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  2003 Webby Award Nominees  
Posted 2003-04-14 by Tony Walsh
This year's Webby nominees have been posted, and include CBC Radio 3 in the category of "Worst Navigation System Ever" (actually they're nominated for "Broadband," which could easily be retitled "Biggest Waste of Bandwidth") get your war on for "Humor" and for "Print + Zines."
  Kung Fu Fridays (Toronto): Shaolin Red Master  
Posted 2003-04-04 by Tony Walsh
Shaolin Red Master - Friday April 4 - 9:45pm @ the Royal Cinema

"Gotta love a flick also known as Shaolin Tough Kid! Chi Kwan Chun who played one of the heroes in the Shaw Brothers Five Masters of Death, stars as an orphan who was abandoned on the steps of the Shaolin Temple. Now an adult, he leaves the safety of the Temple to avenge the murder of his parents and seeks out the bandit Flying Tiger Lui, whose name was uttered by the stranger who delivered him to the monks."

The Royal Cinema is at 608 College Street, 4 1/2 blocks west of Bathurst Street, between Clinton Street and Grace Street. Box Office opens 30 minutes before showtime. Price is $6 for Members, $8 without membership card.
  Amanda Bynes Wants Her Peace Sign Back  
Posted 2003-04-03 by Tony Walsh
Promotional material for the upcoming Amanda Bynes movie "What a Girl Wants" has been tweaked to remove Bynes' flashing of the "peace sign." A Warner Bros. representative reportedly said the change was made to eliminate any perception of political overtones in the movie. There is, like, a totally wicked story about this at OMG, I can't believe I just typed poop.

  Oscars:  Michael Moore Loses It  
Posted 2003-03-24 by Tony Walsh
See, the problem with activists is that they are largely an exciteable bunch who get caught up in the moment and do dorky things. During his Academy Award acceptance speech, Michael Moore began with a well-intentioned statement about how the rest of the documentary film-makers and he stood united against the war. Then he went into a crazed rant to the horror of the audience, many of whom booed him loudly. The best intentions. Bad execution.

Moore needs to take some notes from Adrien Brody, who made a compelling plea for peace, unity, and a swift end to the war without going koo-koo-bonkers. He made people cry. Now that's the way to do it.
  Kung Fu Fridays (Toronto) - A Life of Ninja  
Posted 2003-03-20 by Tony Walsh
Friday March 21, 9:45pm, @ The Royal Cinema (College St. West, Toronto)

A Life of Ninja:
"He creeps. He skulks. He stalks. He scurries. He strikes! Ninja - most deadly foe. Using ways most nefarious and killing arts mysterious ninja will kill and kill. And kill, and kill, and kill. Sometimes he kills wrapped in gold foil like a baked potato; sometimes he is a naked lady ninja to confuse foes before blowing them up! Life of ninja is easy, no? No. Life of ninja is hard."
  George Lucas Would Have Jailed Han Solo  
Posted 2003-03-06 by Tony Walsh
Star Wars progenitor George Lucas wants you to stop pirating movies: "If people keep taking for free, it will cease to exist. It's as simple as that." [source] I can just imagine a future campaign by Hollywood to stop independent movies from being produced and distributed: "If just anyone can make a better movie, we'll cease to exist..." Everyone should be their own Hollywood.
  The Trolley Car Never Came Back…  
Posted 2003-02-27 by Tony Walsh
Mister Rogers, R.I.P. [link:momo,others]
In case you can't remember the characters from the Neighbourhood of Make-Believe, here they are. My favorite was the scary Purple Panda from Planet Purple. What's scarier than a giant purple panda? I have no idea.
  No Pants  
Posted 2003-01-16 by Tony Walsh
Loveable and cuddly Mister Pants has hung up his trousers this year, which is a shame, because I just can't get enough East-West culture collisions and other strangeness. In semi-related news, my other oft-visited blog, Camworld, is on indefinite hiatus. What can I do to fill the gap? Besides drive a six-inch nail between my eyes, I mean.
  Billy Van, R.I.P.  
Posted 2003-01-09 by Tony Walsh
Sadly, Canadian comic actor Billy Van has died. He starred in a multitude of roles in the psychedelic "Hilarious House of Frightenstein," which entertained and spooked 1970s-era kids. He was funny as hell, but I know he'll be in vampire heaven. R.I.P. Mr. Van.
  I am Jackass:  See me Burn!  
Posted 2002-11-13 by Tony Walsh
After watching the Jackass movie last Friday (yes, I feel dirty) I couldn't help wonder... "When will the imitators emerge?" There is an answer to that question.
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