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  Christianized Tabletop Games  
Posted 2005-08-26 by Tony Walsh
Fed up with the heathen values promoted by popular board games? Get Godly with righteous alternatives guaranteed to please your inner Ned Flanders.

This collaborative board game has been around for nearly 15 years, and involves building churches. No relation whatsoever to Monopoly, where the object is to crush other players under your money-clutching fist. Churches aren't built with money, they're built with love.

Bible Mad Gab
The game of speaking in tongues. When "Pill Are Offs Halt" means "pillar of salt," you just know hours of wholesome entertainment are in store for your supervised boy/girl sleepover party. Remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, kids?

Settlers of Canaan
This one's nothing more than a holier-than-thou version of the popular fantasy game Settlers of Catan. Fantasy games are the gateway drug of the tabletop world, you know.
  Crash-Test Zombies  
Posted 2005-01-04 by Tony Walsh
Tabletop game designer Phil Reed, responsible for Steve Jackson's Frag, and artist Christopher Shy (All Flesh Must Be Eaten) bring us a world reeking both of exhaust-fumes and rotting flesh. Motocaust combines elements of The Road Warrior and Resident Evil into a downloadable game manual. The custom rules set allows carmageddonists to do battle with "the necros, mutant zombies brought to life by some weird alien spore." [headsup:jos]

The only thing the game seems to be missing is robotic dinosaurs, but for ten bucks, what more can you really ask for?
  “Scotland Yard” Live in Toronto  
Posted 2004-08-03 by Tony Walsh
Transplanted West-Coaster, blogger, and gamer Joel Friesen plans to unleash a live-action version of the boardgame Scotland Yard on the streets and subway network of downtown Toronto: details. The game involves a fugitive Mr. X and a league of detectives. Mr. X wins the game by eluding capture on the TTC system for three hours while periodically reporting his location to dispatchers. Detectives only know where Mr. X is arriving, and must guess his next location, although they may travel by any means necessary. Sounds like there's plenty of potential for fun and grievous personal injury here.
  Room 101’s Multiplayer Offline Games  
Posted 2004-07-07 by Tony Walsh
Toronto-based Room 101 takes the world of online gaming and turns it inside out, hosting multiplayer hangouts at ex-Rockabilly bar and now-hot Drake Hotel. "I have always thought that, in a perfect city, there would be a place you could to play games with other people, whenever you liked..." The cartel has previously hosted Open Cobra v.1, an explanatory/participatory music event based on John Zorn's cryptic Cobra game, and looks to future gatherings as a method of group-gaming. This Sunday, July 11 features a bureaucratically-operated approach to board gaming. "You get to play with your friends. You get to play with people who are not your friends. It is as simple as this. By 11:15 it is all over."
  Teenage Robot Battle  
Posted 2004-03-30 by Tony Walsh
Thousands of North American high school students are converging on Toronto this weekend to engage in fierce, deadly robot wars as part of the 2004 FIRST Robotics Competition. Students had six weeks to build a killer mecha that would fit into strict design parameters. The showdown takes place at the not-very-chocolatey Hershey Centre April 2nd and 3rd from 9am until about 4pm. Attend at your own risk.
Posted 2003-12-30 by Tony Walsh
Game pieces in the form of miniature warriors were popularized by the role-playing and tabletop war games of the 1970s, and have steadily grown... in size... ever since. It used to be that an unpainted 15mm lead figurine was enough. Then came the painting, 20mm-scale, and the long-lived standard of 25mm (1-inch) miniatures. Games Workshop really set things in motion in the 1990s, introducing 30mm-scale figures. Miniatures have since only gotten bigger since.

Continue reading: Bigatures
  Creature Feature  
Posted 2003-12-05 by Tony Walsh
It appears my old pal Jos is looking at an old pen-and-paper project of ours for a potential second life as a Flash game. Our "Monster Game" was sort of a mishmash of ideas and rules from late 1980s tabletop games, including "The Creature That Ate Sheboygan," "Car Wars," and "Champions."

We put a lot of hours to creating and playtesting the game. I even created miniatures for it out of Fimo. The system was probably quite flawed, but almost 20 years later I'm sure Jos can give it a nice overhaul.
  White Wolf Bites Sony  
Posted 2003-09-08 by Tony Walsh
It appears that upcoming monster-war flick Underworld does indeed approach the plunder point [clickback] as far as tabletop game company White Wolf is concerned. White Wolf has launched a lawsuit at Sony Pictures for copyright infringement. Slashdot weighs in over this case: Reanimating the dead or carving fresh wounds?
  Traditional Vs. Digital Gaming  
Posted 2003-07-18 by Tony Walsh
There's been a bit of buzz lately around my favourite `net haunts on the subject of traditional (tabletop, LARP) games colliding with digital games. reports on computer game developer Human Head's efforts in the tabletop industry.

Justin Hall mulls the migration of digital game journalists into areas such as tabletop gaming, pointing out as an example the lads from Ogre Cave.

And then there are the musings at Yermum about LARPing as a model for multiplayer gaming.

Must be something in the air.
  Evil Stevie’s Pirate Game  
Posted 2003-06-23 by Tony Walsh
Tabletop game god Steve Jackson is running a "bigatures" wargame at this year's Origins game convention. It involves big Lego pirate ships. Jackson puts it best: "it's an excuse for adults (note: I did NOT say 'grownups') to get down on the floor and play with Lego while yelling 'Arrrr!' a lot." Check out the rules for Evil Stevie's Pirate Game here.
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