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  ‘Silent Hill 5’:  Now With Jiggle-Physics  
Posted 2007-12-06 by Tony Walsh
‘Silent Hill 5’:  Now With Jiggle-Physics
I've been a fan of survival horror game series Silent Hill since the first installment in the series, not so much due to the game play, but because of its inspirational creative elements. The visuals and soundscapes featured in the series are haunting, distinctive, and memorable.

One of the most recognizable monster-types in the game series is a sort of "zombie nurse," a faceless female creature dressed in medical garb which shivers and shimmies through darkened hospitals, looking for a handful of your flesh. When the Silent Hill movie came out last year, I was disappointed that the zombie nurses seemed to be re-imagined as slightly more sexualized monsters. Basically they became less "zombie" and more "sexy nurse." A pity, since the original creature designs seemed to be far more ghastly (and far more scary) than the ones shown in the film.

Sadly, the upcoming Silent Hill 5 seems to turned the zombie Sex-O-Meter up to eleven, turning an exquisite walking corpse into Nurse McBoobs, complete with a nipple-exposing wardrobe-malfunction. Jeux France has the full-sized pics. If the game features jiggle-physics, I'm going postal.
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  The Monsters of Facebook  
Posted 2007-07-27 by Tony Walsh
The Monsters of Facebook
Over 2 million Zombies are shambling around Facebook. Although the Zombies! game is the most popular on Facebook, growth has slowed a bit from about 60,000 players daily to about 50,000 users daily. Probably because Zombies are no longer only monster in town. The makers of the popular bite-a-friend game also offer a Vampires and WereWolves version, with over 900,000 players and over 5,500 users respectively. Unfortunately, there's currently no way to get these classic monster groups to fight without switching to the Vampires vs. Werewolves game, which boasts over 330,000 players.
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Posted 2007-07-14 by Tony Walsh
  Zombies Infect Facebook  
Posted 2007-07-13 by Tony Walsh
Zombies Infect Facebook
Armies of bloodthirsty zombies are infecting Facebook. The Zombies Facebook game, made possible because the platform was recently opened to outside developers, has become Facebook's most popular, with over 1.3M users infected at the time of this writing. I've been following the Zombies invasion for just over a week, finding that its user-base has grown at a steady rate of around 65,000 users daily, or about 45 users per minute. I'm a bit surprised the population hasn't increased exponentially, but then I'm a lousy number-cruncher and statistician.

Zombies is, by design, a viral game. One's first introduction to it is usually through a "Zombies Invitation" sent from a friend, so there is social pressure to participate right from the outset. Invitations may be ignored, or one can "Start Biting Chumps!" with a few mouse-clicks. The objective is to build up zombie points and zombie status by biting friends, but I personally won't try it out, so don't bother biting me. From what I gather, it's possible to establish an entire zombie army. Zombies has been so successful that its creators have added a Vampires game along similar lines. About 300,000 users have been vampirized.

Continue reading: Zombies Infect Facebook
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Posted 2007-07-06 by Tony Walsh
  Zombies Invade ‘The Lounge’  
Posted 2007-07-06 by Tony Walsh
Zombies Invade ‘The Lounge’
Image credit: The Lounge.
Zombies will invade the Miami server of The Music Lounge microworld next Friday the 13th, bringing "Rock, Paper, Scissors" style game play with them. A post on the official Lounge message boards describes the zombie game in detail--I hope its easier to play than the instructions suggest. The goal is to rack up as many points as possible by the end of the day by infecting both other players and computer-controlled characters.

Ironically, the Lounge was built using the Torque Game Engine (reference), but was launched as a social, rather than game world. One of the first things I did with the Lounge's client software is change the avatars into zombies. Maybe my avatar was more infectious than I thought...
  Escape From L.A.  
Posted 2007-05-26 by Tony Walsh
I'm writing from LAX, where I arrived after a long flight from Australia. It's been a tedious day here at the airport, what with waiting for my connecting flight, boarding a jet, learning about its mechanical problems, disembarking from the jet, waiting for a new jet, boarding that jet, learning about its mechanical problems, and disembarking again.

By the time my rebooked flight takes off for Boston (and eventually to Toronto), I will have spent about 12 hours at LAX, and over 24 hours in transit counting my escape from Oz. By the time I get back to Toronto (some time around noon Eastern time on Sunday, May 27), I will have been traveling for over 30 hours since leaving Tasmania. Thanks, American Airlines, for failing to check two planes properly before loading them. Thanks also for the ten dollar "food" voucher you so graciously gave me. I can almost afford a fancy coffee and pastry with that.
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