pretty much describes all Instant Messaging applications, including some Web-based chat systems such as GameSpy Arcade, and should put Trillian (which rides on ICQ protocols) right out of business. [story]
  Shocked? I’m aroused  
Posted 2002-12-15 by Titus
"A man has confessed to murdering and eating a fellow homosexual who volunteered to be killed in one of the strangest murders in Germany in recent years, prosecutors said today.

The 41-year-old accused recorded the crime on a video camera after finding the apparently willing victim through an advertisement posted on the Internet, the state prosecutor's office in the central German city of Kassel said in a statement. "The accused supposedly first cut off the penis of the victim by mutual agreement because they wanted to eat it together," said the statement."

You're bored, I'm bored....I know! Let's eat my penis!

Lots of links for this one: Article 1, Article 2 (incl. victim photo), and a whole slew of newsgroup posts (found after Der Spiegel published his online handle). If browsing the newsgroup posts, don't forget to read the full threads. Horror awaits:

"i,m a male who really love's the thought of being on the dinner table,
my body is yours to cook anyway you want, i am for real my flesh is
yours. fry me,broil me barbacue me i don,t care just as long as you
enjoy your meal, i want to be your meal, its my calling an i'm ready.
  What’s the deal with online bootlegs? (or, “So what if Harry is already online")  
Posted 2002-11-18 by
Have you read some of the amazing things the MPAA has been saying about Internet Piracy? I recommend this guide, which will help to clear up all the FUD the MPAA and its lackeys have been spreading. For a take of what some of the (very biased) online community thinks, check out this slashdot thread.

  Sneak attack on hackers  
Posted 2002-11-15 by Tony Walsh
The Cyber Security Enhancement Act was slipped into the U.S. Homeland Security bill this week. If made into law, the CSEA would reportedly:
  • Give life terms to certain types of hackers
  • Permit surveillance without a court order during certain types of Internet attacks
  • Extend an existing advertising ban on electronic suveillance devices from print advertising to online advertising

  • [story]
      Apple Isn’t Doing It  
    Posted 2002-11-11 by Tony Walsh
    "What's Apple not doing? It's not -- at least so far -- moving toward an anti-customer embrace with Hollywood's movie studios and the other members of the powerful entertainment cartel." The perils of Digital Rights Management, and how Apple is thinking differently about the DRM debacle. [story>>grego]
      You can’t copyright an idea.  
    Posted 2002-11-07 by Tony Walsh
    Looks like Bizzaro World actually exists, and has spawned an evil twin to Harry Potter. Wired News reports that Russian Potter clone Tanya Grotter "...rides a magical double bass instead of a broomstick, she shares several attributes with her near-namesake: Like Potter, she is an orphan, wears glasses and has an unusual mark on her face..." Grotter's creator admits satirical intent, and as most lawyers will tell you, copyright doesn't cover ideas, just literal content. However, a group of J.K. Rowling's representatives have threatened to sue Grotter's publishers alleging violation of intellectual property rights.
      Old Spices never die, they just crave publicity.  
    Posted 2002-11-06 by Tony Walsh
    I suppose the Posh Spice kidnapping plot wasn't enough for Victoria Beckham. Now she's after a venerable soccer club. The club, nicknamed Posh since 1934, is attempting to register their name as a trademark. Posh Spice is trying to stop the attempt. Her PR firm reportedly stated "The name Posh is inexorably associated with Victoria Beckham in the public's mind..." They wish there was such a thing as inexorable mindshare. Too bad we forgot about Posh Spice until this kidnapping plot made the news.
      Micro$oft Wrist-Slapping Aftermath  
    Posted 2002-11-05 by Tony Walsh
    I don't know who would be surprised by the weak outcome of the Micro$oft antitrust proceedings. This article has some choice quotes, including this excerpt from an antitrust lawyer: "What the opinion said basically was, 'You robbed a bank, you can keep the money, and you can do it again, but don't use exactly the same method.'"

    Meanwhile, the Seattle Times' Paul Andrews posits "Those who view the Justice Department settlement and Kollar-Kotelly's ruling as a slam-dunk for Microsoft have forgotten a key point: The settlement prohibits Microsoft from restricting computer makers' ability to 'offer users the option of launching other operating systems from the basic input/output system or a non-Microsoft boot-loader."'
      Freedom of choice?  
    Posted 2002-10-30 by Tony Walsh
    Eagle Scout Darrell Lambert is about to be kicked out of the Seattle Boy Scouts for being a damned dirty ape atheist. "In 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Boy Scouts' right as a private organization to ban certain members. The Scouts exclude atheists and gays." [story]
      You don’t need to see our identification…  
    Posted 2002-10-30 by Tony Walsh
    Canadians who were born in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan or Syria will be processed differently than other Canadians at the U.S. border. Canadian citizens born in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan or Syria are now required to be photographed and fingerprinted due to a new U.S. law. Certainly it's understandable that America fears terrorists are at the gates. I just think it's unfortunate that Americans will now be require people of certain races and nationalities to be registered, recorded, and filed away.

    Our government has issued a travel advisory for these "suspect" groups following the deportation of a Syrian-born Canadian accused of terrorist ties back to Syria. It's a shame this guy wasn't deported to Canada, where his wife and two kids live. Instead, he's in jail in Syria. [story]
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