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Posted 2004-12-13 by Tony Walsh
The Toyota Motor Corporation has inserted humans into womblike robotic contraptions designed to expand mobility. The BBC is running an article with pics of the wheeled and legged concept vehicles. I saw video footage of the bipedal "i-foot" yesterday and was only moderately-impressed. While it certainly is a technological feat to port humans around on two robot legs, the robot is freakin' huge (although Toyota has a smaller, mountable "Partner Robot"), and appears to be quite slow. Not exactly user-friendly at the moment, but give it a couple of years and I'm sure Robotjox will become a reality.
  Appleseed in America, 2005  
Posted 2004-11-26 by Tony Walsh
The Appleseed manga series, featuring SWAT teams and robots, hit North America during the manga and anime craze of the late 80s and early 90s. The series was created by Masamune Shirow, who is also responsible for the Ghost in the Shell property, which along with Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira is one few anime movies to crest the mainstream.

A feature-length Appleseed anime film is set to strike American theatres in January, 2005, according to Like many modern animated features, Appleseed will blend 3D computer graphics in with traditional style. The eye-popping results can be seen on the official Appleseed movie site (WMP) or the Apple trailer site (QT).
  The LEGO of Virtual Space?  
Posted 2004-09-20 by Tony Walsh
Second Life resident Marcos Fonzarelli is well known for his skillfully-crafted Powered Armour and Robot avatars sold under his "ARMORD" brand-name. Marcos, known as Mark Sandlin in real life, is a Seattle-based graphic designer and avid LEGOist. Sandlin, who specializes in sci-fi LEGO creations, has created the "Fleebnork," a spacefaring pest made from only two lego pieces. While his passion for LEGO is long-lived, his building in Second Life is a relatively recent affair. Sandlin's two hobbies share more in common than science fiction and robots. Both involve creating whole 3D objects given a limited palette of simple pieces. In Sandlin's case, creativity bubbles to the surface despite the constraints--the mark of a truly skilled designer.
  Microsoft’s Fertile Mouse  
Posted 2004-08-30 by Tony Walsh
Call me crazy, but this new Microsoft mouse designed by Philippe Starck seems to be inspired by female genitalia in the same way joysticks echo male flappy bits. On the one hand, it's refreshing to see a technology gadget not inspired by a penis. On the other, there's a good chance that an office "accident" will result in an unstoppable rampage of malevolent robot babies.
  Clickable Culture Gets Robotic!  
Posted 2004-08-17 by Tony Walsh
Hot on the heels of our recent expansion into Zombie territory, the slave-moles here at Clickable Culture have been forced to retrieve all Robot-related entries and display them for your reading pleasure.

What could possibly be next? Monkeys? The mind boggles.

Sidenote- As for the filing of "Robots" in "Technology," we are aware that Robots also belong in Culture, Life, Weird, or any number of other parent categories. However, after much consultation with the leader of the slave-moles, it was decided Technology would have to suffice.
  Giant Box Robot, the Movie  
Posted 2004-08-17 by Tony Walsh
Combine the sensibilities of a 1920s-era silent film, and the antics of cardboard automatons, and you've got Giant Box Robot, an independent Canadian film debuting August 20, 2004 in Ottawa. The film promises slap-stick action and loveable main characters. It's a classic love-triangle, where boy robot meets girl robot that evil robot has a crush on. Tix are available online via Ticketmaster.
Posted 2004-07-14 by Tony Walsh
The classic Commodore 64 puzzle-action game Paradroid has been remade for today's PCs as "Freedroid," and comes in Classic and RPG flavours, with multiplayer "World" mode in development. The Classic version, which pits your parasite-like robot against a world of angry machines, demands that you either destroy or take over everything in your path. The basic Paradroid, in my estimation, was the first game to introduce real-time "hacking" / "picking locks" using a graphical puzzle metaphor.
  Kiss Machine #8: Babies and Robots  
Posted 2004-04-16 by Tony Walsh
A new issue of the thoughtful and entertaining Kiss Machine is now on sale. This ish's dish consists of babies and robots--an unusual combination unravelled across the art and writing of notable contributors such as Emily Pohl-Weary, Matthew Blackett, Cynthia Gould, Marc Ngui... and many more!.

"The only remaining refuge from high speed is birth and the awkwardness of life during our first few years. Before we gain fine motor control and an awareness of how to use things like keyboards, we�re stuck in an awkward, altogether human reality." Amen to that.

Continue reading: Kiss Machine #8: Babies and Robots
  Teenage Robot Battle  
Posted 2004-03-30 by Tony Walsh
Thousands of North American high school students are converging on Toronto this weekend to engage in fierce, deadly robot wars as part of the 2004 FIRST Robotics Competition. Students had six weeks to build a killer mecha that would fit into strict design parameters. The showdown takes place at the not-very-chocolatey Hershey Centre April 2nd and 3rd from 9am until about 4pm. Attend at your own risk.
  Monday Comix Roundup!  
Posted 2004-03-29 by Tony Walsh
Robots! Monkeys! Things with wheels! Anti-serum! It's like a 1950s B-Movie with swearing, or just this week's Rat Boy strip.

Ornery Boy's hot soup special satisfies!'s Brian Fukushima makes near-daily mayhem: March 23, March 24, March 25, March 26, March 27, March 28, March 29.

Ed Brisson's Stripfight has begun! Round one is now posted. I have zero votes. But I'm okay with that. You ingrates.
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