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  If a tree falls…  
Posted 2002-10-23 by Tony Walsh
The Internet's backbone was attacked late Monday, the largest such assault in its history. A 1-hour DDOS attack pounded 13 root servers that comprise the foundation of the Internet... but did anyone notice? I guess the distributed nature of the `net is good for something after all. [story]

In semi-related news, a report entitled How to 0wn the Internet in Your Spare Time claims a worm could gobble up the entire Internet faster than most people can finish a big cup of coffee. " is reasonable for an attacker to gain control of a million Internet hosts, or perhaps even ten million. The highway to such control lies in the exploitation of worms: programs that self-propagate across the Internet by exploiting security flaws in widely-used services."
  Trustworthy Computing  
Posted 2002-10-23 by Tony Walsh
Gee, is it Trustworthy Computing time already? Today's installment features a big, fat security hole in Internet Explorer. Actually, there are nine vulnerabilities, eight of which have been called "critical." According to this Cnet story, "Seven of the flaws can grant an attacker full access to the victim's PC, while another makes the currently loaded document readable and the last lets an attacker read and write to the clipboard." Apparently IE 5.5 and 6 are affected, but must have the recent service packs applied. Something I'm going to do right now...
  Clickety Click  
Posted 2002-10-21 by Tony Walsh
For those who haven't visited Clickable Culture in a while might be pleased to know the micro-portal now features more than one page and also sports a slightly improved look (you might not notice that last part). I'm looking for some folks to spotlight in my "music" section, preferrably webcasters or content that gets updated at least several times a year.
  Random Googling  
Posted 2002-10-17 by Tony Walsh
Google is getting so big, you can just type any old crap in there and get some results. Enter OINTY, BLETEN, or another crazy word you thought didn't exist, and you're nearly guaranteed to find some dubiously interesting links. Although I didn't find anything for LUMPADUNG or COWAGONGO, I'm sure you could find a match for other letter-jumbles.
  Trustworthy Computing  
Posted 2002-10-07 by Tony Walsh
Opasoft worm targets Windows systems.
This, of course, is only a drop in the bucket.
  Will the last car on the train please stand up?  
Posted 2002-10-04 by Tony Walsh
I can't believe they finally did it. After nearly three years of development and the acquisition of ailing kids sites Zeeks, Funschool, and Kids Domain, a former client of mine finally unleashed their paid subscription service. Behold... the Kaboose Network. This one should be interesting to watch from a dot-bomb standpoint. Can millions of visitors be converted to a paying audience? I guess we'll see in about a year or less. Their subscription fee isn't too bad at least. $60 USD yearly to buy "safety" for your kids online.
  The Conditions of Corporate Community  
Posted 2001-03-30 by Tony Walsh
The promise of the internet, for many, is the opportunity to be heard, be seen, and communicate with others who share similar interests. The net facilitates this sort of thing beautifully, and a zillion so-called "communities of interest" have sprung up all over the web. In many cases, these online gathering places are indeed communities in the friendliest definition of the term. Sharing is encouraged, and through the contributions of community members, a site can become full of neighbourly cheer. Or, big business can get involved, and make things a lot less friendly. Capitalising on the geek chic of web-based chats, personal homepages, and sites fuelled by user contributions, a number of dot-com corporations are setting up communities of their own — and taking you along for a ride. Behind these "global villages," "virtual neighbourhoods," "fan sites," and other meeting places, clever corporate entities are sitting pretty while community members give away their time, their work, and sometimes even their rights.

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  I Want My Net TV  
Posted 2001-01-26 by Tony Walsh
The future of television is evolving right before our eyeballs. Canada leads G-7 nations in internet-wired computers per household, and the CRTC is actually considering naming high-speed Internet access (also known as "broadband") an Essential Service to Canadians. Canadian broadcasters are poised to blur the lines between television and the Web. Watch this.

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