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  Give Me My Gift  
Posted 2003-12-09 by Tony Walsh
With the holiday season bearing down on us like an avalanche, one thought keeps us warm: ME GET PRESENTS. presents its first annual Give Me My Gift Guide, covering a collection of cheer that is better to receive than give. My humble contributions to the list include Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, and Rainbow Six 3.
  Gone Gold: Ghoulies, Crimson Skies  
Posted 2003-10-14 by Tony Walsh
Gone Gold: Ghoulies, Crimson Skies
Microsoft Game Studios has announced Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge for Xbox has gone airbourne and lands on store store shelves October 21. Crimson Skies is, as you might imagine, about bloody aerial combat. The game is set in an alternate 1930s world inhabited by zeppelin-driving warlords and air-pirates.

Grabbed by the Ghoulies also hits shelves October 21, just in time for Halloween. This whimsical family-friendly game features a kid named Cooper (not to be confused with PS2 hero Sly Cooper) who must rescue his girlfriend from the clutches of undead hordes. Why she can't resuce herself is beyond me...
  Halo Hits Stores  
Posted 2003-09-30 by Tony Walsh
Halo is in stores today for Windows-based PCs, retailing for $74.95 CDN. Although originally intended for Mac and PC before its developer was bought out be Microsoft, Halo has been an Xbox exclusive since the console debuted. Halo for the PC supports up to 16 online players and features some new content, including the all-new Rocket Launcher Warthog and flying Banshee. There are 19 multiplayer maps, which include 6 all-new maps.

Of note is a "Halo PC Editing Kit" said to be in the works, which will allow the creation of new game content. The kit is said to be arriving shortly after the game appears in stores.
  Review:  “Voodoo Vince”  
Posted 2003-09-29 by Tony Walsh

Voodoo Vince (Xbox)

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Developer: Beep Industries

Availability: Now

Price: $54.99 CDN

ESRB Rating: Teen



Substance: 85%

Longevity: 70%

If someone asked me who the Xbox's best-known mascot was,
I'd be hard-pressed to come up with something.� There's no Mario, no Sonic... arguably
no memorable character at all, until now.� Enter Voodoo Vince, a foot-tall
burlap voodoo doll.� He doesn't have good looks, and his one-liners are
questionable, but DAMN, can that Vince slap himself silly.� While Voodoo Vince
is impervious to self-inflicted carnage, his enemies aren't so lucky:� When
Vince gets hit on the head with an anvil, so do they... but only Vince

Continue reading: Review:  “Voodoo Vince”
  XBConnect Doomed  
Posted 2003-09-19 by Tony Walsh
Forget Xbox Live. XBConnect is PC-installable network software that tricks your XBox into playing LAN games over the Internet, thus enabling multiplayer gaming without the Xbox Live system. How long will it be before XBConnect is either sued into the dirt or bought by Microsoft? [link:rob]
  Xbox Holiday Frenzy  
Posted 2003-09-16 by Tony Walsh
Xbox Canada unleashed their weapon in the holiday console war yesterday: A low-priced Xbox bundle that includes the Xbox (duh), a 2-month trial subscription to Xbox Live, a copy of "Star Wars: Clone Wars" and "Tetris Worlds Live" for $249.99 CDN.

New "dashboard" software is now available for Xbox Live. The auto-installation fixes a bug that allowed Linux to be installed on the Xbox without the use of illegal hardware tweaks. [discussion:slashdot]

UPDATE: Microsoft Canada today unveiled a wireless network adapter for the Xbox retailing at $209.00 CDN.
  Review: “NFL Fever 2004”  
Posted 2003-09-10 by Tony Walsh

NFL Fever 2004 (Xbox)

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Microsoft
Availability: Now
Price: $74.99
ESRB Rating: Everyone

Substance: 70%
Longevity: 85%

I'm lousy at sports, unless you count Dodge-Ball. Thankfully, NFL Fever 2004 for the Xbox gave me an opportunity to exercise my atrophied throwing-arm when nobody else was looking. Turns out I'm at least as bad at virtual football as I am at real football.

Continue reading: Review: “NFL Fever 2004”
  Xbox Live’s Free Love  
Posted 2003-09-04 by Tony Walsh
Microsoft just announced a 2-month booster for selected Xbox Live game purchases. Kicking off with NFL Fever 2004, buyers of selected upcoming games (who are also new Xbox Live customers) are entitled to 60 days free Xbox Live service (headset sold separately).

Continue reading: Xbox Live’s Free Love
  Xbox Live… Now  
Posted 2003-08-19 by Tony Walsh
Xbox Live finally has a "lobby" for its voice chat customers. Dubbed "Live Now," the free add-on to the Xbox Live service allows gamers to connect to the voice communication network simply by turning on the console with no game disk inside. Xbox Live's barrier to entry will be lowered in October--prices will be cut, including the annual subscription rate which will drop by about $20.
  Poking The Giant  
Posted 2003-07-04 by Tony Walsh
Putting Linux on an Xbox console through hardware modification was one thing, but now sullying the Xbox can be done through a software exploit. The creators of this exploit (should that be "Xploit?") claim to have made it public after attempts to contact Microsoft were ignored. [discussion:slashdot]

Hardware modification of the Xbox is by no means dead, however. Australian modchippers "Aussiechip" have dared Microsoft to sue them over publicly-downloadable modchip schematics. Aussiechip kingpin Grant Sparks argues that Xbox owners should have the right to make archival back-ups of software in case the original goes FUBAR. [story]
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