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  WHO Adds Toronto to SARS Blacklist  
Posted 2003-04-23 by Tony Walsh
The World Health Organization has added Toronto to their list of SARS-overwhelmed locales, which also includes Beijing and Shanxi province in China. [source] Local health officials are talking about "The New Normal" resulting from the epidemic, which means much higher screening and personal hygeine all over the city. Makes me glad I work at home, but since SARS appears to be as easy to catch as a common cold... well you draw your own conclusions. Anyone wanna buy my condo?
  Cow Gives Birth to Extinct Cow-like Thing  
Posted 2003-04-08 by
A US company called Advanced Cell Technology used that exact thing to... I have no idea how to parse this in English. I'll try point-form:

- the last known Javan banteng died in captivity in 1980
- the zoo stored a few cells in a ziploc bag in the fridge
- this company takes the cells and clones a fetus
- they stick it in a cow
- 9.5 months later, cow gives birth to Javan banteng.

Article here. The Javan banteng is not entirely unlike a cow. But there were no more left... and now there is one.
  GM Crops Feed Insects  
Posted 2003-04-02 by Tony Walsh
Scientists at Imperial College London and the Universidad Simon Rodrigues in Caracas, Venezuela have found that cabbage modified to contain the natural poison "Bacillus thuringiensis" (Bt) encouraged a 56% higher growth rate in moth larvae as compared to ordinary cabbage. [story]

Well that's a bit of an "oops," isn't it?
"Oops, we accidentally created a poison-resistant form of diamondback moth."
"Oops, genes from our GM soybean plants accidentally contaminated ordinary soybean plants."
"Oops, a GM salmon somehow escaped our fisheries."
  SARS Smacks Toronto  
Posted 2003-03-27 by Tony Walsh
If you didn't know already, Toronto's been hit hard by the pneumonia-like SARS. The Earthfiles summarizes the situation. SARS has reportedly infected about 1300 people worldwide at the time of this writing and caused about 30 deaths.
  DNA Evidence As Flawed As Testers  
Posted 2003-03-25 by Tony Walsh
After local media questioned the DNA test results of a Houston police lab, an outside audit was conducted, which found fundamental deficiencies including ill-trained examiners. Houston's Assistant DA has prompted the re-opening of 525 cases in which the lab was involved. "Prosecutors have flagged 62 more cases for retesting, including those of 17 death row inmates." [story]

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, "In the U.S., as of June 2002, 108 people including 12 death row inmates, have been exonerated by use of DNA tests. The increasing use of DNA testing to help confirm the innocence or guilt in capital cases is one among many reforms that will help ensure that innocent people are not sentenced to death." As long as the testing process is flawless *cough*.
  Breaking News:  Stupidity Can Be Cured  
Posted 2003-03-04 by Tony Walsh
The cure for stupidity, which had been thought to be execution, may actually be as simple as gene therapy. One of the co-discoverers of DNA, James Watson, says "If you are really stupid, I would call that a disease...The lower 10 per cent who really have difficulty, even in elementary school, what's the cause of it? A lot of people would like to say, 'Well, poverty, things like that.' It probably isn't. So I'd like to get rid of that, to help the lower 10 per cent." [source]

Maybe we could have government-run Intelligence Camps and devise screening tests to abort Cognitively-Challenged babies. Then we'd be perfect... oh, wait, no, we'd still be ugly. Maybe we can cure that, too.
  Space Shuttle Emergency Declared  
Posted 2003-02-01 by Tony Walsh
It appears that the Space Shuttle Columbia has been lost on its landing path somewhere over north-central Texas this morning. There has been talk of debris, so it's not looking very good at this point.
Washinton Post
  Magnetic Brain-Tweaker  
Posted 2003-01-24 by Tony Walsh
Super-magnets can be used to alter your brain's electric circuitry, causing such side effects as blindness or improved memory. The process, called transcranial magnetic stimulation, can block or temporarily enhance brain functions. "...the Brain Stimulation Laboratory at the Medical University of South Carolina announced last year that they had received a $2 million government grant to develop a TMS device - probably a helmet - to sharpen the minds of sleep-deprived soldiers while they wore it." Run, don't walk to your nearest TMS clinic-- maybe a treatment can reduce your dread of long-term effects. [source]
  Breaking Sarcasm News:  
Posted 2003-01-13 by Tony Walsh
The kids don't get it. Nope. This, according to Canadian reseasrcher Penny Pexman, who claims that children under the age of about 10 almost always interpret a sarcastic remark as serious, even when it is intended to be humorous. Obviously anyone creating content for kids should keep this in mind. Duh. [source]
  Let them eat Protatos  
Posted 2003-01-03 by Tony Walsh
Rich people eat organically-grown foods. Poor people eat GM foods. India's poor may soon be chomping on the GM "Protato":
"Asis Datta's team at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi added the AmA1 gene to potatoes, with the result that they make a third more protein than usual, including substantial amounts of the essential amino acids lysine and methionine." Hmmm, maybe this will make for some giant potato-bugs or something deliciously unexpected...
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