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  Trustworthy Computing:  MS AV Racket  
Posted 2003-06-11 by Tony Walsh
Microsoft intends on acquiring the booty of Romanian antivirus software developer GeCAD so that it can either integrate antivirus tools into Windows or release its own brand of AV software in the future. [story] Would you trust a company that can't even make a secure operating system to protect your computer against viruses? As with the unfortunate integration of Internet Explorer into Windows, it would be all the more unfortunate for Windows users to have to suffer through a built-in antivirus system... I wonder if subsribing to updated virus definitions will be voluntary, or if the Windows of the future will cost users a monthly maintenance fee... I wonder if Windows itself may become "incompatible" with certain competing antivirus systems...
  Trustworthy Computing:  Microsoft Broke The Internet  
Posted 2003-05-28 by Tony Walsh
The proud tradition of Microsoft-branded Trustworthy Computing carries on as over half a million WindowsXP users recently lost their Internet connections due to a WinXP update. The update conflicted with common security software, such as the Norton suite of tools by Symantec Corp. Ironically, the update promised improved reliability for types of secure Internet connections commonly used by corporations. [story]
  iTunes for Windows?  
Posted 2003-05-10 by Tony Walsh
Will Apple's iTunes win over Windows users? [story] Certainly Quicktime for Windows has been adopted widely, and there is much more pop culture appeal in the iTunes MP3 squisher/player/burner/music service. Hey, if Apple makes a Windows iTunes, why not port OSX while they're at it?
  Trustworthy Computing:  Passport Hole  
Posted 2003-05-08 by Tony Walsh
Anyone who uses Microsoft Internet services, such as MSN, Hotmail, or even WinXP tech support is familiar with Microsoft Passport: The inevitable registration most Windows users are railroaded into at one time or another.

Passport has been trumpeted as the bastion of Microsoft's future Web services, but is apparently as subject to flaws as the rest of MS's offerings. A security hole discovered yesterday could have "...put customers' accounts, including their personal information and credit card numbers, at risk of being hijacked." [story]
  Increasing Ad-Awareness  
Posted 2003-04-03 by Tony Walsh
Ad-Aware is a free application that scours one's PC for evil spyware, dubious cookies, and other data-mining widgets. While a number of ClickableCulture's more tech-savvy readers have probably already used Ad-Aware, I finally tried it last night. It's been about 4 months since I installed WinXP, and I had only one data-mining doodad and 166 evil cookies, which I figure isn't so bad. Anyway, it's an easy and painless procedure, rather than the "just buy a Mac" solution some of you are snickering about :)
  `Net Voice Showdown  
Posted 2003-03-12 by Tony Walsh
Real-time Internet voice chat isn't just for gamers, but some of the most accesible and easy to use conferencing software was designed to give gamers an edge. Pitted against venerable, adware-fested Roger Wilco `net-voice application, the fresh-faced Teamspeak offers better voice quality, greater funtionality and compatibility with both Windows and Linux platforms.

While used primarily by gamers, Teamspeak is an excellent substitute to any long-distance conference call-- perfect for small groups who wouldn't want to pay phone charges.
  Flash Flood  
Posted 2003-03-05 by Tony Walsh
Version 6 of Macromedia's Flash Player is affected by a critical security flaw that could allow unscrupulous thugs up your computer's skirt. Go grab the latest version now to avoid unwanted probing.
  Trustworthy Computing:  New Windows Leaked  
Posted 2003-03-05 by Tony Walsh
All it takes is one traitor at Micro$oft to unlock the gates (cough) of Hell. Hello, "Longhorn," or at least an early test version of next-gen Windows. Looks like a new file system is planned, which means I'm going to have to shell out again for a whole new Norton suite. Check out the skinny on Longhorn here.
  Buggy Software Costs U.S. More Than Software Piracy  
Posted 2003-01-31 by Tony Walsh
Back in 2001, Microsoft Associate General Counsel Nancy Anderson stated "The software industry is losing nearly US$12 billion annually to piracy." According to a recent study, that's just a drop in the bucket compared to the $60B that buggy software hits the U.S. economy with every year. [source] Developers, developers developers!! Fix your damn software and stop whining about piracy!
  Trustworthy Computing  
Posted 2003-01-27 by Tony Walsh
The "Slammer" worm (hostile software) has snarled Micro$oft SQL servers over the weekend. And there's a local twist. Users of CIBC bank machines were not able to coax money out of the ATMs for a portion of the weekend. There's some hype blowing around right now that the Slammer worm's weekend drinking binge is only the tip of the iceberg. [source]
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