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  Apple Asserts Podcast Authority  
Posted 2005-06-29 by Tony Walsh
The latest version of Apple's iTunes music software now supports subscriptions to published audio files commonly known as "Podcasts." I was never fond of the term, since podcasts aren't exclusive to the iPod (any MP3 player will do), and I wondered if Apple's iPod brand would actually suffer some dillution as a result of broad adoption of the term. Any such concerns may now be put to rest, since "Podcasts" is now an option in the iTunes menu. Apple's embrace of podcasting ensures that the "pod" in "podcast" will always reinforce the iPod/Apple brand, and thus Apple has weaned ownership of the trendy term away from the general public.
  ARGTalk’s Bait and Switch  
Posted 2005-06-27 by Tony Walsh
Alternate Reality Games have traditionally been about mystery and surprises. The genre has spawned a number of popular news and discussion sites serving as resource, information, and social outlets for ARG players and designers. ARGTalk appeared on my radar earlier this month by linking to an entry here at Clickable Culture. I added commentary to the ARGTalk post, intending to make more information available to the ARG community.

As it turns out, ARGTalk is not an ARG news site at all. It is part of a game, as evidenced in a professionally-produced (albeit poorly-acted and scripted) podcast. While the rest of the ARG community buzzes about the implications, I simply feel stooged.

Continue reading: ARGTalk’s Bait and Switch
  Podcasting:  Don’t Believe the Hype  
Posted 2005-04-05 by Tony Walsh
Pew's recent assertion that 6 million Americans have listened to a podcast is bunk, as Gillmor suggested a few days ago, and as explains: "'s quite an extrapolation to go from 60 people answering yes to six million in the US...out of 200 people, they got 60 to admit that they had maybe at some point downloaded an internet radio program (which is not necessarily the same thing as podcasting)." I've noticed that Pew tends to say "iPod" when it's really talking about "any MP3 player," so the organization is clearly hype-mongering.

Elsewhere, ClickZ's bumbling [1,2] Sean Carton tries to tell us that the Sony PSP is primed and ready to receive podcasts, by virtue of the fact that it uses non-proprietary file formats (never mind the fact that its storage media is entirely proprietary). Carton gets video on demand all mixed up with radio on demand, and then suggests that advertisers get on the bandwagon. To do what, Carton? Advertise on PSP "podcasts"? And what's the market share for the PSP as compared to MP3-players? I guess we'll see who's eating crow a year from now.

And of course the whole term "podcasting" has just got to go [1,2].
  Signifying Nothing  
Posted 2005-03-07 by Tony Walsh
Could someone please explain to me why it's called "podcasting" instead of "radio on demand?" I'll take a stab at it: Like putting a lower-case "i" in front of a word, putting "pod" in front of a word makes it bleeding edge. Okay, well I think we all know that the lower-case "i" thing was stupid the second anyone but Apple did it. So how is "pod" any different? Podcasts are links to mp3 files distributed via RSS. You don't need an iPod to listen to a podcast. You don't need an iPod to create a podcast. Where's the pod in this equation?

Shift gears. Why are Jason Kottke's patrons called "micropatrons?" Kottke, these people are paying your rent. What's micro about that? Should micropatrons only make micropayments? I guess calling your financial contributors "patrons" sounds either too old-school-media or too real. I know size isn't supposed to matter, but brother, I ain't "micro" anything.
  Podvertising’s Bright Future  
Posted 2005-03-04 by Tony Walsh
Blogs are hype. iPods are hype. Podcasting is hype. But "podvertising" is stealthy advertorial content, otherwise known as a stupid idea. What makes Podvertising worse than an advertorial is that with time-based media (podcasts) you have to wait for the punchline. And the punchline here is "we just wasted thirty seconds of your time." I'm not laughing.
  Dear Audio and/or Video Bloggers…  
Posted 2005-02-25 by Tony Walsh
Dear Audio and Video Bloggers,

You have a face for radio, except that your voice is also ugly. If you can't even write well, how do you expect to make an impact in audio-visual broadcasting? I'm all for decentralizing media, but bloggers with delusions of grandeur need a serious reality-check, so here it is: You suck, wankers!

Here are some other reasons why AV blogging isn't so hot:
  • Plugin(s) required
  • High bandwidth required
  • Audience can't "scan" the content to determine whether or not it is of interest (audience is at the author's mercy)
  • AV blog entries must capture their audience in the first 15 seconds (greater potential for losing your audience)
  • Huge increase in production requirements over a text blog
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