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  Calling All Zombies  
Posted 2005-06-09 by Tony Walsh
Your ugly mug could be featured in the upcoming "City of the Dead" video game, blessed by the father of modern Zombiedom himself, Mr. George A. Romero. Developer Hip Games has opened a general casting call, promising to select three unlucky winners to become zombies in the game. The winners will also receive credit in the game manual and a free copy of the game. Gamespot is hosting the casting contest between June 8th and 20th, 2005.

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  Doctor Whoisms  
Posted 2005-06-02 by Tony Walsh
After catching up on the last three Doctor Who episodes, I have noticed that the writers seem to keep aliens that explode and varying forms of zombies at the top of their stack of plot devices. I'm not geek enough to have counted the number of exploding aliens and zombies, but it seems like every other episode has one or the other or both. And what ever happened to those Bad Wolf references?
  I Ate Romero’s Brain  
Posted 2005-04-29 by Tony Walsh
Last July, I predicted that in George Romero's upcoming post-apocalyptic blood orgy Land of the Dead, we'd see Road Warrior-style cars. It has come to pass. An armoured 18-wheeler oufitted with rocket-launchers stars in the trailer for the film, which comes off looking like Resident Evil: Apocalypse combined with Beyond Thunderdome. At least in 28 Days Later the zombies puked blood. This time all we've got is Dennis Hopper in a business-suit.
  Secret Creatures  
Posted 2005-04-26 by Tony Walsh
American genius Daniel Davis is not only the chief creator of the extensive Agyris fantasy world and the animaster behind the online cartoon KLANG, but is also the architect and artist of Secret Creatures. Davis' bold, stylized, and colourful Creatures are documented in detail, revealing such features as the Retrobot's licorice missiles and the Crusty Golem's potential for destroying enemy bicycles.
  Z-Day:  Surviving a Zombie Attack  
Posted 2005-04-19 by Tony Walsh
There have been so many zombie movies made over the years that you just know life is going to imitate art one of these days. Maybe not today... maybe not tomorrow... but someday, and for the rest of our lives, we're going to suffer the indignities of a full-on zombie invasion. Luckily, Kuro5hin contributor Dr. Zeus tells us "How to Survive a Zombie Attack," and confirms what I've always suspected: While short-term survival is possible, "You'll eventually run out of water, canned food, and fuel for the generator. In fact, you'll be in the dark in a day or two, and the water will be gone shortly after that. Unless, of course, you don't panic, and plan ahead."

Think you're up for surviving a zombie attack? For the sake of your grandchildren, take this test.
  Student Arrested for Zombie Terror Tale  
Posted 2005-03-01 by Tony Walsh
 and other sources report that William Poole, a Kentucky teen who wrote a story about zombies swarming a school, was arrested last week and charged with threatening an armed takeover of his school (one report says Poole faces a second-degree felony terrorist threatening charge). Poole was turned in by his grandparents, who found the zombie story in his journal. According to one story, police said that Poole's story made no direct threats against specific people, but in another, say that Poole was attempting to organize a gang. A gang of zombies, I guess.

It seems possible, points out game designer Steve Jackson, that authorities have difficulty discerning fact from fiction. In 1990, his Austin, Texas offices were raided by the U.S. Secret Service because his game "GURPS Cyberpunk" was deemed "a handbook for computer crime." In 1993, Jackon won in court against the Secret Service, but you'd best believe that if this had happened ten years later, he'd be locked up on terrorist charges.
  Comix Roundup  
Posted 2005-01-24 by Tony Walsh
Michael Lalonde took a break from killing Vile Sprites in World of Warcraft long enough to churn out another Orneryboy classic. I don't know about you, but I just can't get enough rapping zombies.

I am still in recycling mode, slapping up last year's Stripfight entry on the Rat Boy LiveJournal page. It's a visual mashup: Rat Boy vs. The Wizard of Id. Everybody loses!

Torontonians take note: Gary Baseman (artist, painter, creator of "Teacher's Pet" TV show) will be appearing at Magic Pony this Wednesday, January 26, between 6-8pm (785 Queen St. W, Toronto). Baseman will be signing stuff and showing off his new Japanese action figure. And no, that's not a euphamism.
  A Shoggoth on the Roof  
Posted 2005-01-19 by Tony Walsh
Move over, Evil Dead 1&2: The Musical, there's an even older shlock-horror sensation crawling out of the mouth of madness. The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society presents A Shoggoth on the Roof, a musical-theatre tribute to the works of H.P. Lovecraft that, although written in 1979, didn't debut until 2003. A CD of the soundtrack, performed by a cast of live and undead vocalists, is now available for purchase. It includes such hits as "Tentacles," "Victim of Victims," and "Miskatonic."

The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society has also produced and released the trailer for a silent-film-style rendition of The Call of Cthulhu. There appears to be no end to the insanity.
  Crash-Test Zombies  
Posted 2005-01-04 by Tony Walsh
Tabletop game designer Phil Reed, responsible for Steve Jackson's Frag, and artist Christopher Shy (All Flesh Must Be Eaten) bring us a world reeking both of exhaust-fumes and rotting flesh. Motocaust combines elements of The Road Warrior and Resident Evil into a downloadable game manual. The custom rules set allows carmageddonists to do battle with "the necros, mutant zombies brought to life by some weird alien spore." [headsup:jos]

The only thing the game seems to be missing is robotic dinosaurs, but for ten bucks, what more can you really ask for?
  Virtual Humiliation Virus Contained  
Posted 2004-12-21 by Tony Walsh
The virtual world of Second Life, which allows users to create and program objects, features a number of built-in systems to minimize the effects of malicious code. Viruses that spread programmatically are fairly easy to block. Viruses that spread via social engineering, however, are much harder to control. Two days ago, a harmful object enjoyed limited circulation in Second Life. The object, known as "red wings," contained malicious programming that activated when the "red wings" were attached, sending a pornographic photo to those in the area. The hostile object was apparently created by one user to humiliate another. The Lindens were called in, and rectified the situation quickly.

In October, a well-intentioned programmer created self-replicating "zombie" objects that sought out and swarmed innocent avatars. As with all experiments involving zombies, this one went horribly awry, confusing and annoying a number of experienced and new users.

In September, a user was looking for a way to simulate disease in Second Life. I haven't heard anything about the project since.
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