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  Viagra Spelled Six Hundred Quintillion Ways  
Posted 2004-04-06 by Tony Walsh
No spam filter will ever be able to get rid of all of your Viagra spam. This is because spammers are spelling "Viagra" using substitute characters and extra characters interspersed between the letters. Armed with the awesome power of mathematics, one clever young man has discovered that there are 600,426,974,379,824,381,952 ways for a spammer to spell "Viagra." Let's see a spam filter chew on that. My guess is it explodes after the first trillion combinations.
  How to Make Rich Media Ads Less Annoying  
Posted 2004-03-19 by Tony Walsh
So it seems we are destined to sit through high-bandwidth full-motion video and other so-called "rich media" advertisements during the course of our Web browsing. Most sensible browsers will block pop-ups, and now it appears that a pending Windows update will finally bring built-in blocking to the world's most-used software. This doesn't mean ads are going to go away, however.

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  TELUS Jacks Fido Brand  
Posted 2004-03-04 by Tony Walsh
The problem with using images and qualities of dogs as the core of your marketing strategy is that, well, nobody owns dogs. Fido's long-standing dog-oriented focus has just been stolen by TELUS mobility in a campaign to snag Fido customers.

Very clever of TELUS, really. They've created brand-confusion that only serves to benefit them while eating away at Fido's identity. If Fido doesn't have dogs, what imagery can it possibly use to represent its product? I mean, it's called Fido for cryin' out loud.
  Ads Bad For Kids’ Brains and Butts  
Posted 2004-02-25 by Tony Walsh
Advertising targeting children is being blasted by the American Psychological Association and the US-based Kaiser Family Foundation. reports that not only are marketers being blamed for exploiting kids through advertising [story], but ads are being blamed for America's childhood obesity epidemic [story]. Here's a combo of facts from both AdAge stories:
  • Advertisers invest $12B annually in youth-market ads
  • Children 14 years old and younger make $24B in direct purchases and influence $190B in family purchases annually
  • Children spend 5.5 hours consuming media each day
  • Children are exposed to 40,000 TV ads annually
      Quoted in PCZone  
    Posted 2004-02-24 by Tony Walsh
    I got quoted in a special report about in-game advertising and sponsorship in this month's PCZone print magazine (UK version). While the article misidentifies me as a "Sims fan," it does dig deep into the history advergaming as far back as 1983's Tapper/Budweiser tie-in as well as reveal contemporary developments such as the sinister integration of the Red Bull drink into Judge Dredd vs. Judge Death's plotline.

    My best few lines: "The worst thing you can do to a game is cheapen it be either forcing a player to 'experience the brand' as marketing sharks put it, or by rewarding the player for using the product. There need to be other options. If I don't want to drink that virtual Coke (or even look at it), my game experience should be the same as someone who drinks six virtual cans of the crap."
      15 Trends in Logo Design  
    Posted 2004-01-26 by Tony Walsh
    Graphic Design USA runs down some popular styles used in contemporary logo designs. Look and learn. Today's trend is tomorrow's tired, and frankly, if I see another "blob" logo I may make a few blobs of my own. Also of note LogoLounge's database of a zillion logos. Yes, it's all been done. And done. [links:stephan]
      Yahoo! Spam:  No Means Yes  
    Posted 2003-11-21 by Tony Walsh
    Back in the day, Yahoo! had a single, simple opt-out that prevented registered community members from receiving "marketing messages" (spam.) In March 2002, Yahoo! decided that users who'd said "no spam please" were just kidding and required users to revisit their Marketing Preferences page. I visited my preferences page this morning to find that I was actually opted-in for phone calls, postal mail, and Yahoo! marketing messages in a number of categories.

    Yahoo! intends on spamming users starting January 1, 2004, so if you ever had an account there, now might be a good time to opt out (again.) It takes up to five days to process the "change."
      Sumsung Phone Blows  
    Posted 2003-11-20 by Tony Walsh
    Gosh, cell phones can do anything these days!

      Canucks Politely Decline Spam  
    Posted 2003-10-28 by Tony Walsh
    According to a recent Decima survey of over 2000 adult Canadians, most Canucks believe the federal government should establish a "Do Not Spam" list, but don't want to have to pay for it. Surprisingly, 40% of Canadians would actually pay not to be spammed-- most of those who would pay put the price tag at $2 - $5 per month. That's up to $60 annually, which really is a hell of a lot of "protection" money. How about taxing the spammers, Canada?
      Young Miss Dissected  
    Posted 2003-08-06 by Tony Walsh
    The cellulose-marred underbelly of teen girl magazines such as ym and Seventeen has been exposed by New York Press writer Matt Taibbi.

    Taibbi points out the curious juxtaposition of editorial and advertisements. In Seventeen, for example, frequent editorial mentions of the classic work Hamlet are nicely complimented with an ad for "Hamlet" shoes by SodaShoes.

    The jewel in Taibbi's teen queen crown, however, comes from posing the following question to ym publicist Margo Donohue: "Do you think that there?s a place in the world for physically unattractive girls, or girls without enough money to buy nice clothes or cosmetics?" For Donohue's answer, you'll have to click on and scroll down if your attention span doesn't afford you a complete read of the article.
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