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  Caps Lock Day  
Posted 2003-10-23 by Tony Walsh
This guy says that Caps Lock Day is on August 19. This guy says that it's October 22. Each proponent of Caps Lock Day has written an enchanting poem to celebrate. But which one is correct about the date-- infrequent-Caps-blogger or animated-GIF-abuser? Place your bets now!
  All Your Cell Calls Are Belong To Us  
Posted 2003-09-04 by Tony Walsh
The "Global System for Mobile Communications," or GSM, is a telecom standard in use by a majority of the world's digital mobile phones. It has also been proven to be insecure.

Using custom hardware, it is possible to intercept calls at the ringing stage, finding out information about the caller, listening into the call, and even impersonate callers mid-call. The international GSM Association claims the security exploit is prohibitively expensive, and is working on a fix with the researchers who indentified the exploit. [source]
  Poking The Giant  
Posted 2003-07-04 by Tony Walsh
Putting Linux on an Xbox console through hardware modification was one thing, but now sullying the Xbox can be done through a software exploit. The creators of this exploit (should that be "Xploit?") claim to have made it public after attempts to contact Microsoft were ignored. [discussion:slashdot]

Hardware modification of the Xbox is by no means dead, however. Australian modchippers "Aussiechip" have dared Microsoft to sue them over publicly-downloadable modchip schematics. Aussiechip kingpin Grant Sparks argues that Xbox owners should have the right to make archival back-ups of software in case the original goes FUBAR. [story]
  Apple Announces New Macs, Upgraded OS  
Posted 2003-06-23 by Tony Walsh
Apple's new PowerMac G5 is trumpted as the fastest personal computer in existence. At least for a few months.

Mac OS X, formerly code-named Jaguar, is now known as Panther, and sports a totally new Finder with a brushed metal look and all sorts of tweaks and improvements. Although brushed metal is SO last year, I don't know what they were thinking there.

iSight was also annouced today. It's a webcam with a bunch of nifty features. It looks nice, and comes with video conferencing software companion "iChat AV."
  PS2 Cluster Computing  
Posted 2003-05-27 by Tony Walsh
The US National Center for Supercomputing Applications has wired together 70 Playstation 2s in order to create a cheap ($5000US) supercomputer cluster. [story] The NCSA scientists are hoping to have the cluster fully operational in anticipation of the PS2 version of Doom 3, which features Pixar-quality graphics and a telekinetic control scheme.
  Counterfeit Cartridge Cartel  
Posted 2003-05-27 by Tony Walsh
No wonder there are counterfeit printer cartridges being sold. Printer manufacturers have quite a grip on the consumer: Cheap printers (the first hit is free) and costly ink make for a solid business plan. Printer owners have only two alternatives to breaking the chain-- either buy printer refill kits (which in my experience only work about 50% of the time) or buy cheaper counterfeit cartridges. Don't even get me started on the fact that printer manufacturers unecessarily produce disposable catridges...
  Dialing Up The Past  
Posted 2003-05-26 by Tony Walsh
Before the Internet was in wide use, smaller dial-up networks were about as cyberpunk as it got. I recall being hunched over my Amiga 4000 late at night with my 2400 baud modem, dialing into a variety of BBSs and downloading .aiff sound files, playing ascii games, and chatting with sysops.

You might not be able to relive those dial-up memories, but you can hook up with the virtual friends you might have made in fledgling cyberspace. BBSMates can connect you with the ghosts of the past. Assuming you want to be haunted.
  Preview:  Palm Zire 71  
Posted 2003-04-23 by Tony Walsh
Palm's new Zire 71 features a built-in digital camera, and the ability to play MP3s and video clips. The Zire 71 is purportedly "designed for youthful professionals," which I suppose means that older folks need a custom-tailored PDA to suit their unique needs. I guess older folks, or younger folks who aren't professionals can't possibly appreciate the Palm Zire 71's "innovative new design," with 320x320-pixel display that supports over 65,000 colours, or the 5-way navigation system with an "all-new joystick-like button for one-handed operation." The Zire 71 is available now for $499 CDN. [photo:Canada Newswire/Palm Canada, Inc.]
Posted 2003-04-22 by Tony Walsh
A second-hand answering machine divulged its pearl to a group of Vancouver musicians: An old cassette tape found inside provided fodder for aggrivated audio compositions. "A Message For Marta" contains the fruits of this west-coast foursome's labour, and is available for a meagre ten bucks, although some tracks on the album as well as unreleased TAS1000 songs are available for download here. [link:amanda]

I was able to download six tracks, 3 from "A Message For Marta." My favourite track has to be the short, sweet and spunky "(I've Been) Delayed." I'm amazed this music is actually decent.
  Japan’s Cel-Phone Smut Fetish  
Posted 2003-04-10 by Tony Walsh
Writers Justin Hall and Jane Pinckard posit that "People will use any available technology to get off." As far as getting off with the most compact, coolest technology, nobody beats the Japanese. This article, written by Hall and Pincard, outlines the smarmy world of Japanese cel-porn, from "Hard Office Love" to "mail friends."
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