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  Mind vs. Machine  
Posted 2003-10-01 by Tony Walsh
The other day I was humming the tune to "Train to Skaville" by the Ethiopians, then I started up my computer, opened WinAmp, and hit Play on my randomly-shuffled collection of thousands of MP3s... and guess what? Train to Skaville. Coincidence? OR DO I HAVE AWESOME POWERS OF CYBERKINESIS??
  Napster 2.0 Not About Sharing  
Posted 2003-09-30 by Tony Walsh
Napster has arisen from the dead, if you believe their recent print advertisements. But this version of Napster doesn't like to share, instead it is akin to emerging pay-per-download music services like iTunes and MusicMatch.

The new Napster has paired up with Microsoft, and offers a version of the download software that will on Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 PCs, giving a fraction of PC-owners the ability to "...access and enjoy Napster on their televisions or PCs, using just a remote control."
  Review: “Evil Dead 1&2:  The Musical”  
Posted 2003-08-14 by Tony Walsh
Evil Dead 1&2:  The Musical

August 14-16, 20-23
The Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Ave., Toronto.
Tickets $17/$15 students
Call 416.723.EVIL

Horny teenagers on spring break. A cabin in the woods. A little brown book called the Necronomicon. What could possibly go wrong?

All hell breaks loose in the deliciously brainy "Evil Dead 1&2:The Musical," adapted from Sam Raimi's seminal Evil Dead films. The musical, directed by Christopher Bond, written by George Reinblatt, and blessed by Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell himself, cranks the camp factor of the movies all the way up to "666."

Continue reading: Review: “Evil Dead 1&2:  The Musical”
  Copyright Shmoppyright  
Posted 2003-07-31 by Tony Walsh
According to a report issued by American cyberculture research group Pew Internet, most people who download music and share files don't give a flying fiasco about copyright. [report / link:heckubus]

Among the findings:
  • There are currently 35 million U.S. adults who download music files
    online and about 26 million who share files online.

  • The downloading population has grown by approximately 5 million users
    since February of 2001.

  • Young adults and students are still among the most likely to download
    music and share files. They're also the least likely to say they care
    about the copyright status of those files.

  • Sixty-seven percent of Internet users who download music and 65% of
    users who share files say they don't care about copyright.
      Preview:  “Evil Dead I&II: The Musical” (Toronto)  
    Posted 2003-07-31 by Tony Walsh
    Once a low-budget cult classic directed by the now-famous Sam Raimi, and starring B-movie superhero Bruce Campbell, the first two installments of the "Evil Dead" trilogy have migrated from big screen to musical theatre. Now that's scary.

    With siren-song-like ditties including "What the Fuck Was That?" and "Do the Necromonacon," who couldn't resist the charms of five ill-fated teens and their undead experiences? Certainly not StudioCanal and Anchor Bay Entertainment, the rights-holders for the Evil Dead movies. They've thrown their support behind this Canadian production, together with sponsors Master Card and Pizza Pizza. With mainstream heavyweights behind this unlikely combo of zombies and pianos, there's no doubt "Evil Dead I&II: The Musical" will have a well-attended run. But will audiences be frightened in a good way or a bad way?

    "Evil Dead I&II: The Musical" by Beyond Chutleigh Productions
    August 14th to 23rd at the Tranzac Theatre, 292 Brunswick Ave. (Brunswick @ Bloor St.)
      Spike Lee vs. Spike Jones:  FIGHT!  
    Posted 2003-06-25 by Tony Walsh
    Remember when Spike Lee went after Viacom for their dubbing of "Spike TV?" [story]

    Now, Spike Jones Jr. is getting into the ring: "Jones said in court papers that he and his family own the rights to the name, likeness, recorded performances and television shows that belonged to his father, the 1940s and '50s bandleader." [story]

    Will the real Spike please stand up?
      Real World Radio  
    Posted 2003-06-18 by Tony Walsh
    WOMAD and Peter Gabriel's Real World Records, launched in 1989, brings together international musicians "who share an empathy with music in general, rather than a shared cultural background." Real World Records' Audio Wall is plastered with world-beat tracks in Quicktime format for your listening pleasure. A great alternative to the doldrums of traditional North-American pap music. [link:wendy]
      Metallica’s Twisted Metal  
    Posted 2003-06-05 by Tony Walsh
    Metallica's been signed to produce an original song and voice-overs for a vehicular combat game to be published by Vivendi Universal Games. The yet-untitled game promises "fully customized vehicles and weaponry, endless terrain and desperate, murderous opponents" as well as "...incidental background music and other exclusive content from Metallica." [pr]
      Culture Clash:  The Rockin’ Movie Musical  
    Posted 2003-06-03 by Tony Walsh
    Avril Lavigne's hit ditty "Sk8er Boi" may make its way onto the big screen, depicting the socio-cultural dichotomy of skater and ballerina... I'm sure the flick will be nothing at all like Save the Last Dance.

    From sad to Sak's: In case you hadn't already heard, Winona's shoplifting trial has been turned into a musical by some San Diego high school students. [story / link:morag]

    Lastly, Top Gun! The Musical opens in Toronto tomorrow. Here's the synopsis of this thankfully satirical epic: "Writer Billy Palmer is about to crash and burn. His musical adaptation of Top Gun is going off the rails and he really needs a hit ... especially after the debacle of Apocalypse Wow!"
      ABBA Cadaver  
    Posted 2003-05-23 by Tony Walsh
    I saw Mama Mia! (the musical) last night. I'm not a big fan of musicals, I'm more of a music fan, but there were crazy cheap tickets available due to the whole Toronto SARS thing, and I was all like "I will gladly risk SARS to see an ABBA musical."

    So, what's an ABBA musical like? Imagine being duct-taped to a huge magenta fun-fur pillow by Disney theme-park workers and then force-fed a huge wheel of Gouda, coated in melted Brie smothered in shaved Asiago and liberally sprinkled with grated Parmigiano. By the third mouthful you'd be begging for it all to stop. Unless you like that sort of thing. Which most people in the theatre appeared to. Kinky bastards.
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