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  Suits For Joe  
Posted 2004-05-26 by Tony Walsh
Is your Ken doll way too metrosexual? Hook that plastic ponce up with some real, he-man clothes. Civies: Suits for Joe provides stylish, totally non-gay garb for your foot-long action figures. Behold, the suits... the shirts and ties. Civies also features conservative officewear for your filthy whore of a Barbie. And if she doesn't like dressing decently, you can always behead her.
  Geekman Inaction Figure  
Posted 2004-01-26 by Tony Walsh
As a superhero, he's got glasses and a pocket protector. I can only assume his secret identity is a male model. Geekman has uber l33t coding powers, but is hindered by girl-fear and poor personal hygiene. The figure comes with accessories such as glasses, handheld and notebook computers, a coffee mug and a wristwatch. Not sure why anyone would want to have this hanging around their desk...
Posted 2003-12-30 by Tony Walsh
Game pieces in the form of miniature warriors were popularized by the role-playing and tabletop war games of the 1970s, and have steadily grown... in size... ever since. It used to be that an unpainted 15mm lead figurine was enough. Then came the painting, 20mm-scale, and the long-lived standard of 25mm (1-inch) miniatures. Games Workshop really set things in motion in the 1990s, introducing 30mm-scale figures. Miniatures have since only gotten bigger since.

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Posted 2003-08-04 by Tony Walsh
Pete Fowler is a UK-based illustrator, artist, and monster-maker. Fowler's creative critters hit home on Monster Island (aka Japan) where he has been working with mutant clothiers like Satan Arbeit and giant robots like Sony Creative Products.

His Monsterism figurines have taken over vendors like Kid Robot, walking the line between collectible and cult. Like Pokemon with birth-defects.
  Pony Attacks Robot  
Posted 2003-07-29 by Tony Walsh
Move over, Kid Robot, there's a Canadian solution to action figure addiction. Magic Pony is the new kid on the block, and although their prices are in Canuck bucks, you'll be paying a pretty penny for Magic Pony's imported figures, minifigs, plush stuff, T-shirts, and books. Now get out there and consume!
  Smell the Glove  
Posted 2003-01-21 by Tony Walsh
Stink Blasters 3-inch action figures come in poop, body odour, rotten fish and sour cheese scents. [source/link:heckubus] Morrison Entertainment Group, the culprits behind the stanky dolls, made news in 2001 going toe to toe with Nintendo of America. It seems Nintendo's Pokemon characters ("Pocket Monsters") were similar in name and concept to Morrison's "Monster in My Pocket" characters. Morrison Entertainment Group lost a suit against Nintendo for infringement. Morrison's attorney: ""The law is not, nor could it be, that only the big guy can sue... It's whoever had the senior mark can sue. They've effectively put us out of business because everybody thinks we're a rip-off of Pokemon." [source]
  “Collectible” means it’s for adults…  
Posted 2003-01-03 by Tony Walsh
 has a boatload of short-run, collectible figures that are worth checking out just to get a handle on "what the kids are up to" these days. Some pretty insane designs out there, most of which are probably old news in Japan. In addition to "the best in urban vinyl action figures," Kid Robot also has some nifty miniature remote-controlled vehicles, including tanks and killer cars. Yay for killer cars! [link>rui]
Posted 2002-02-26 by Tony Walsh

Turns out those AOL disks are actually good for something. A 7 year-old created a solar oven out of the CDs and won a science fair prize cooking pizzas. "We ate two and gave two to the dog," said young ovenmaster Thomas-Jay Burgess. []

I don't know what it is about Nintendo and seizures, but a Louisiana mother is suing Nintendo on the grounds that her 30 year-old son died from video-game-inflicted seizures.  Maybe *she* should be sued for letting her man-child play Nintendo-64 games for 48 hours a week.

Sweeeet! A recycling fee could be imposed to cover the costs of reclaiming hazardous electronic scrap in the U.S. Two bills were proposed regarding recycling computer equipment. The first saddles consumers with the cost of recycling, and the second would force manufacturers to label computer equipment "hazardous" and set up a system for taking back obsolete equipment.
There are already a number of nonprofit organizations that are more than happy to take your used hardware. Check out Share The Technology (USA) or reBOOT Canada.

Someone on this plane was obviously cursed. [link>andrew]

  Big In Japan  
Posted 2000-10-10 by Tony Walsh
A secret invasion has been in the planning for years now. And the orchestrators aren’t just humans. Animals, plants, and robots are also in cahoots. Grinning from ear to ear, the culprits can often be found amongst chaotic shapes and patterns, or amidst scrambled architectural surroundings. They wait an ocean away, big heads on top, small bodies underneath, huge eyeballs on the North American horizon--ironically, the very place from whence they were spawned. What was hatched in New York City fled to Japan, where it grew, multiplied, and prospered. It will only be a matter of time before the Western world is overrun with the super-freaky cartoon creations of Rodney Greenblat, disdaining the comparatively mundane Pokemon and Hello Kitty phenomena.

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  Bites:  SQUIRTLE!  
Posted 2000-09-22 by Tony Walsh
  • You have to have seen the Pokemon cartoons in order to understand this weblog done by pocket monsters. I kept looking for an entry from Psyduck (my favorite one), but he has been mysteriously silent. [link>misterpants]
  • Russ sez: "Here's a blast from the BBSin' past: somebody is developing Trade Wars for the web. It's still being tweaked, but you can play it here:"
  • Archmage is a web-based, simulated strategy game developed by Mari Telecom, a Korean-based company. Their philosophy is very interesting- "Mari Telecom also provides game contents combining the spirit of various ethnic cultures and thoughts with network technology. We hope that our efforts can introduce the Korean spirit according to the Dangun legacy and broaden game players' understandings of human cultures."
  • At last! 3D Virtual Cockfighting!
  • Iomega, makers of the dicey, click-of-death Zip Drive, have just released the HipZip Portable Mp3 Player for Mac and PC. [] At $300 US, the player's disks cost about $10 each, and only store a lousy 40MB. That's about 12 average length songs at decent quality. Not worth it, in my opinion.
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