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  Zombie! An Art Exhumation (Toronto)  
Posted 2004-10-19 by Tony Walsh
Live in the Toronto area? Got an unquenchable desire for hot zombie action? This Saturday, October 23rd, stop by Off The Wall Art and Framing for "Zombie! An Art Exhumation." The show runs for 8 days, and features the ghoulish work of 9 artists, including myself.

Preview work from Rebecca Chaperon, Liam Crockard, Kelly Forbes, Chris Satchell, Ryan Snook, Dave Trautrimas, Jason Van Horne, Stephen Alers and Tony Walsh.

Zombie! An Art Exhumation opens at 8pm October 23rd, and runs through to the 31st at Off The Wall Art and Framing, 450 Queen St. West, Toronto (416-535-9571).
  Biskup’s Monster Mash  
Posted 2004-09-09 by Tony Walsh
A mystery print arrived at my abode this morning. It contained numerous birdies juxtaposed with gruesome monsters, and was signed "T. Biskup." A mere Google-moment later, I arrived at the home page of one Tim Biskup, a talented pop-artist, cartoonist, and toy designer. His style seems to be a collision of 60s cartoons, Rat Fink, and Bulgarian iconography. Some of Biskup's stuff can be found in-store at the Toronto-based Magic Pony.
  Big Eyes, Small Mouth  
Posted 2004-03-16 by Tony Walsh
The influence of the Big Eyed Masters hasn't slowed down since the 1960s. Kitsch fetishes such as these puffy-cheeked Children of the World figurines are still hot sellers. Was anime reponsible for the Big Eyed movement, or was it the other way around?
  Corpse-Factory Makes Art  
Posted 2003-11-28 by Tony Walsh
A factory near Dalian, China is reportedly "plastinating" 100 corpses a year for the project "Body Worlds," where flayed cadavers are exhibited as public art.

I can't wait until they make the corpses animatronic and put them into a theme park!
Posted 2003-08-04 by Tony Walsh
Pete Fowler is a UK-based illustrator, artist, and monster-maker. Fowler's creative critters hit home on Monster Island (aka Japan) where he has been working with mutant clothiers like Satan Arbeit and giant robots like Sony Creative Products.

His Monsterism figurines have taken over vendors like Kid Robot, walking the line between collectible and cult. Like Pokemon with birth-defects.
  Subtle Technologies 2003 (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-05-21 by Tony Walsh
Toronto's 6th annual Subtle Technologies festival explores the relationships between art, science and technology. The festival kicks off tomorrow and runs through the weekend.

"On Thursday night, May 22nd, Subtle Technologies opens with a panel discussion at DECONism Gallery, featuring Steve Mann, Derrick de Kerckhove, Arthur Kroker, and Simon Penny. Following the panel, SubtleTechnologies will host an opening reception for Simon Penny's interactive installation, Bedlam."

Continue reading: Subtle Technologies 2003 (Toronto)
  Hubbub:  Avant Variety Show (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-04-22 by Tony Walsh
The Power Plant gallery presents "Hubbub," an art and ideas show at the Rivoli hosted by Terence Dick. Next Tuesday, guests include "multidisciplinary artists Fastw�rms discussing witches, magic and art; paranormal researcher Patrick Cross with a slide show of his ghost photography; and filmmaker Robert Kennedy screening footage of an actual UFO sighting as we consider the ongoing search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Samuel Andreyev provides musical accompaniment on the theremin and mysterious art collective Forcefield supplies videos."

Free Admission
Tuesday, April 22, 8:30 pm (Doors open at 8:00 pm)
@ The Rivoli 334 Queen St. West, Toronto
(416) 973-4949 for info.
  Marc Ngui’s “Enter Avariz” Launches Tonight (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-03-23 by Tony Walsh
No Cover Charge
The Cameron House, 408 Queen St. West, Just West of Spadina

"Marc Ngui is launching his new graphic novel, ENTER AVARIZ (respectively) on the Sunday the 23rd of March in the Back Room of the Cameron House. There will be a slide projector and Marc Ngui will do his little thing (an A/V presentation and more). We have between the hours of 8pm and 11pm but can linger or come a bit early if we like."

Presented by The Beguiling.
  Matt Jones On The “Warchalking” Phenomenon  
Posted 2003-03-14 by Tony Walsh
Toronto's pricey Digifest is underway, drawing affluent digerati downtown like so many hackers to a honeypot.

On Friday, March 28, 6:00 pm at the Design Exchange (234 Bay Street, Toronto,) Matt Jones will be speaking about "warchalking."

What is warchalking?
"Dozens of companies in urban centres all around the world are leaving their networks unprotected, enabling anyone with a wireless card in their laptop or PDA to connect to these networks. Warchalking is the practice of marking a series of symbols on sidewalks and walls to indicate these wireless networks. Aware of these symbols and their locations, computer users translate the symbols and are able to connect wirelessly and 'freely' to someone else's internet access."

Tickets to hear warchalking inventor Jones elaborate on and moralize this issue are $35, and can be purchased online or by phone: 416-216-2150
  1000 Is a Lot of Strangers  
Posted 2003-02-05 by Tony Walsh
One Toronto stranger illustrated daily. It's enough to make your head spin.
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