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  Pushme Pullyou  
Posted 2002-12-17 by Tony Walsh
Seems scientists got the Hallucigenia enigma all wrong. The ancient critter, which has both tentacles and spines, has apparently been thought of the wrong way up. Seems to me that any idiot looking at a Hallucigenia fossil could have seen that the spines weren't LEGS, but apparently the scientists have always believed it walked around on sharp, pointy legs, while the soft vulnerable tentacles were on its back. Yeah, that makes sense. Makes you wonder what else they've gotten wrong over the years.
  Pizza Perfection Positively Pointless  
Posted 2002-12-12 by Tony Walsh
It sure is a good thing we have Food Scientists. Because without them, we would never know there was such thing as a scientifically perfect pizza. I always thought pizza perfection was measured by one's hunger and/or intoxication levels. Apparently it's a factor of " base area, spatial ratio between toppings, and circularity."
  This is so completely horrific…  
Posted 2002-12-05 by Tony Walsh
It's so crazy, I'm finding it hard to believe, but "Infant rats are being decapitated and their heads grafted onto the thighs of adults by researchers in Japan...If kept cool while the blood flow is stopped, a transplanted brain can develop as normal for at least three weeks, and the mouth of the head will move, as if it is trying to drink milk..." How cute! [story]
  Marketing Mind Control  
Posted 2002-12-04 by Tony Walsh
Amanda sent in a link to an interesting episode of CBC's Marketplace entitled "The Science of Shopping."
She writes: "It was about 'researchers' who study human brains as they are presented with a variety of images to determine which are most pleasing and which are unpleasant. They then work with 'classified' customers to help them produce advertising that will appeal to consumers on a more subconscious, subtle and instincutal level to (as the guy from the research firm put it), 'give unprecedented insight into the consumer mind. And it will actually result in higher product sales or in brand preference or in getting customers to behave the way they want them to behave.'" RealVideo and Quicktime versions of the episode are available for a limited time.
  Tartrazine: Yummy Industrial Waste  
Posted 2002-12-03 by Tony Walsh
Margaret of contends that food additive Tartrazine, a coal-tar derivative, is a contributing factor in "...hyperactivity/ADD, other behavioral problems, asthma, migranes, thyroid cancer, and lupus!" She provides anecdotal evidence of her own bad luck with Tartrazine as well as a few decent supporting links.
  Hey, I’m no scientist…  
Posted 2002-11-19 by Tony Walsh
Thanks to Dr. Quigley for pointing out DHMO is water. Now, before you knuckleheads start blathering about my lousy journalism skills, take a careful read of yesterday's post. I use words such as "supposedly causes," and "apparently." I even state "'s case against the compound is not presented very well" and suggest that the material on the anti-DHMO site could be fabricated. I think that covers me pretty well, not to mention none of my potential detractors posted yesterday to point out the obvious :)
  What’s a DHMO?  
Posted 2002-11-18 by Tony Walsh
DHMO, or Dihydrogen Monoxide, is a chemical compound that supposedly causes thousands of deaths and multi-millions of dollars in environmental damage. Apparently, its uses are many, including not only industrial and military, but as a food additive. DHMO is said to be included in such consumables as baby food, beer, and coffee. Web site points to the compound's dangers, as well as a possible conspiracy involving the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.'s case against the compound is not presented very well, and includes the disclaimer "content veracity not implied," which I'm pretty sure means "this could all be a big fat lie." [link>russ]
  Shuttle Full of Hot Air  
Posted 2002-11-13 by Tony Walsh
A leak of life-giving oxygen from the space shuttle Endeavour has caused the launch to be delayed. [story] The source of the leak was finally discovered by immersing the shuttle in a gigantic bucket of water and observing where the pretty bubbles were coming from.
  A drop in the nuclear bucket…  
Posted 2002-11-08 by Tony Walsh
Awww, come on, it's only a little nuclear bomb. Plus we're using it on terrorists. Radioactive particles are drawn to terrorists, and we have no worries about the stuff spreading.

Because nothing bad happened with stuff flying around the air last time.
  Giant Jellyfish Invade Japan!  
Posted 2002-10-31 by Tony Walsh
Call Godzilla! Only a towering, bipedal lizard can destroy the 100-kg jellyfish, which have threatened the Japanese coastline. [story] You can simulate the battle at home: dress up as Godzilla by wrapping your body in green garbage bags. Make sure you cover your head and mouth. Fill about 40 Ziploc bags full of pudding, and smash your way to monster victory!
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