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  Review:  “Voodoo Vince”  
Posted 2003-09-29 by Tony Walsh

Voodoo Vince (Xbox)

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Developer: Beep Industries

Availability: Now

Price: $54.99 CDN

ESRB Rating: Teen



Substance: 85%

Longevity: 70%

If someone asked me who the Xbox's best-known mascot was,
I'd be hard-pressed to come up with something.� There's no Mario, no Sonic... arguably
no memorable character at all, until now.� Enter Voodoo Vince, a foot-tall
burlap voodoo doll.� He doesn't have good looks, and his one-liners are
questionable, but DAMN, can that Vince slap himself silly.� While Voodoo Vince
is impervious to self-inflicted carnage, his enemies aren't so lucky:� When
Vince gets hit on the head with an anvil, so do they... but only Vince

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  Silent Hill:  The Movie  
Posted 2003-09-19 by Tony Walsh
Video game horror series "Silent Hill" is destined for big-screen exploitation. The movie will reportedly be produced by Samuel Hadida (True Romance, Spider, Brotherhood of the Wolf) and directed by Christophe Gans (Crying Freeman.) It remains to be seen whether or not a movie could be any scarier than the game series. I'm betting it won't be.
  Review:  “Silent Hill 3”  
Posted 2003-08-21 by Tony Walsh
Silent Hill 3 (PS2)
Publisher: Konami
Developer: KCEJ
Price: $Unknown
Availability: Now

The original Silent Hill game for the Playstation 1 put all other survival horror games to shame. The game's ultra-eerie atmosphere and acute suspense was complemented with truly morbid graphics, stunning soundscapes, and claustrophobic game play. Silent Hill 2 outdid the first with grittier environments, and creepy lighting. Silent Hill 3, available now for the Playstation 2 and PC, once again plunges gamers into a nightmare world populated by zombie attack dogs, cancerous corpses, flesh-sucking beasts and other terrors.

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  Poking The Giant  
Posted 2003-07-04 by Tony Walsh
Putting Linux on an Xbox console through hardware modification was one thing, but now sullying the Xbox can be done through a software exploit. The creators of this exploit (should that be "Xploit?") claim to have made it public after attempts to contact Microsoft were ignored. [discussion:slashdot]

Hardware modification of the Xbox is by no means dead, however. Australian modchippers "Aussiechip" have dared Microsoft to sue them over publicly-downloadable modchip schematics. Aussiechip kingpin Grant Sparks argues that Xbox owners should have the right to make archival back-ups of software in case the original goes FUBAR. [story]
  PS2 Cluster Computing  
Posted 2003-05-27 by Tony Walsh
The US National Center for Supercomputing Applications has wired together 70 Playstation 2s in order to create a cheap ($5000US) supercomputer cluster. [story] The NCSA scientists are hoping to have the cluster fully operational in anticipation of the PS2 version of Doom 3, which features Pixar-quality graphics and a telekinetic control scheme.
  Review: “My Street”  
Posted 2003-03-18 by Tony Walsh
My Street (PS2)

Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Idol Minds
Price: $Unknown
Availability: Now
Also see: Preview

When I wax nostalgic about my old neighbourhood, I think fondly about the punches I received, the biker gang that lived across the street, or the girls that played Truth or Dare with kissable results. The kids of SCEA's "My Street" will never get a single grain of grit under their fingernails. Their world is vivid, clean, and a hell of a lot less dangerous than a fist in the gut from the local bully.

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  Preview: “My Street”  
Posted 2003-03-12 by Tony Walsh
My Street (PS2)

Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Idol Minds
Price: $Unknown
Availability: March 12, 2003

My Street boasts exciting party game action for both local and Internet-based players, putting gamers in the very tiny shoes of neighbourhood kids. Limited to four players in total, participants test their skill in such classic mini-games as Dodgeball and Marbles, while learning new ones... Chicken Herding? Must be a rough street.

I'm not sure what the appeal is here, considering it's not all that hard to play an actual game of marbles around the house, or, perish the thought, go outside and pick up a ball. I guess it's just easier to sit on the couch and watch your ass grow.

  Trustworthy Computing  
Posted 2002-10-18 by Tony Walsh
Despite beefing up security on new versions of the Xbox game console, the box has been hacked, allowing "mod chippers" to continue exploit the Xbox, and by extension, gamers to play bootlegged games.
  Transforming robots, next-gen consoles  
Posted 2002-10-16 by Tony Walsh
I played a few rounds of the new Robotech:Battlecry game last night with Jos. The game is fairly good-- much better in single-player (story) than 2-player (vs.)-- but has a lot of minor design flaws that point to a rush job. The original voice actors from the animated series make a repeat performace for the game, which isn't necessarily a good thing...
Next on the transforming robot lineup, and from the same decade, the Transformers appear to be coming to a modern console near you.
Posted 2000-11-14 by Tony Walsh
  • Played Armored Core 2 until 2am this morning. Man, that is one cool PS2 game. As the pilot of a giant robot, you have a gigantic arsenal of insane sci-fi weapons and gadets to outfit your mech with. Since the first Armored Core, there have been a number of improvements to play that make the whole experience even more anime-stylie. Now you have a ton of "Extensions", "Inside" parts, and "Optional" parts, like energy shields, anti-missile missiles, and other crazy counter-measures stuff. I am currently driving a huge tank, with twin shoulder-mounted gattling guns, twin machine-gun arms, decoy deployer, and slap-and-blow bomb packs. You see there's this radar installation I have to destroy...
  • Somewhat related to giant robots, this article from Slashdot today mentions that armed, unmanned aircraft are due to be tested soon. Aren't these called "drones" in all the sci-fi shows? I predict a Hollywood movie about one of these aircraft "gone bad". Oh wait, they already made The Terminator.
  • Is Apple using OS9 to spy on you? Seems as though some users are experiencing regular calls to "". This discussion at MacAddict has some bizarre details, as does this Hackintosh thread .
  • It's appropriate that after Myth's 3rd birthday, sketchy details of Myth III should surface.
  • Some of you may remember Bat Boy from the Weekly World News. Memepool has word of Bat Boy: The Musical .
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