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  Notes: Blogging Without Borders  
Posted 2005-03-12 by Tony Walsh
"Citizen journalism, weblogs and microcontent management are hot topics in the United States and Europe, yet still developing in other parts of the world." What the hell is microcontent management? Hey, I'm Canadian, what do I know?

This supersized panel features Jonas M Luster, Sean Bonner, Christopher Ulbrich, Ze Frank, and Hossein "Hoder" Derakhshan. Official info here. Notes follow...

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  Notes: Blogs and Blockades  
Posted 2005-03-12 by Tony Walsh
"Many nation-states are setting up filtering and blocking systems that hinder the free flow of information. Could blogs be the solution?" I guess we'll see. Radio host Benjamen Walker and blogger Hossein Derakhshan (aka "Hoder") are already at their table, ready to go. Notes follow...

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  Notes: Opening Remarks by Jeffrey Zeldman  
Posted 2005-03-12 by Tony Walsh
Jeffrey Zeldman is about to speak. He is the author of a couple of design books I've never read. Which explains why this web site looks so crappy. Notes follow...

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  Notes:  Ramblings from the Ranch  
Posted 2005-03-12 by Tony Walsh
Now at the front of the room, a discussion by Chipp Walters, an Austin high-tech industry vet on " tools tend to affect current design trends. The presentation will compare software design to product design." Chipp is wearing a cowboy hat. He is the president of Altuit. His logo seems to be an important part of this discussion. Notes follow...

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  Notes: The Imagination Challenge  
Posted 2005-03-12 by Tony Walsh
Alrighty... day two. Apple computers as far as the eye can see. Must be a design panel. Good morning, "The Imagination Challenge: Points of Departure for Design in the Knowledge Age." I don't know about you, but I'm already tired.

We are here for Alexander Manu, Director of the Beal Research Centre (although he's been identified as from the Ontario College of Art and Design). Notes follow...

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  Notes: The Indie Development of Alien Hominid  
Posted 2005-03-11 by Tony Walsh
This is the first panel of SxSWi. I'm sitting in room 17AB amongst clusters of attendees. The Personal Space Field here seems to extend at least ten feet. We are waiting for Tom Fulp, the man behind Newgrounds and Alien Hominid. He is late. Fashionably so.

Fresh off the plane from the GDC, Tom is a little abashed at being in front of an audience present exclusively for him. My notes from his presentation follow... [also see Tom's own recounting of his SXSW adventures]

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  Connected at Last…  
Posted 2005-03-11 by Tony Walsh
It was not the least bit easy to find an area of the Austin Convention Center that actually supported a WiFi connection capable of reaching the `net. Ironically, the little shantytown hotel I'm staying in has both hardwired ethernet and WiFi. Worst case scenario is that I won't be able to blog in real time. My life is so hard.
  SXSW Prologue  
Posted 2005-03-10 by Tony Walsh
Tomorrow I fly to Austin, hopefully in time to catch Tom Fulp's Alien Hominid discussion. I've been told Austin is one of America's most-internet-connected cities, so there should be no shortage of posting here at Clickable Culture. Aren't you lucky.

It turns out that there's a SXSW community blog going on over at the official site, which so far seems to be a good way to pimp your links. Among the most useful entries is some advice from attendee David Nunez: "The unofficial geek guide to getting over yourself at SxSW Interactive 2005." Nunez offers himself up as a beacon to lonely, intimidated, and miserable conference-goers, implementing the secret sigil of The Orange Happy Face as an indicator of one's willingness to meet new people.

Unfortunately, it seems using laptops during panels has become gauche due to posers, back-channel chatters, and web-surfers. Note to the SXSW world: I'm taking notes, fuck off.
  Everything in Moderation  
Posted 2005-02-23 by Tony Walsh
Hot damn! Looks like Jane Pinckard of the recently-reinvigorated Game Girl Advance blog will be moderating the "Virtually True" panel at SXSW. This is great news because it means someone who really knows their stuff will be prodding the best out of Au, Ludlow and myself.
  Me:  SXSW 2005  
Posted 2005-01-25 by Tony Walsh
I'll be heading to Austin, Texas for this year's South by Southwest Interactive Festival where I'll be pontificating with Wagner James Au (New World Notes) and Peter Ludlow (The Second Life Herald) on "Journalism and Blogging About Online Worlds." The festival runs March 12-15, but I don't know the exact time and coordinates of the panel just yet. I plan on soaking up as much information as possible while on this working holiday, and possibly even meeting up with some local Second Life users if I have time.
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