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  Monday Comix Roundup!  
Posted 2003-07-28 by Tony Walsh
What's worse than a worm in your apple? Rat Boy finds a surprise at the bottom of his cereal box.

Orneryboy's zombie is still hungry, but at least it's not homeless.

Tomorrow (Tuesday July 29) marks another installment of the Toronto Comic Jam!
  Kung Fu Fridays (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-06-25 by Tony Walsh

This Friday marks another notch in the Kung Fu Fridays belt!
"Step right up and see Freaks and Fu in this sideshow of the bizarre and unusual!" Jun Fu is eager to learn some new fightin' styles from his new master. His education gets interrupted a master spearman and his crazed hunchback assistant crash the party. These two villains were crippled by Jun Fu's teacher years ago and now seek vengeance!

Director: Lee Chiu
Cast: Cliff Lok, Lo Lieh, Choi Wang, Yueh Hua, Suen Yuet, Goo Chang, Lee Chiu
Hong Kong / 1979 / Cantonese with English Subtitles

Friday June 27 - 9:45pm @ The Royal Cinema.
  Kung Fu Fridays (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-06-13 by Tony Walsh
"Time for another tender and moving tale of an orphan, roaming the countryside in search of a kung fu master to teach him in order to take revenge on the crazed martial arts master who killed his parents."

Director: Chang Cher Ting
Cast: John Liu Chung Liang, Wu Ma, Doris Lung Chun Erh, Kwan Yung Moon
Hong Kong / 1978
Mandarin with English Subtitles
Click here for more info!
  Dwarf Tossers Berated  
Posted 2003-06-13 by Tony Walsh
A Windsor, Ontario (Canada) dwarf-tossing event was nearly thrown off by a local politician despite dwarf "Tripod" claiming no harm, no foul. Sandra Pupatello, a member of the provincial Liberal party, reportedly claimed "My community is up in arms...This, in my opinion, sets us back generations."

While Pupatello has proposed a bill to fine dwarf-tossers $5000 CDN, Public Security Minister Bob Runciman has hurled his own weight behind the anti-tossing movement: "Don't take advantage of people who are less fortunate in society," he said. "It's very demeaning to them." [story]

Looks like Runciman just went on the record calling dwarfs "less fortunate" members of society. If I was a dwarf, I'd be looking to punch Runciman in the nuts.
  Toronto Indie Events  
Posted 2003-06-11 by Tony Walsh
Saturday, June 14:
Pulp & Plastic
The 360, 326 Queen West, Toronto. Doors open @ 12 noon.
A day of Indie press, Indie music and zines, along with a night of bands featuring Pony da Look. Other performances that night include Wordburglar, Sonique, Sister Highway, and hellothisisalex. Don't miss the evening performance of Great Lake Swimmers at 6pm. The Beguiling will be in attendence with a bunch of neat stuff to sell. It's totally worth your time to come check out this arts event. [more info]

Sunday, June 15, 2003:
James Sturm Signing @ The Beguiling
The Beguiling, 601 Markham St., Bloor West of Bathurst (Around the corner from Honest Ed's)
4pm-6pm, No Cover, Open to the Public
The Beguiling is proud to be hosting a signing by one of North America's finest Alternative Cartoonists, James Sturm. Sturm rocketed to acclaim for his work on the heartfelt piece of Americana in Graphic Novel Form, THE GOLEM'S MIGHTY SWING. [more info]
  Interactive Arena (Toronto):  Game vs. Cinema Space  
Posted 2003-05-29 by Tony Walsh
Game Space vs. Cinema Space is a special presentation of the Toronto-based Interactive Arena Lecture Series.

Next Wednesday night, there will be a screening of "exclusive visuals from computer gaming including unreleased and contemporary introduction movies and cut game-play sequences. Interactive storytelling is becoming a reality and it's on a console near you!" I have news for Michelle Kasprzak, the producer of the Interactive Arena: Interactive storytelling existed for eons before computers were even conceived of. Computer-based interactive storytelling has been a reality since at least Zork.

After the screening there will be a doubtless more informative panel discussion featuring:
John Buchanan, Electronic Arts
Robert Magee, Side Effects Software
Doug Masters, C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures
Jim Munroe, No Media Kings

As usual, I have some issues with this presentation's lineup. How about a panel consisting entirely of experts who actually balance on the line between gaming and cinema. Like Toronto's Trapeze Media? Or the trans-national Microids with an office in Montreal? Hey, at least tickets are only eight bucks. Details follow...

Continue reading: Interactive Arena (Toronto):  Game vs. Cinema Space
  Monday Comix Roundup!  
Posted 2003-05-26 by Tony Walsh
Orneryboy's Michael Lalonde: "Don't ask me why in this week's strip, there's a bag of seeds sitting next to Dirtygirl, yet she is planting live sprouts. I guess I just wanted to draw a bag of seeds in there somewhere... I really enjoy taking mundane objects like food and household products, and turning them into the tiny little pictures you see every week. But I digress..."

Rat Boy has made the jump to uber-community LiveJournal with the latest episode of "Rat and the Beanstalk." Click here for gigantic mayhem! Also of note for those who don't know me is a recent spotlight published by budding comic site Iisageek.

The Toronto Comic Jam kicks out the jams tomorrow night at the Cameron House. If you can handle the cigarette smoke, there's a whole world of collective comic creation in there.
  Subtle Technologies 2003 (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-05-21 by Tony Walsh
Toronto's 6th annual Subtle Technologies festival explores the relationships between art, science and technology. The festival kicks off tomorrow and runs through the weekend.

"On Thursday night, May 22nd, Subtle Technologies opens with a panel discussion at DECONism Gallery, featuring Steve Mann, Derrick de Kerckhove, Arthur Kroker, and Simon Penny. Following the panel, SubtleTechnologies will host an opening reception for Simon Penny's interactive installation, Bedlam."

Continue reading: Subtle Technologies 2003 (Toronto)
  Kung Fu Friday (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-05-16 by Tony Walsh

Today is another Kung Fu Friday! Tonight's offering:

Director: Yue Ham Ping
Cast: Wong Yat Lung (aka Huang I-lung), Au Dai, Cheung Hoi Fan, Ma Cheung, Suen Lam, Casanova Wong, Shih Ting Ken
Hong Kong / 1980 / Mandarin with Chinese Subtitles

Check the site for details!
  Hubbub:  Avant Variety Show (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-04-22 by Tony Walsh
The Power Plant gallery presents "Hubbub," an art and ideas show at the Rivoli hosted by Terence Dick. Next Tuesday, guests include "multidisciplinary artists Fastw�rms discussing witches, magic and art; paranormal researcher Patrick Cross with a slide show of his ghost photography; and filmmaker Robert Kennedy screening footage of an actual UFO sighting as we consider the ongoing search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Samuel Andreyev provides musical accompaniment on the theremin and mysterious art collective Forcefield supplies videos."

Free Admission
Tuesday, April 22, 8:30 pm (Doors open at 8:00 pm)
@ The Rivoli 334 Queen St. West, Toronto
(416) 973-4949 for info.
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