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  Eminem Puzzles Playstation  
Posted 2003-05-19 by Tony Walsh
Oh, the horror... Conspiracy Entertainment recently announced "Mix TV Presents: Eminem", a puzzle game where players reassemble mixed up Eminem videos. [source / link:mash] Aren't all Eminem videos all ready mixed up?
  iTunes for Windows?  
Posted 2003-05-10 by Tony Walsh
Will Apple's iTunes win over Windows users? [story] Certainly Quicktime for Windows has been adopted widely, and there is much more pop culture appeal in the iTunes MP3 squisher/player/burner/music service. Hey, if Apple makes a Windows iTunes, why not port OSX while they're at it?
  Play Dixie Chicks, Lose Your Job  
Posted 2003-05-06 by Tony Walsh
A Colorado radio station has suspended two DJs for daring to play the banned but busty Dixie Chicks. KKCS station manager Jerry Grant reportedly gave the DJs an alternative: "stop it now and they'll be on suspension, or they can continue playing them and when they come out of the studio they won't have a job.'' Music is dangerous. Lock up your kids. [headsup:stephan]
  No Pants  
Posted 2003-05-02 by Tony Walsh
Today is the first Friday of May, better known as No Pants Day to millions of chilly-legged celebrants. Once you find out more about this time-honoured tradition, you'll want to download the anthem or discuss your newfound passion with similarly slackless individuals.
  Videogame Not Deee-Liteful  
Posted 2003-05-01 by Tony Walsh
 reports that former Deee-Lite honey Lady Miss Kier is seeking $750K in damages from the Sega Corporation for stealing her style. [link:stephan]

Kier, now a DJ, alleges she was once offered $16,000 from Sega to license her name, image, and songs for "Space Channel 5," but, when she rejected the offer, Sega went ahead with her image anyway.
Posted 2003-04-22 by Tony Walsh
A second-hand answering machine divulged its pearl to a group of Vancouver musicians: An old cassette tape found inside provided fodder for aggrivated audio compositions. "A Message For Marta" contains the fruits of this west-coast foursome's labour, and is available for a meagre ten bucks, although some tracks on the album as well as unreleased TAS1000 songs are available for download here. [link:amanda]

I was able to download six tracks, 3 from "A Message For Marta." My favourite track has to be the short, sweet and spunky "(I've Been) Delayed." I'm amazed this music is actually decent.
  Hubbub:  Avant Variety Show (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-04-22 by Tony Walsh
The Power Plant gallery presents "Hubbub," an art and ideas show at the Rivoli hosted by Terence Dick. Next Tuesday, guests include "multidisciplinary artists Fastw�rms discussing witches, magic and art; paranormal researcher Patrick Cross with a slide show of his ghost photography; and filmmaker Robert Kennedy screening footage of an actual UFO sighting as we consider the ongoing search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Samuel Andreyev provides musical accompaniment on the theremin and mysterious art collective Forcefield supplies videos."

Free Admission
Tuesday, April 22, 8:30 pm (Doors open at 8:00 pm)
@ The Rivoli 334 Queen St. West, Toronto
(416) 973-4949 for info.
  Lords Of The Rhymes  
Posted 2003-04-21 by Tony Walsh
Straight outta Hobbiton, the foul-mouthed Frodo wannabes "Lords of the Rhymes" kick out the Middle-Earth jams in true "me preciousss" stylee. Check the rogues' gallery of rambuncious rascalz or find out why they're keepin' it real. There are MP3s to be had, and a remix competition to enter. Word to ya great-great-great-great grandmother.
  Back From The Hill  
Posted 2003-04-21 by Tony Walsh
Spent the weekend in Vankleek Hill Ontario eating way too much. Friday night was spent in Grenville, Quebec, watching the horrible "Anger Management." Saturday night was spent hopping from two different small-town bars in Quebec to one in Hawkesbury, Ontario. There was a cover band in each bar that progressed from a guy on guitar doing "I was made for lovin' you baby" to a rock/funk band doing "Funkytown," to a multidisciplinary 5-piece doing a slew of Madonna hits. Good times.

Apparently the baby is not out yet.

Working on this week's Rat Boy strip right now...
  My Big Fat Greek Rapper  
Posted 2003-04-11 by Tony Walsh
I'm not sure if this kid is freestyling or not, but daammmnnn can he go off. [link:stephen]

It's like three minutes of ridiculous rhymin'
he's got timin'
in Trinidad he would be limin'.
Whinin' is what this fat kid likes to do
`bout his clothes, his hair, his shirt, his shoes...
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