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  In Godzilla’s Footsteps  
Posted 2004-10-21 by Tony Walsh
Someone must have forgotten to send me my invitation to "In Godzilla's Footsteps," a celebration of the giant monster's 50th birthday sponsored by the University of Kansas Center for East Asian Studies. Scientists, filmologists, pop-culturists and more will be converging on Kansas on October 28 to discuss such topics as "Godzilla and the Myth of Monsters" and "Pop Goes Godzilla: Japanese Pop Culture and Globalization."

Associate professor of Japanese history William Tsutsui and librarian for Japanese studies Michiko Ito are chiefly responsible for the conference. Tsutsui has written Godzilla on my Mind, an exploration of Godzilla's lasting cultural impact on the world. []
  Godzilla vs. Hello Kitty  
Posted 2004-10-06 by Tony Walsh
The Christian Science Monitor says that Japan's pop-culture exports to the West began with Hello Kitty. I couldn't disagree more. Japan's Godzilla is a bigger cultural icon (literally) and predates Hello Kitty by 20 years. Hello Kitty might make a billion dollars a year, but Godzilla was born in 1954, and starred in the classic East meets West film "King Kong vs. Godzilla" in 1962.
  Biskup’s Monster Mash  
Posted 2004-09-09 by Tony Walsh
A mystery print arrived at my abode this morning. It contained numerous birdies juxtaposed with gruesome monsters, and was signed "T. Biskup." A mere Google-moment later, I arrived at the home page of one Tim Biskup, a talented pop-artist, cartoonist, and toy designer. His style seems to be a collision of 60s cartoons, Rat Fink, and Bulgarian iconography. Some of Biskup's stuff can be found in-store at the Toronto-based Magic Pony.
  Puppets on a Rampage  
Posted 2004-07-02 by Tony Walsh
What are ugly, ten inches long and brought to life by rapid hand movement? Why, Puppet Terrors, of course. These twisted but collectible hand puppets have gruesome mugs, beady little eyes, and names like "Kid Rottentail." Self-taught puppet-master Jesse Wroblewski birthed the latex-and-cloth creations in his basement during 2002, and after successful online sales, took his Puppet Terrors from the underground onto store shelves in October 2003. His first puppet line includes the tongue-pierced "Bunky The Clown," inmate "Death Row Joe," the masked "Hack," and the anti-Santa "Klaus." Series two is in the works, and stars a rotten rabbit, a corpulent cross-dresser, and a fanged teddy bear.

Continue reading: Puppets on a Rampage
  Monster Blog!  
Posted 2004-02-03 by Tony Walsh
Before Daredevil, Spider-Man, and the Punisher, Marvel Comics made its name on monsters with goofy-sounding names, like Bombu, Groot, and Moomba. The just-launched Monster Blog drags these kicking and screaming beasts out of their dank Marvel cellar and onto the Web for the Wide World to see.
  Creature Feature  
Posted 2003-12-05 by Tony Walsh
It appears my old pal Jos is looking at an old pen-and-paper project of ours for a potential second life as a Flash game. Our "Monster Game" was sort of a mishmash of ideas and rules from late 1980s tabletop games, including "The Creature That Ate Sheboygan," "Car Wars," and "Champions."

We put a lot of hours to creating and playtesting the game. I even created miniatures for it out of Fimo. The system was probably quite flawed, but almost 20 years later I'm sure Jos can give it a nice overhaul.
  Corpse-Factory Makes Art  
Posted 2003-11-28 by Tony Walsh
A factory near Dalian, China is reportedly "plastinating" 100 corpses a year for the project "Body Worlds," where flayed cadavers are exhibited as public art.

I can't wait until they make the corpses animatronic and put them into a theme park!
  White Wolf Bites Sony  
Posted 2003-09-08 by Tony Walsh
It appears that upcoming monster-war flick Underworld does indeed approach the plunder point [clickback] as far as tabletop game company White Wolf is concerned. White Wolf has launched a lawsuit at Sony Pictures for copyright infringement. Slashdot weighs in over this case: Reanimating the dead or carving fresh wounds?
  Review:  “Silent Hill 3”  
Posted 2003-08-21 by Tony Walsh
Silent Hill 3 (PS2)
Publisher: Konami
Developer: KCEJ
Price: $Unknown
Availability: Now

The original Silent Hill game for the Playstation 1 put all other survival horror games to shame. The game's ultra-eerie atmosphere and acute suspense was complemented with truly morbid graphics, stunning soundscapes, and claustrophobic game play. Silent Hill 2 outdid the first with grittier environments, and creepy lighting. Silent Hill 3, available now for the Playstation 2 and PC, once again plunges gamers into a nightmare world populated by zombie attack dogs, cancerous corpses, flesh-sucking beasts and other terrors.

Continue reading: Review:  “Silent Hill 3”
  Underworld’s Plunder  
Posted 2003-08-21 by Tony Walsh
Sony Pictures' Underworld rises from the tomb this September, pitting sexy Vampires against sexy Werewolves against the backdrop of a brooding, gritty city. After watching the trailer for this monster mash, I can guarantee gothic hordes worldwide will love the film.

Not only does Underworld steal The Matrix's PVC- or trenchcoat-clad fashion sense, it's got plenty of the same chop-sockey fight sequences, complete with guns, swords, and weirder weapons. The rest of Underworld's inspiration seems to have been taken directly from the pages of White Wolf's highly-popular "World of Darkness" roleplaying setting, where stylish clans of Vampires duke it out with Werewolves and other creepy-crawlers. White Wolf cancelled the setting this year after a 12-year run, so I guess Sony's cashing in on the sentiment before it turns into a vapourous mist and floats away.
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