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  Red Number Five  
Posted 2002-10-25 by Tony Walsh
Food additives might make kids squirrely, wiggy, or even jiggy, according to a 2001 UK government study. The results of the study are unsurprisingly being pooh-poohed in the same way as smoking vs. cancer, or pollution vs. global warming. [story]
  Life in Mars rock  
Posted 2002-10-24 by Tony Walsh
First there was, then there wasn't, now there is again. The squiggly wigglies seen in a Mars rock are being called organisms by some Earth-bound researchers, although the origins of the wormy squirmies are up for debate. [story]
  Science: 1, Fear: 0  
Posted 2002-10-16 by Tony Walsh
I can't even begin to think of the ramifications of discovering a "molecular key" to overcoming fear, but they say it's been done. Certainly, this has some applications for the treatment of human anxiety disorders. Other options include fearless law enforcement agents, soldiers, and suicide bombers. Now that scientists can prevent fear, can scientists also *cause* it using the same principles?
  Dinosaur mummy…  
Posted 2002-10-15 by Tony Walsh
A 77-million year-old mummified fossil of a duck-billed dinosaur has been discovered, leaving paleontologists giddy. The remains include skin, scales, muscles, and the last dino-meal the critter ate. "Scales and tissue parts have been found on less than one-tenth of one percent of all dinosaurs excavated. Leonardo's fossilized skeleton is about 90 percent covered in soft tissue, including skin, muscle, nail material, and a beak." [story] This amazing discovery should be able to prove conclusively that dinosaurs taste exactly like chickens.
  Open-air chemical tests in US, Canada, UK  
Posted 2002-10-10 by Tony Walsh
According to US Defense Department documents the Associated Press snagged this week, chemical and biological weapons such as sarin gas were tested on American, Canadian, and British soil. You may remember sarin gas as the catalyst in a 1995 attack on a Tokyo subway station that sent about 600 people to hospital, reportedly killing five.
  Food waste = electricity  
Posted 2002-10-10 by Tony Walsh
Microbial fuel cells use E. coli bacteria to break down carbs, releasing hydrogen atoms. Chemicals in the fuel cells strip electrons from the hydrogen atoms, and lo, there was light. [story]
Normally I try to stay away from stories posted on Slashdot, but this is just too cool. Waste recycling/reuse is not just a novelty, it's a necessity.
  Bites:  GLUMDAY  
Posted 2002-07-08 by Tony Walsh

A World Wildlife Fund study tells us humanity is biting off more than it can chew, adding that, at the current rate of consumption, we'll need two additional Earth-sized planets to ruin by 2050. [source>]

eBay and PayPal sitting in a tree...

seems like a logical union, let's hope PayPal continues to be run like the impartial body it should be and not some creepy tool designed to get you using eBay.

ATIPalm = Crazy graphics on your handheld. "...future Palm OS handhelds can include ATI's Imageon graphic accelerator chip, which delivers high-performance advanced 2D graphics and hardware MPEG-4 decoding." [source>]

Grrr... one of my favourite "freaky news" sites has gone subscription-based. At $26 US/year I'm not sure a subscription is worth my while. There aren't as many articles as a magazine, despite the juicy eyewitness content.

  Bites:  GAG ORDER  
Posted 2000-10-05 by Tony Walsh
  • An Everquest player gets banned from playing due to a piece of fiction she posted to a fan site. This is some interesting stuff. [discussion thread here] Instead of pursuing her on some kind of legal grounds (i.e. the story was a "derivitive work"), the game publisher banned her from playing. This might be the easiest way for them to silence people... except for the fact that Blues News picked up the story, and now the company looks pretty bad indeed.

  • Mister T versus Pokemon... you knew it had to happen. Does Pikachu get his pi pi slapped? Only you can tell! [link>wendy]

  • Pig-Human hybrids, and "patents on life". Greenpeace reports that "...Stem Cell Sciences (SCS) (Australia) and Biotransplant (USA) have jointly applied for a patent covering the cloning of embryos, including human embryos, as well as mixed species embryos from pigs and humans. In addition the companies applied for an exclusive right for genetic manipulation of embryos produced with their technology...In their application, the two companies reveal in detail that their scientists have already produced embryos, which were a mix of the two species, a human and a pig ... The resulting embryos were then grown for about a week." Creepy.

  • If Gauntlet was real. Sort of. Well worth the read, but only if you've ever played the game.

  • Crazy proxy server over at my shitty ISP is now displaying the index page I uploaded 2 months ago, even though a day or two ago I uploaded a new page. And viewed the new page. But now, the caching server or whatever the fuck is going on over at Sympatico HSE decided to wind the clock back about 8 weeks.
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