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  DoubleClick?  Fooey!  
Posted 2003-07-21 by Tony Walsh
A GUI is a Graphical User Interface. A FUI, according to a July 11 class-action lawsuit filed against ad-serving-megacorporation DoubleClick, is a Fake User Interface. The lawsuit claims that DoubleClick's serving of FUI dialog-box-like advertisements (you know, the ones that look like Windows error messages) has tricked millions of users into patronizing Doubleclick's ad customers.
  Spam AI  
Posted 2003-05-21 by Tony Walsh
It appears someone has written up a nifty little AI program that scours a web site and pulls together key statements and phrases that are then assembled into a clever little piece of spam. If there is no human intervention involved here, I would be very impressed. Check it out...

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  Sprite Ice Threatens “Hint of Mint”  
Posted 2003-04-10 by Tony Walsh
Sprite, a lemon-lime liquid product of Coca-Cola Ltd., is expanding into vomitous new territory with "Sprite Ice," a mint-flavoured soft drink. Available only in Canada and Belgium, Sprite Ice is described as offering "maximum refreshment," leaving one wondering what regular Sprite offers.
  Canon Digital Creators Contest 2003  
Posted 2003-03-25 by Tony Walsh
Canon's fourth-annual digital creativity contest opened yesterday, offering up $177k USD in prize money and other goodies. Judges include Joshua Davis and Hiroyuki Nakano. Entries will be accepted until September 4, 2003. More information and guidelines can be found here.
  Got Peace?(TM)  
Posted 2003-03-19 by Tony Walsh
Peace Pals is cashing in on the peace movement. The family-run site's goal is to "promote International unity through the 'got peace?' slogan and the organization Peace Pals, while encouraging others to take an active role in shaping the future." I couldn't find a shred of material on the site that would support activism of any kind. Instead, I found some kind of TV pilot proposal featuring the ugliest cartoon characters I have ever seen. And a crapload of merchandise.

According to founders, the Handelmans, "The family wants to first share their message of 'got peace?' with everyone and secondly to develop a successful brand identity and business." Good luck with that business plan, Peace Pals. I think you'll find most people can get their peace for free.
  AOL Squashes Pop-Ups  
Posted 2003-03-13 by Tony Walsh
Responding to popular demand, AOL now offers users the option to control pop-up advertisements. [story] Pop-up blocking is becoming a bit of a trend, as examplified by browser features offered by Netscape and Safari, by popular Web services like MSN 8 and Ask Jeeves, as well as a slew of software applications. Despite public backlash against these annoying ads, there is no sign of backing down from the purveyors of pop-ups. Greg Stuart, CEO of Interactive Advertising Bureau, which represents 130 Internet companies, said last year: "There may be distaste, but pop-up ads are here to stay." [source]
  Pop-Up Plague Persists  
Posted 2003-01-15 by Tony Walsh
According to a GartnerG2 study, pop-up ads have a click-through rate which is twice as high as traditional banner ads. This article outlines the popularity of pop-ups as well as some devious new techniques in the works to maximize the "effectiveness" of pop-ups. Irony Alert: clicking on the link above will cause pop-up ads to appear.
  From far across the sea… Kikkoman!  
Posted 2002-11-20 by
Two more examples of some of the weirdest flash work i've ever seen. Hi Ho, Hi Ho and Kikkoman. Perhaps its just because i don't understand the language... or not. [link>AJ]
  Big Mac Attacked  
Posted 2002-11-12 by Tony Walsh
Remember when movie theatres only showed a few previews before a film? Remember when they added commercials to the mix? Videogames were advertisement-free once, too. Long lusted after as a vehicle for commercial messaging, games have finally joined the ranks of the rest of the entertainment industry.

In the soon-to-be blockbuster The Sims Online, players could find it difficult to avoid getting their fingers soiled on virtual McDonald's hamburgers. A deal struck between Sims publisher Electronic Arts and the fastfood mega-corporation allows Sims players to open up their own McDonald's kiosk and improve their game stats by consuming McD's greasy goodies. While news of this groundbreaking sponsorship deal fades quickly from memory, failure to address this latest barrage in the war on ad-free gaming could result in a super-sized sandwich of misery. Based on the success of previous Sims offerings, The Sims Online is an ideal high-profile backdrop in the war against "advergaming." The McDonald's kiosks that dot the imaginary battlefield are mere burger bunkers to be ad-busted in an anti-advergaming mission that could go down in the annals of gaming history.

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  Identity Issues  
Posted 2002-11-07 by Tony Walsh
Can someone please explain to me why a restaurant called "Capt. Bob's" has a beret-and-glasses-wearing beef cow as their mascot? Sure, I get the steak reference, but shouldn't the cow have a captain's hat on or something? And what's with the big yellow glasses? Finally, their tagline is "We're not just for dinner... anymore!" What the hell does that even mean? I don't know, I just think they should give the cow a captain's hat. [link>wendy]
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