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  Review: Game Boy Advance SP  
Posted 2003-03-24 by Tony Walsh
Game Boy Advance SP

Manufacturer: Nintendo
Price: est. $149CDN
Availability: now

I've been waiting a long time for this. As an owner of the original Game Boy handheld gaming platform, I long-squinted at the black and pea-soup screen, dreaming of vibrant colour. I patiently let the Game Boy Color and original Game Boy Advance slip through my fingers--colour, yes. Vibrant, no. Not until the Game Boy Advance SP was released this March. With a rechargeable battery and illuminated screen, the SP was soon to be me precioussss...

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  Nokia’s N-Gage Merges Phone, Games  
Posted 2003-02-06 by Tony Walsh
The wireless and gaming industries are buzzing over the release of Nokia's "N-Gage" handheld gaming console-- which doubles as a mobile phone. Or maybe that's the other way around. gives its first impressions of the N-Gage: "'s painfully apparent that this is a unit designed by a company with precisely zero experience of building game are distributed on postage-stamp sized MMC memory cards...the act of slipping in a new game involves removing the back of the unit, taking out the battery and sliding the game home into a SIM card style slot." Sounds great! Hook me up with that $500 US price tag!
  “The beauty of life in the palm of your hand!”  
Posted 2003-01-29 by Tony Walsh
Either that or the horror of a medically accurate, anatomically correct, life size premature baby doll in the palm of your hand. Including "micropremies" as early as 8 weeks. Sad, strange, and darkly funny all at once. Not recommended for children under 5 years of age. [link:titus]
  Game Boy Advances  
Posted 2003-01-07 by Tony Walsh
Looks like Nintendo finally wised up. CNN reports that a new Game Boy Advance is on the way, featuring the long-awaited back light and environmentally-less-harmful rechargeable battery. I now have no reasonable excuse for not buying an improved GBA, since I've already given the older version a test drive and was very impressed.
UPDATE- More details and pics here. It's like a mini laptop :)
  Bites:  Untitled Entry  
Posted 2002-07-03 by Tony Walsh

Turn the sound on your computer wayyyy up, then go here. [link>wendy]

Downwithup's Andrew Duff goes to the wrong side of the tracks.

Steve Jackson Games is starting a D20 online magazine.  It's subscription-based, and promises News, Comics, Articles and adventures, Archives, Community and " advance look at upcoming d20 releases from top publishers."

Game Boy Advance MP3 player! And the good news is, there will be advertising! "Besides playing songs in the standard MP3 and Windows Media Audio formats, the SongPro device will also play a proprietary SongPro Audio, or SPA, format that will use the Game Boy's screen to display lyrics and pictures...the screen will also be used for advertising, meaning that some content could actually be offered with a free, ad-supported model."

Bank security is a joke. I deposited a cheque and paid two bills yesterday before the teller told me he needed to see my bank card or ID. I didn't bring my wallet and told him so, adding I never get asked for such things when making these types of transactions (true). He told me that tellers are supposed to ask for the ID. I said very loudly "Well I guess your security is lax here, then." He reiterated that all tellers are supposed to ask for ID. I said "I guess you should talk to your co-workers, then." He asked me for my address, which I gave him. He then not only finished processing my transaction (something he claimed he couldn't do without ID) but he also issued me a NEW passbook (the old one was filled), which I know for a fact they normally don't issue without ID. Nice going, TD Canada Trust.  All you have to do to get past their security is to point out that it is terrible.

Posted 2000-08-29 by Tony Walsh
  • Macintosh Operating System number ten, otherwise known as OSX, will ship in beta format to the public September 13. [story@macnn] For anyone who isn't a dabbler, hold off on OSX until all the kinks are worked out Nothing worse than a beta OS, says I. The 'Aqua'-flavoured OSX features huge ugly icons, and only runs on G3 and G4-based Macs, so if you're lucky, you can't use the thing at all.

  • Photoshop 6.0 will soon be available, hot on the heels of Illustrator 9. Good news, sort of. Lot of useful web features have been added to Photoshop, as well as some long-awaited text functions, so I don't feel like this is a half-assed release. But I still don't want to pay for it.

  • The first Palm virus released? Get out the anti-bacterial soap and scrub those dirty little hands. Easily confused with the "Liberty" Game Boy emulator, this one masquerades as a crack for the legit software. You have been warned :)

  • Canada's Exclaim! magazine got one hell of an online facelift a few months ago, and just keeps filling up the `net with Canadian content. Someone with actual design knowhow put together this new online version of the magazine. The monthly just-under-the-mainstream music mag is now dynamically assembled right before your very eyes, and is fully searchable. A snappy, clean interface wraps the whole thing up in a tasty bundle. No comic links, however, even though they feature a certain Rat in print each month.

  • I have a cavity. In my wisdom tooth. I called my dentist at 9:15pm tonight to tell him, expecting to leave a message. He was actually in the office, but wasn't very happy to speak to me. Maybe he has a cavity too.
      Bites:  HUMAN GENOME YADDA  
    Posted 2000-04-07 by Tony Walsh
  • Blah blah entire human genome sequence blah. A very busy news day as a result.

  • Interesting story over at Wired re: Everquest and its end-user license agreement. Seems the publisher put in a clause to allow them to upload anything from your computer they deem might be interfering with Everquest game play. A very interesting note at the end of the report- Everquest's publisher is moving to stop the sale of characters over E-Bay and other places. Related

  • Metal Gear Solid for the Game Boy Colour? Not too impressive, I even downloaded a movie of the gameplay.

  • Oops! Was that your polar ice cap? Sorry, A chunk the size of Delaware just broke off.

  • Lord of the Rings trailer! Thanks Ryan!

  • Gillian Anderson, almost naked, and eating pie. [link<]

  • Reverse hacking. It's called "Security" or something. All I have to say is ActiveX-- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!!!!

    Here's Greg-from-Germany's comments:

    bullshit.. is all I can say.. no fucking way Would I buy anything online or surf at sites known to have this shit.. I mean cops need a farging paper to enter your bloody house... ant these guys can just rifle through your computer deem it found something and erase it from your drive.. PA-LEASE! why dont we just call this the Gestapo...
      Bites:  SUNSHINE AND 350 DEGREES  
    Posted 2000-03-24 by Tony Walsh
  • Star Wars scooter. It's designed like a STAP Droid hoverbike thingy. Made by the people who make "Zappy" scooters- it's electric. $900 isn't even that bad, I would just look like Supreme Commander of the Dork Army riding it :) [link>jmageau]

  • Oh great. Another version of Shockwave. "I'm sorry, you need to go download a new version of that old thing that you downloaded a few months ago. You don't need to know why your experience has been compromised by this interruption, just trust us that it's better for you and your family. This is a recording."

  • The impossible ass. Check out this banner ad. Some artist went through the trouble of trying to make it look like this woman's back is arched, possibly awaiting some doggy-style action (like gamers get any action at all), but really her spine would have to be... oh, I don't know... BROKEN.

  • I bought a 5-button mouse yesterday only to find the scroll wheel isn't supported yet under OS9. Well, their beta drivers work- sort of- they say you can expect the occasional crash. Grr. Works pretty good for Unreal Tournament, though.

  • Dragon's Lair for the Game Boy Colour. They actually converted full-motion video for this. This game has been re-done in so many ways since the arcade version- they really got their money's worth from the original animation, don't you think?
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