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  Just Playdo It  
Posted 2003-11-19 by Tony Walsh
 is a tasty piece of Web community confected by Swedish chef Andreas Rehnberg. Originally developed in 2000 as part of a Karlstad University project, Rehnberg's award-winning "nice and friendly" environment features avatar-driven chatrooms, user-created homepages, games with user-created content, and much more.

I'd be hard-pressed to come up with a better general-audience play-oriented community, particularly since Playdo appears to be devoid of corporate influence.
  Joyful Praise Rocks Da House!  
Posted 2003-10-03 by Tony Walsh
The Zounds Youth Rock Ministry is responsible for such megahits as "Who Let The Praise Out?!" and "The Evolutionist Blues." While the ministry is apparently all about the "wizzle on the strizzle," there's an Evanescence CD-burning next Friday. I guess the word on the street is that burning things you're afraid of is still cool after all these years. Let he who is without sin light the first CD.
  Flash Mob Today (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-08-07 by Tony Walsh
I received an anonymous tip this morning:
Come to YONGE & EGLINTON, in front of the statue, THURSDAY, AUGUST 7TH, 6:30 PM. Be prepared!

You know, it's great people are getting together to do stupid things. When I was in high-school we had this idea to get on a subway car in business attire, open our briefcases, and take out the ingredients for a bowl of cereal. If this sort of thing happened all the time, maybe people would stop staring at crazy people.

Of course, on the other hand, I can see "No Flash Mobbing" signs cropping up adjacent to those for "No Loitering." After all, rampant insanity could get tiresome.
  Copyright Shmoppyright  
Posted 2003-07-31 by Tony Walsh
According to a report issued by American cyberculture research group Pew Internet, most people who download music and share files don't give a flying fiasco about copyright. [report / link:heckubus]

Among the findings:
  • There are currently 35 million U.S. adults who download music files
    online and about 26 million who share files online.

  • The downloading population has grown by approximately 5 million users
    since February of 2001.

  • Young adults and students are still among the most likely to download
    music and share files. They're also the least likely to say they care
    about the copyright status of those files.

  • Sixty-seven percent of Internet users who download music and 65% of
    users who share files say they don't care about copyright.
      The Simpranos  
    Posted 2003-06-13 by Tony Walsh
    Rumour has it that The Sims Online is having an organized crime problem. A posting at claims virtual mobsters are "Walking into houses and demanding money for virtual protection." A representative of Maxis (The Sims Online's developer) took time out for a brief chat with to clear the air about this apparent abuse of online Utopia: "We love social groups in The Sims Online. Knock yourself out. But read the User Agreement and Terms of Service, and obey it by letter and spirit. Otherwise, you could find yourself on the receiving end of one of those in-game complaint investigations."

    Wow, they have in-game Complaint Investigators? So The Sims Online has "Agents" like in The Matrix? Cool, can we kill them?
      Age vs Online Gaming  
    Posted 2003-05-22 by Tony Walsh
    The Lucky 13s is an online gaming team composed mostly of 30 year-old (and older) lads. As a member of said team, I have some insight into how an "older" group operates in comparison to the much more common 20-years-and-under teams out there.

    You probably wouldn't be surprised to hear that older teams can't be competitive against younger teams. The reasons, however, have a lot less to do with raw gaming skills than with the scourge of Real Life. We 30-somethings just can't get up to the same team-based competitive level as our juniors due to persistent responsibilities such as jobs, wives, girlfriends, kids, pets, parents, sports, hobbies, etc. It's been 3 or 4 months since we started competing, but we're beginning to realize that we're always going to get beat by the kids who can play the game every day of the week. It turns out youthful enthusiasm *can* beat wisdom after all.
      Looks That Kill  
    Posted 2003-05-13 by Tony Walsh
    Phthalates are a family of industrial chemicals used in many different consumer products, and have been shown to damage the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, reproductive system, and developing testes of animals studied.

    Women between the age of 20 to 40 years have higher levels of dibutyl-phthalate (DBP) in their bodies than anyone else, according to a report produced by groups "Health Care Without Harm," the "Environmental Working Group" and "Coming Clean." These groups point an accusing finger at DBP-laden cosmetics and other personal care products predominantly used by women.
      Stunning Revelation:  Fat Bad  
    Posted 2003-04-25 by Tony Walsh
    An American Cancer Society study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that excess weight and obesity accounted for 14 percent of all cancer deaths in male and 20 percent in female study subjects.

    "The study focused on 404,576 men and 495,477 women, of whom 57,145 died of cancer. The researchers found that the heaviest members of the group were those with the highest risk of dying of cancer, showing that weight played a greater role in cancer formation than previously known." [source] Americans can change their lifestyle habits, but *will* they? After all, fatty foods are soooo delicious.
      Syria Joins Axis Of Evil  
    Posted 2003-04-15 by Tony Walsh
    Before: "Iraq, you are hiding weapons of mass destruction. Reveal your stockpiles, or we will bomb you to smithereens."

    After: "Syria, you are harbouring Iraqi fugitives. Hand them over, or we will bomb you to smithereens."

    "U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan says he is concerned that growing U.S. criticism of Syria may further destabilize the Middle East. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said he wants the United States to pressure Syria to oust Palestinian militant groups from Damascus and Hezbollah guerrillas from southern Lebanon." [source]
      Mysogyny On The Go  
    Posted 2003-03-31 by
    Yikes. Samsung has gone all pink-aisle with a new mobile phone targeted at what some Japanese consortium thinks is the female market.

    Sure, it's nice and soft looking, and sorta pink, but check out some the killer features:

    - External LCD decorated with 32 cubic zirconia
    - Color Screen & Mirror Screen
    - Fatness Index
    - Calorie Calculator
    - Pink Schedule
    - Menstruation Calculator

    Now, I have known a few women in my time, and absolutely none of them required that last feature. But focus groups don't lie! Do they?
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