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  Fat Food  
Posted 2004-12-30 by Tony Walsh
Eating fast food could turn you into a porky diabetic, according to a study published in UK health journal The Lancet. Minnesota Public Radio reports that the 15-year study of 3,000 people aged 18-30 found that "those who ate a fast food meal at least twice a week were at least 10 pounds fatter than those who ate fast food less than once a week" and "a regular fast-food diet raised the risk factors for type two diabetes." Yum!

I'm all for regulating the fast food industry similarly to the tobacco industry. After all, fast food is cheap, addictive, harmful to human health, environmentally-unkind, smelly, and is marketed to children. Plus, clowns are evil.
  Teen Girls Accused of Serving Death Cake  
Posted 2004-11-19 by Tony Walsh
Two seventh-grade girls from Georgia have been charged with assault after allegedly serving up poisoned cake to students. The icing reportedly contained "an expired prescription drug, bleach, clay and tabasco sauce."

Of course there is no connection here to video games, so I'm going to make one: Last summer, a group of Michigan elementary-school girls participated in an all-girl game design project. The game concept, presented in Toronto, was entitled "Dr. Evil Stinky and the Poison Cake" [clickback]. What is it about girls and poison cake?
  Ontario Bans Sushi  
Posted 2004-09-30 by Tony Walsh
Everyone knows sushi is fresh, raw fish. Ontario's government, however, has placed a ban on sushi, offering previously-frozen, thawed raw fish as a substitute. The freezing is intended to reduce the health risks associated with eating raw flesh. The Toronto Star reports that Dr. Karim Kurji, Ontario's associate chief medical officer of health, "said the ban appears to have taken the public by surprise because the original consultation process, which took place over the last two years, somehow missed getting input from the sushi industry."

The ban went into effect in September, but restaurants have 3 months to switch to thawed fish edibles before the Sushi Cops show up.
  Don’t Eat Your Crayons  
Posted 2004-08-18 by Tony Walsh
Am I the only one who thinks that making Crayola-branded frozen desserts is a bad idea? If I had to guess, I'd say there's a 100% likelihood of some kid eating at least one Crayon because they thought "Jazzberry Jam" would taste just like the popsicle.
  Eat Like A Zombie  
Posted 2004-04-06 by Tony Walsh
Celebrating your Deathday? Why not sink your crumbling teeth into a nice, juicy Thorax Cake? The meatless cake includes faux heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, liver, and small intestine, all caged in ribs made from white chocolate. While the custom delicacy might turn the stomach of a warm body, cold-blooded zombies will find the after-dinner treat hard to resist. Skullcaps off to the chef, Barbara Jo. [link:wendy]
  Mouthfuls of Coal Tar  
Posted 2004-03-24 by Tony Walsh
Britain's chicken tikka masala is under scrutiny for containing potentially dangerous levels of food colouring. A study by UK celebrity chef James Martin found that "Out of 102 chicken tikka masala dishes sampled, only 44 contained colourings within legal limits" [source] The chemicals used to colour the dish red include Tartrazine, Sunset Yellow, and Ponceau 4R, each of which have been subject to bans in one country or another.

Martin blames consumer demand for the excessively-crimson chicken: "It�s the British public's fault, basically because they demand a tikka masala being a red curry." With that logic, all crack dealers should go free--if people didn't want crack, the dealers wouldn't be forced to sell it to them...
  Wrong Flavours  
Posted 2004-02-19 by Tony Walsh
Lemon Cheesecake-flavour Kit Kat might not sound completly barfy, but how about Curry? By now you've probably heard of or even tasted the Jelly Belly "Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans" inspired by the Harry Potter series. Their Vomit, Booger, and Ear Wax flavours ain't no joke. Egg-and-bacon ice cream: Dessert or disaster? [story|headsup:wendy]
  Diary:  Big Mac Dip  
Posted 2004-01-19 by Tony Walsh
Over the weekend I learned of a strange and terrible new recipe. It's called Big Mac Dip. Here's how you make it:
1) Buy a couple of Big Macs (actually don't, because McDonald's blows)
2) Find some sour cream.
3) Put Big Macs and sour cream in a food processor. Blend until thick.
4) Spoon out mixture into a nice bowl. Dip quickly. Apparently if you don't eat the dip quickly enough, it begins to coagulate.

Thanks Heather and Jon for this crime against humanity.
  Where The Beef Now, Buddy?!  
Posted 2003-12-24 by
I know this is the "season for giving", so I'd like to give a little slack to our neighbours to the south who still have a ban on our Canadian beef. It seems that now even the U.S. isn't safe from BSE. What I think will be interesting is how the US will handle this crisis, and how the rest of the beef eating world will react. The US was one of the first to critique our handling of BSE earlier this year, saying our tracking system was inferior, and continuing a ban on our beef. Now that BSE has turned up in the US is it possible that people may begin to question the questioner?

I can only hope those rumours about McDonalds' not using 100% US beef are true.
  LoTR Triple Threat  
Posted 2003-12-16 by Tony Walsh
Yes. I will be in line two hours prior to today's showtime for all three Lord of the Rings movies. I will be smuggling in beef jerky, space-food, and lembas bread. But I will not be bringing a piss-jar or adult diapers. That's what empty popcorn buckets are for.
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