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  DirectX 9.0, For Better or Worse  
Posted 2002-12-20 by Tony Walsh
DirectX 9.0 is now available for download and installation, but is not able to be uninstalled. So, what you've got here is a new, system-critical piece of software that allegedly includes security and performance updates, but if it screws up your machine, you're screwed too. Unless you make a �System Restore� point. How's that for elegance?
  Running WinAmp?  
Posted 2002-12-19 by Tony Walsh
Upgrade now to avoid nasty complications with malicious MP3s. [story@slashdot/source]
  Upgrade or Perish  
Posted 2002-12-18 by Tony Walsh
You need the latest Flash plugin to avoid Flash-based attacks on your PC. Oversight by Macromedia, or merely a clever way to boost their plugin penetration?
Posted 2002-12-02 by Tony Walsh
Mac OS Rumors has begun its predictions for next year's Apple antics. "Steve Jobs said... 2003 would be the most important year in Apple's history, that it would see several new product introductions and revisions of existing products that will make unprecedented progress in growing Apple's platform..." Among the predictions:
-- Continued used of G4 processors (booo)
-- Updated iPod (yayy)
-- Digital Lifestyle Devices moving into the Pictures and Movies space (we'll see)
  Trustworthy Computing  
Posted 2002-11-14 by Tony Walsh
The solution to pre-WinXP operating system security: buy WindowsXP.
  So, who is tracking your websurfing?  
Posted 2002-11-12 by
Some people might call it being paranoid, but there are people out to get you. And they are advertisers. And they don't play fair.
Using virus-like programs, they track where you surf, use your computer resources for their gain and sell your info to other companies.
Try out Ad-aware to see if they have anything on your computer. I'm a pretty savvy computer user (or so i think) and i was surprised how many of these things it found. It's free, and very useful!
  Micro$oft Wrist-Slapping Aftermath  
Posted 2002-11-05 by Tony Walsh
I don't know who would be surprised by the weak outcome of the Micro$oft antitrust proceedings. This article has some choice quotes, including this excerpt from an antitrust lawyer: "What the opinion said basically was, 'You robbed a bank, you can keep the money, and you can do it again, but don't use exactly the same method.'"

Meanwhile, the Seattle Times' Paul Andrews posits "Those who view the Justice Department settlement and Kollar-Kotelly's ruling as a slam-dunk for Microsoft have forgotten a key point: The settlement prohibits Microsoft from restricting computer makers' ability to 'offer users the option of launching other operating systems from the basic input/output system or a non-Microsoft boot-loader."'
  Trustworthy Computing  
Posted 2002-11-01 by Tony Walsh
A software flaw makes Win2k and WinXP vulnerable to denial of service (DOS) attacks. [story]

In related news, the rulings in the Micro$oft antitrust trial are due today...
  Trustworthy Computing  
Posted 2002-10-23 by Tony Walsh
Gee, is it Trustworthy Computing time already? Today's installment features a big, fat security hole in Internet Explorer. Actually, there are nine vulnerabilities, eight of which have been called "critical." According to this Cnet story, "Seven of the flaws can grant an attacker full access to the victim's PC, while another makes the currently loaded document readable and the last lets an attacker read and write to the clipboard." Apparently IE 5.5 and 6 are affected, but must have the recent service packs applied. Something I'm going to do right now...
  Trustworthy Computing  
Posted 2002-10-17 by Tony Walsh
A beta-test server for future Windows products was cracked yesterday. Beta-testers were in the middle of putting Micro$oft's .Net platform through its paces, only one of the software systems that could have been burglarized. Passwords and beta-test activation keys were also at risk. [story]
In related bumbling, sneaky little pop-up ads are plaguing users of Windows Messenger (not the same as MSN Messenger) which is enabled by default on Win2k, NT, and XP systems. Wired: "According to's lead developer Lenard Iszak, the program can generate about 5,000 pop-up messages per hour, hitting more than one recipient per second."
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