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  Sudeki (Xbox)  
Posted 2004-08-23 by Tony Walsh
"Sudeki" (Xbox)
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Climax
Game Web Site: Click Here
Available Now
ESRB Rating: M
Substance: 65%
Longevity: 65%
The world of Sudeki is suffering from the neglect of its God of Light, causing shadowy critters to ravage the lands. In this role-playing game for the Xbox, you're responsible for guiding four fated heroes to their glorious destiny and the triumph of Good over Evil. Or certain death. Whichever.

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  Silent Hill 5 on Next-Gen Consoles?  
Posted 2004-08-18 by Tony Walsh
EuroGamer leaks a nugget of info from Silent Hill design chief Masashi Tsuboyama on the future of the series: "We're not sure which hardware we will put [it out on], but [it will be] on the best one, be it PS3, be it Xbox 2... It won't be on the current consoles."

While it's great that this series is continuing--although I suppose it has to considering there's a movie in development--I'm not sure we're going to ever see a "better" Silent Hill. Silent Hill 3 was good, but not innovative. Silent Hill 4: The Room is due out soon, so we'll have to see if there are any leaps forward in game play. Game designers and publishers need to realize that releasing the same game on a new platform does not make a better game. Better design makes a better game, not better graphics (see Doom 3 Reviewed).
  Media Orgy Over “Xbox-Related” Murders  
Posted 2004-08-09 by Tony Walsh
Six people were recently murdered in Deltona, Florida by baseball-bat-weilding teenagers. The murders were reportedly over a stolen Xbox console and clothing. There are several significant details in this case that might be headline-worthy, but its the Xbox that's getting top billing. I guess that's because Mainstream Media sees the Xbox as the most important element of the story despite details of equal or greater weight.

Game violence is so tired. Could we just get back to beheading-porn, please?
  Study:  Canucks Prefer Games Over Movies (Updated)  
Posted 2004-08-04 by Tony Walsh
A survey of nearly 3000 Canadians shows that 79% find games more entertaining than Hollywood movies. The poll, commissioned by Xbox Canada, determined that 65% of console owners are gaming online, 32% play online more than offline, and most interesting of all, 67% of Canadians who are not currently playing online plan to do so within the next year.

According to Xbox Canada's PR firm, of the 2,953 respondents, 84% were between the ages of 14 and 35, and 86% were residents of Ontario, Quebec, BC and Alberta. These percentiles, not available in the official press release, temper the data presented. We're looking at a demographic from Canada's most broadband-friendly (and wealthiest) provinces. In addition, the age range is generally considered to be the core gaming audience, so the respondents are already pre-disposed to enjoy games immensely. While the study is still significant, it is not representative of Canada as a whole--rather it is indicative of Canadian gamers with disposable income.

More information from the official press release follows.

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  Salad Fingers  
Posted 2004-07-25 by Tony Walsh
Salad Fingers comes in two episodes. The second is much better than the first. Salad Fingers is simultaneously beautiful and horrible. It's the Silent Hill of cartoons. [link:bruce]
  Xbox Live Boasts 1 Million Members  
Posted 2004-07-15 by Tony Walsh
Microsoft has announced that its Xbox networking system Xbox Live has reached one million subscribers in less time than AOL and TiVO achieved similar market penetration. The official press release makes a bit of a strange assertion: "With peak usage time for Xbox Live between 7:30 and 9 p.m., this thrill-seeking throng is showing that they prefer to 'play' TV, not just watch it." I'm not sure there are many gamers out there who would say they're "playing TV."
  Xbox Video Cybersex Coming Soon  
Posted 2004-06-18 by Tony Walsh
Only a few photos and details have been released on the upcoming Xbox Video Chat system, which combines live Web-cam style video and the ability to "rumble" someone's "joystick." No, really--you can remotely activate the vibration of another game controller. reports that the stimulating new system, which was revealed at this year's E3 conference, will be available in Japan soon and Europe some time in 2005 (just in time for the Xbox Next, I suppose).
  EyeToy on PC  
Posted 2004-06-04 by Tony Walsh
Bwahahah! At long last I have managed to get my PS2 EyeToy operational. With video capture. My career in amateur porn will soon follow.

Handy recipe for hardware disaster can be found here
  MSN in Xbox Frenzy  
Posted 2004-05-27 by Tony Walsh
You didn't think that black-and-green box in your livingroom was just going to sit around did you? I mean, it's made by Microsoft... you know, the company that eats everything? Like its maker, the Xbox has quite an appetite. It's got an eye on your home entertainment system, but for now it'll have to be satisfied with MSN Messenger.

"You?re on MSN Messenger, right? If not, you should be because it?s super cool." Like, OMG! It's SUPER COOL!

American MSN users now have access to an Xbox tab in their instant messenger software, giving them access to the usual Xbox Web features, but also their Xbox Live Friends list. Of course if you're an MSN user who doesn't even have an Xbox, you might be wondering why your IM software is becoming more like IM adware.
  Guest Review:  Taluagel Rants on “Outbreak”  
Posted 2004-05-07 by Tony Walsh
Guest-ranter Taluagel chimes in with this extended rip on the stank-pile that is Resident Evil: Outbreak. I've edited his original text a little to appease the gods of spelling, grammar, and flow. And now... Taluagel:

So we rented Resident Evil: Outbreak. I've been a big fan of the series since I first heard about and then played through the original Resident Evil (RE) for Playstation One. I was very disappointed when Capcom made the choice not to grant their long time Playstation fans Resident Evil Zero or the remake of the original Resident Evil. Like many people out there, RE 2 was my favorite of the series, followed by the first RE. Since a new edition finally came out for their original audience of Playstation owners, I felt the need to play it. Seeing as this game is a prequel of sorts to RE 2, you would think I would have loved it.

Continue reading: Guest Review:  Taluagel Rants on “Outbreak”
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