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  Madonna Raps  
Posted 2003-04-01 by Tony Walsh
Madonna's "American Life" video debuts today. Only Madonna would rhyme "soy latte" with "pilates." Thank you, Madonna, for answering my long-standing question of what you'd rap about if you had the chance.

UPDATE- Yes, she pulled the video [source]. But not because the song had awful lyrics. Thanks Ryan and others for the news.
  Bzzzt… bzzt bzzt bzzt… bzzzzzzzt  
Posted 2003-03-17 by Tony Walsh
The Symphony for dot matrix printers puts outdated technology to aesthetic use, providing music and rythm through the impact of tiny print-pins on paper.

"During the half hour performance, the sounds are amplified and broadcast over a sound system. The audience is also presented with live images of the sound sources: the motions of the mechanisms, rollers and gears are captured using miniature video cameras installed inside the printers and projected onto large screens."

Download the Symphony MP3s. The music sounds like it was performed by robot cockroaches.
  Bryan Adams Revives Comatose Woman  
Posted 2003-03-13 by Tony Walsh
Questions remain after Canadian rock legend Bryan Adams singlehandedly awoke German coma victim Christiane Kittell. [source] What else is Adams capable of? Fellow Canadians took comfort in Adams' ability to rock hard, but now have so much more to look forward to after this miracle. We already knew that Adams was close to God, but this incident showed us just how close. Thank you, Bryan. If you're reading this, I have a rash that conventional treatment just can't get rid of...
  We Like The Moon  
Posted 2003-03-12 by Tony Walsh
YOU MUST CLICK HERE NOW!!! Obey my command! I swear you will not be sorry. Make sure your volume is turned way up and you are ready to dance. [link:grego]
  Running WinAmp?  
Posted 2002-12-19 by Tony Walsh
Upgrade now to avoid nasty complications with malicious MP3s. [story@slashdot/source]
  Life Ain’t Easy For a Sanchez Bro  
Posted 2002-11-15 by Tony Walsh
The Sanchez Brothers kick it white-bread style with two slick tracks- their album went triple Aluminum (that's 32 copies, bitch). Sanchez your way over to Feggetaboutit and Sanchez Brothers Lament. Helllll yeaaahhhh. [link>wendy]
  Old Spices never die, they just crave publicity.  
Posted 2002-11-06 by Tony Walsh
I suppose the Posh Spice kidnapping plot wasn't enough for Victoria Beckham. Now she's after a venerable soccer club. The club, nicknamed Posh since 1934, is attempting to register their name as a trademark. Posh Spice is trying to stop the attempt. Her PR firm reportedly stated "The name Posh is inexorably associated with Victoria Beckham in the public's mind..." They wish there was such a thing as inexorable mindshare. Too bad we forgot about Posh Spice until this kidnapping plot made the news.
  Learn how to rap  
Posted 2002-10-31 by Tony Walsh
The British Broadcasting Company would like you to meet the one and only Beattie B. The "B" stands for "bustamothafuckincapinyoass."
  Jailhouse Rock:  
Posted 2002-10-17 by Tony Walsh
A new VH-1 show promises to put rockin' convicts on TV. Music Behind Bars "...focuses on one particular band and its amazing array of colorful members, looking at their lives, their crimes, and their subsequent incarcerations, and following each inmate inside the reality of prison life..." Sounds like a carnival of misery to me, but I've never been to prison. [story@yahoo/link>stephan]
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