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  The Ethics of Linking  
Posted 2003-01-06 by Tony Walsh
Kuro5hin's nerd pundits ponder the merits of the 'Slashdot Effect' and more.
"Somebody builds the Sears tower in 1/10,000th scale in Legos, puts up a few photos for his buddies to check out, and the next thing that they know their server is flooded or their bandwidth cap is maxed out and they don't have the use of their server. Or, even worse, the provider just tacks on a fee for bandwidth usage and some poor schlub is facing a monster bandwidth bill that they didn't anticipate."
  Upgrade or Perish  
Posted 2002-12-18 by Tony Walsh
You need the latest Flash plugin to avoid Flash-based attacks on your PC. Oversight by Macromedia, or merely a clever way to boost their plugin penetration?
  ICQ Patented  
Posted 2002-12-18 by Tony Walsh
ICQ's sugar daddy, AOL Time Warner, has secured a patent that "governs a system of point-to-point communications involving users at a network of terminals. Users log on to the system with a unique identifier code that remains the same regardless of their IP address, and can chat with other users logged on at the same time." This pretty much describes all Instant Messaging applications, including some Web-based chat systems such as GameSpy Arcade, and should put Trillian (which rides on ICQ protocols) right out of business. [story]
  Bigger Banners Bugger Browsers  
Posted 2002-12-12 by Tony Walsh
The Interactive Advertising Bureau is obviously in denial. Sure, they're eliminating the classically annoying 468x60 banner from their standards list... but they're introducing larger formats instead. But the new ads aren't called "banners." No. They're called "skyscapers, big boxes and leaderboards." [story] You can call feces "poop," "crap," or "dung," but it still doesn't make it smell any better.
  Raising Amazonia  
Posted 2002-12-12 by Tony Walsh
There are a lot of reasons why Amazon sucks. I've been part of their "affiliate" program for a few years now, and have raked in a whopping $30 in referral fees. Ooooooohhh. Now, Amazon is pushing its affiliates to accept direct deposit of those fees.
  • If you make as little as $10, your fees are directly deposited.
  • If you want to be paid by cheque (the old method) you can't get paid until you've made at least $100. And then they charge you $8 to process the cheque.

  • Like I'm going to give Amazon access to my bank account. Time to find an alternative.
      Broken Saints  
    Posted 2002-12-03 by Tony Walsh
    Part comic book, part anime movie, and all online, Broken Saints ( is cresting a brave new wave of small-screen entertainment. This Flash-based epic is a story in 24 parts that was launched in January 2001, and was born on Canadian soil.

    Brooke Burgess, a 31-year-old former video game producer, is the series creator/director. The North Vancouver native teamed up with digital whiz kid Ian Kirby and young illustrator Andrew West to realise his vision. Armed only with talent, passion, and some big ideas, the trio had no idea how far Broken Saints would go. They've been able to keep corporate paws off their indie project, which has received numerous New Media awards, by hitting up their many fans for donations -- proof that there is a niche for quality original content on the Web.

    Continue reading: Broken Saints
      You can’t escape the Google cache:  
    Posted 2002-12-03 by Tony Walsh
    We discovered Wicked Angel the other day, but the pirate-shirt-wearing fetishmeister took his page offline. Of course, Google saves all good Web pages in a place not unlike dog heaven. Behold, the Wicked Angel Google Cache.
      Funerals… Live on the WEB!!  
    Posted 2002-11-25 by Titus
    That's right kids, every ones favourite reason to take some time off work, the funeral! Well now even if your boss wont let you go to see old uncle Willie put into the ground, you can watch it LIVE. That's right, live on the internet. Just go to and you too can be enjoying the service of your loved one!

    Ok, so i thought the whole drive-through funeral home thing was pretty weird, but this really takes the cake. They also have archived footage of past services...
      What’s the deal with online bootlegs? (or, “So what if Harry is already online")  
    Posted 2002-11-18 by
    Have you read some of the amazing things the MPAA has been saying about Internet Piracy? I recommend this guide, which will help to clear up all the FUD the MPAA and its lackeys have been spreading. For a take of what some of the (very biased) online community thinks, check out this slashdot thread.

      Google-ing the future  
    Posted 2002-11-18 by
    A very interesting bit of speculative fiction which does an amazing job of describing the semantic web, the future of the 'net and why you should here
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    I vote for popup radial menus. Highlight a bit of text, the push and hold, Sims-style radial menu pops up with Copy, Paste, etc....
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    Hey Tony! A client of mine is looking to hire an internal Flash game dev team to build at a really cool Flash CCG…
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    Yeah, there's a lot of weird common sense things I've noticed they've just omitted from the design. No idea why though....
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    @GeorgeR: It's on my shopping list :) I've heard good things about it as well. And Cro Mag Rally. @andrhia: meh, I don't know…
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    The only one I've heard good things about is Super Monkey Ball. Have you given that a whirl yet?...
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