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  Silent Hill Movie Titled, Located  
Posted 2005-04-25 by Tony Walsh
The upcoming Silent Hill movie will be called "Centralia," according to a recent report in the Brantford Expositor. Brantford, a town in Ontario, Canada, has been selected as one of the locations being used for the movie. You can view numerous shots of Brantford's abandoned downtown area at this gallery set up by Michael "Orneryboy" Lalonde, as well as dressed sets in this gallery at Those familiar with the Silent Hill game series will see Brantford's potential as a location for the creepy movie. Other locations under consideration include Hamilton and St. Thomas, Ontario.
  Silent Hill Movie Shoots Today  
Posted 2005-04-25 by Tony Walsh
Yahoo! relays a Reuters article containing details about the upcoming Silent Hill movie based on the horror-themed videogame series of the same name. According to the article, the French/Canadian co-production will star Radha Mitchell, who formerly co-starred with Vin Diesel in Pitch Black and recently starred in Finding Neverland. Mitchell will reportedly star as "Rose," a woman seeking her daughter in the terrifying town of Silent Hill. Principal photography on the movie starts today in Toronto. The film was written by Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction), will be directed by Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf).

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  Silent Hill 4:  The Room (Xbox, PS2)  
Posted 2004-11-18 by Tony Walsh
"Silent Hill 4: The Room" (Xbox, PS2)
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
Game Web Site: Click Here
Available Now
ESRB Rating: M
Substance: 95%
Longevity: 60%
If a game is lucky, it might get a sequel. If a game is really lucky, it might get two. Silent Hill is one of those game series that just won't die—but that's only because it was undead to begin with. After three installments, we're treated to a slightly different take on the terrifying world of Silent Hill. This one's "Silent Hill 4: The Room." Konami, developer of the Silent Hill series, has designed The Room to encompass a sequence of concise worlds. Playing the role of Henry Townsend, you'll visit each of these worlds through a gaping hole in your bathroom. No, not the toilet.

Continue reading: Silent Hill 4:  The Room (Xbox, PS2)
  Silent Hill 4 Changes the Formula  
Posted 2004-08-20 by Tony Walsh
Masashi Tsuboyama, lead designer on Konami's Silent Hill 4: The Room spoke to about changes to game play that haven't exactly been well-received in Japan: "...we think that [Japanese gamers] want to play shorter games in which you do a lot of things. Their play style and what we intend are different. What we intend is that the more you play, the more you search, the more things you find. Obviously there's a difference between what they want to do and what we intend to do. As a result, their feedback is not that good."

This latest installment in the Silent Hill series will be the first to feature a first-person view. Tsuboyama shares some interesting insights about how this camera viewpoint affects a horror atmosphere, and looks ahead to future chapters in the Silent Hill game design story. His comments are refreshingly devoid of fluff, and give an inside look at how commercial games must walk a tightrope between pleasing fans and pushing the envelope.
  Silent Hill 5 on Next-Gen Consoles?  
Posted 2004-08-18 by Tony Walsh
EuroGamer leaks a nugget of info from Silent Hill design chief Masashi Tsuboyama on the future of the series: "We're not sure which hardware we will put [it out on], but [it will be] on the best one, be it PS3, be it Xbox 2... It won't be on the current consoles."

While it's great that this series is continuing--although I suppose it has to considering there's a movie in development--I'm not sure we're going to ever see a "better" Silent Hill. Silent Hill 3 was good, but not innovative. Silent Hill 4: The Room is due out soon, so we'll have to see if there are any leaps forward in game play. Game designers and publishers need to realize that releasing the same game on a new platform does not make a better game. Better design makes a better game, not better graphics (see Doom 3 Reviewed).
  Doom 3’s Soundscapes  
Posted 2004-08-06 by Tony Walsh
 briefly interviews audiologist and musician Chris Vrenna about gaming in general and his work on Doom 3. IGN has a more in-depth look at Vrenna's approach. I've played about 8 hours of the game so far, and have appreciated Doom 3's understated but ever-present soundscape. Not quite a soundtrack, but more than merely ambient effects, Doom 3's audio bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the Silent Hill series: It hovers menacingly in the background, subtle enough to avoid being noticed, waiting for an opportunity to strike.
  Salad Fingers  
Posted 2004-07-25 by Tony Walsh
Salad Fingers comes in two episodes. The second is much better than the first. Salad Fingers is simultaneously beautiful and horrible. It's the Silent Hill of cartoons. [link:bruce]
  Silent Hill:  The Comic Book  
Posted 2004-03-09 by Tony Walsh
This is probably old news for you Comic Store Guy types, but it's new news to me. Silent Hill: Dying Inside is a five-issue comic book miniseries written by novelist Scott Ciencin. The miniseries involves two linked stories involving the themes we loved from the video game series: madness, terror... demon-children...

ComicsContinuum provides a look at five pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  Silent Hill 4:  The Room  
Posted 2004-01-09 by Tony Walsh
Konami's unveiled the official site for Silent Hill 4. Subtitled "The Room," SH4 looks at least as creepy as the rest in the series-- judging from the front page, the game stars Brad Pitt, Neve Campbell, and Topher Grace. Scarrryyy!

The official site currently has 8 screenshots, none of which look spectacularly different from previous editions of Silent Hill. The real clincher, of course, is going to be the game play [clickback]. At this point, there is nothing new about Silent Hill: More of the same just isn't going to cut it.
  Silent Hill 4?  
Posted 2003-10-07 by Tony Walsh
Since a Silent Hill movie is in the works [clickback], I suppose we need another installment in the suspense-horror game series as well. Since Silent Hill 3 was almost entirely rehash, the upcoming sequel had better offer something new in the way of gameplay.
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