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  “Urban Dead” Browse the Streets  
Posted 2005-07-03 by Tony Walsh
The city of Malton has been evacuated and quarrantined against a virulent outbreak. Remaining citizens now scramble for safety or loot abandoned buildings. The military intends on forcible evacuation. The police and firefighters struggle to maintain order. The dead have risen, and wander Malton's streets. Can they be possibly stopped?

If exploration, profit, protection, or evacuation is what keeps you alive, the newly-launched Urban Dead might be for you. This browser-based massively-multiplayer game is painfully low on tech, but high on imagination, hearkening back to the age of dial-up modems and ASCII graphics. Improvements to the system, such as text chat between players, are already in the works. While the game's zombie population is currently sparse, "a lot more" are promised. I created a Firefighter character for the game, and can't wait to get my axe stained with undead ichor.
  Corpse-Art Coming to Canada  
Posted 2005-06-24 by Tony Walsh
The Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada plays host to Dr. Gunther von Hagens' ghoullish exhibition "Body Worlds 2." Von Hagens uses human corpses in his work, preserving the cadavers through a technique called "plastination," most recently demonstrated in the movie House of Wax, starring Paris Hilton as herself. Ok, I made that last bit up.

Body Worlds 2 will feature over 200 partial and whole dead people, including 25 entire bodies. There's a corpse-factory in China that processes 100 bodies annually for our enjoyment. And by enjoyment, I mean dinner table.
  Teleporting Nano-Clay Golems  
Posted 2005-06-17 by Tony Walsh
Mad professors from Carnegie Mellon University believe that humans will some day "teleport" animated, nano-clay versions of themselves to internet-connected locations, according to the BBC. The simulacra, which are a modern version of the Golem, would be made of small, synthetic atoms, and are intended for face-to-"face" interaction guaranteed not to frighten children or animals.

I don't know about you, but the idea of a gelatinous mockery of humanity wobbling next to my computer only makes me wonder how I could harness such power for my own evil purposes.
  Calling All Zombies  
Posted 2005-06-09 by Tony Walsh
Your ugly mug could be featured in the upcoming "City of the Dead" video game, blessed by the father of modern Zombiedom himself, Mr. George A. Romero. Developer Hip Games has opened a general casting call, promising to select three unlucky winners to become zombies in the game. The winners will also receive credit in the game manual and a free copy of the game. Gamespot is hosting the casting contest between June 8th and 20th, 2005.

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  Doctor Whoisms  
Posted 2005-06-02 by Tony Walsh
After catching up on the last three Doctor Who episodes, I have noticed that the writers seem to keep aliens that explode and varying forms of zombies at the top of their stack of plot devices. I'm not geek enough to have counted the number of exploding aliens and zombies, but it seems like every other episode has one or the other or both. And what ever happened to those Bad Wolf references?
  I Ate Romero’s Brain  
Posted 2005-04-29 by Tony Walsh
Last July, I predicted that in George Romero's upcoming post-apocalyptic blood orgy Land of the Dead, we'd see Road Warrior-style cars. It has come to pass. An armoured 18-wheeler oufitted with rocket-launchers stars in the trailer for the film, which comes off looking like Resident Evil: Apocalypse combined with Beyond Thunderdome. At least in 28 Days Later the zombies puked blood. This time all we've got is Dennis Hopper in a business-suit.
  Secret Creatures  
Posted 2005-04-26 by Tony Walsh
American genius Daniel Davis is not only the chief creator of the extensive Agyris fantasy world and the animaster behind the online cartoon KLANG, but is also the architect and artist of Secret Creatures. Davis' bold, stylized, and colourful Creatures are documented in detail, revealing such features as the Retrobot's licorice missiles and the Crusty Golem's potential for destroying enemy bicycles.
  George Romero’s Zombie Games  
Posted 2004-12-16 by Tony Walsh
George A. Romero, famous for the "Living Dead" series of zombie movies, has licensed Hip Interactive to produce a "long-awaited series of video games that capture the entire universe of zombies, action and gore..." While upcoming titles have not yet been formally announced, it seems plausible that we'll see the games echo the general storyline of Romero's zombie epic. A new installment in the movie series, entitled "Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis" is due out next year, and was shot partially on-location in Chernobyl.
  Silent Hill 4:  The Room (Xbox, PS2)  
Posted 2004-11-18 by Tony Walsh
"Silent Hill 4: The Room" (Xbox, PS2)
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
Game Web Site: Click Here
Available Now
ESRB Rating: M
Substance: 95%
Longevity: 60%
If a game is lucky, it might get a sequel. If a game is really lucky, it might get two. Silent Hill is one of those game series that just won't die—but that's only because it was undead to begin with. After three installments, we're treated to a slightly different take on the terrifying world of Silent Hill. This one's "Silent Hill 4: The Room." Konami, developer of the Silent Hill series, has designed The Room to encompass a sequence of concise worlds. Playing the role of Henry Townsend, you'll visit each of these worlds through a gaping hole in your bathroom. No, not the toilet.

Continue reading: Silent Hill 4:  The Room (Xbox, PS2)
  Toronto Godzilla Tribute  
Posted 2004-11-02 by Tony Walsh
Everyone's favourite giant radioactive lizard is making a Toronto appearance! Cinematheque Ontario presents "ATTACK OF GODZILLA! A 50TH ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE," opening this Friday, November 5, and running through until Tuesday, November 9. The original 1954 version of Godzilla will be shown on opening night, followed by such classics as King Kong vs. Godzilla and Destroy All Monsters. For ticket information, call the Bell Infoline at 416-968-FILM or visit the official website:

Cinematheque Ontario screenings are held at the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Jackman Hall, 317 Dundas St. West (McCaul Street entrance), Toronto. Tickets are $6.00 for members and $10.10 for non-members. Non-members can purchase tickets three days in advance of a screening. All screenings [but Saturday's] are restricted to individuals 18 years of age or older. Because Godzilla eats minors.

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