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  Kung Fu Fridays (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-04-17 by Tony Walsh
Ultra8 Presents...

"It's Eagle's Claw versus Eagle's Fist in a fight to the death!"
Director: William Cheung Kei
Cast: John Cheung Ng Long, Hwang Jang Lee, Cheng Hong Yip, Fan Mei Sheng,
Gam Pooi Ling, Chiang Kam
Mandarin with English Subtitles / Hong Kong / 90 minutes

"Poor orphan Chou-Tai. All he wants is a teacher to educate him in the ways of kung fu. He thinks he's found himself a master when he meets Lo Hsin (Korean super-kicker Hwang Jang Lee, the baddie in Jackie Chan's Snake in the Eagle's Shadow), but Lo turns out to be a killer for hire who tricks Chou-Tai and sells him to a slavery ring!"

Showing Friday April 18 at the Royal Cinema (608 College Street, 4 1/2 blocks west of Bathurst Street, between Clinton Street and Grace Street. Box Office opens 30 minutes before showtime. Price is $6 for Members, $8 without membership card.)
  2003 Webby Award Nominees  
Posted 2003-04-14 by Tony Walsh
This year's Webby nominees have been posted, and include CBC Radio 3 in the category of "Worst Navigation System Ever" (actually they're nominated for "Broadband," which could easily be retitled "Biggest Waste of Bandwidth") get your war on for "Humor" and for "Print + Zines."
  Kung Fu Fridays (Toronto): Shaolin Red Master  
Posted 2003-04-04 by Tony Walsh
Shaolin Red Master - Friday April 4 - 9:45pm @ the Royal Cinema

"Gotta love a flick also known as Shaolin Tough Kid! Chi Kwan Chun who played one of the heroes in the Shaw Brothers Five Masters of Death, stars as an orphan who was abandoned on the steps of the Shaolin Temple. Now an adult, he leaves the safety of the Temple to avenge the murder of his parents and seeks out the bandit Flying Tiger Lui, whose name was uttered by the stranger who delivered him to the monks."

The Royal Cinema is at 608 College Street, 4 1/2 blocks west of Bathurst Street, between Clinton Street and Grace Street. Box Office opens 30 minutes before showtime. Price is $6 for Members, $8 without membership card.
  Monday Comix Roundup:  Toronto Comics Arts Fest And More  
Posted 2003-03-24 by Tony Walsh
This week marks the ramp-up to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, which officially explodes March 29. A number of local events are taking place this week:

The compilation "Frecklebean Comics and Stories" launches this Thursday at the Frecklebean Cafe (132 McCaul St., north of Dundas).

Lorenz Peter's book "Chaos Mission" launches this Tuesday at the Green Room (296 Brunswick- corner of Bloor and Brunswick, sort of).

The Toronto Comic Jam continues this Tuesday at the Cameron House (Queen St. West, just west of Spadina).

In other news...

Orneryboy gets paid!

Rat Boy is movin' on up!
  Marc Ngui’s “Enter Avariz” Launches Tonight (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-03-23 by Tony Walsh
No Cover Charge
The Cameron House, 408 Queen St. West, Just West of Spadina

"Marc Ngui is launching his new graphic novel, ENTER AVARIZ (respectively) on the Sunday the 23rd of March in the Back Room of the Cameron House. There will be a slide projector and Marc Ngui will do his little thing (an A/V presentation and more). We have between the hours of 8pm and 11pm but can linger or come a bit early if we like."

Presented by The Beguiling.
  Kung Fu Fridays (Toronto) - A Life of Ninja  
Posted 2003-03-20 by Tony Walsh
Friday March 21, 9:45pm, @ The Royal Cinema (College St. West, Toronto)

A Life of Ninja:
"He creeps. He skulks. He stalks. He scurries. He strikes! Ninja - most deadly foe. Using ways most nefarious and killing arts mysterious ninja will kill and kill. And kill, and kill, and kill. Sometimes he kills wrapped in gold foil like a baked potato; sometimes he is a naked lady ninja to confuse foes before blowing them up! Life of ninja is easy, no? No. Life of ninja is hard."
  Matt Jones On The “Warchalking” Phenomenon  
Posted 2003-03-14 by Tony Walsh
Toronto's pricey Digifest is underway, drawing affluent digerati downtown like so many hackers to a honeypot.

On Friday, March 28, 6:00 pm at the Design Exchange (234 Bay Street, Toronto,) Matt Jones will be speaking about "warchalking."

What is warchalking?
"Dozens of companies in urban centres all around the world are leaving their networks unprotected, enabling anyone with a wireless card in their laptop or PDA to connect to these networks. Warchalking is the practice of marking a series of symbols on sidewalks and walls to indicate these wireless networks. Aware of these symbols and their locations, computer users translate the symbols and are able to connect wirelessly and 'freely' to someone else's internet access."

Tickets to hear warchalking inventor Jones elaborate on and moralize this issue are $35, and can be purchased online or by phone: 416-216-2150
  Hallowe’en Lineup @ the Royal Cinema (Toronto)  
Posted 2002-10-21 by Tony Walsh
The Conflict Archives Presents . . .NECROMANCY
Thursday October 24 - 9:30pm

Halloween Kung Fu Friday - MR. VAMPIRE
Friday October 25 - 9:45pm

Continue reading: Hallowe’en Lineup @ the Royal Cinema (Toronto)
  Toronto nerds unite!  
Posted 2002-10-14 by Tony Walsh
Clem sent in the lowdown on this exclusive Toronto tidbit:
Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution announced today that on October 31, 2002, THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS EXHIBIT, an experiential exhibition containing artefacts from New Line Cinema's theatrical production of THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS will launch in Toronto for a four-week period at the Royal Ontario Museum's former McLaughlin Planetarium. Toronto is the only city in North America where this exhibit will be presented.
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