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  Consumers Love Frankencorn?  
Posted 2003-12-03 by Tony Walsh
A Guelph University study recently published in the British Food Journal shows that consumers preferred GE corn over natural corn. Sounds like a battle-cry for the GE food industry, doesn't it?

Except that the market test was done in 2000, so public awareness of GE food wasn't what it might be today. Consumers who participated in the study were informed that GE food production requires less pesticides-- but were they informed about the potential health risks of GE food? Consumer opinions were based on the information they were given: Even the lead researcher said "The study shows that attitudes towards GE foods may depend on what benefits they offer."

A press release issued by Guelph University regarding the study says that "Given the very specific and limited nature of the trial (one farm during one season), no conclusions can be drawn on whether the effects are scale-dependent."
  Mmmm, Turk…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  
Posted 2003-10-14 by
[posted by Adoom]

Does turkey make you sleepy? I don't know for sure, but scientists do!
What I do know is that most "holidays" for me means running from relative to relative, last minute shopping, crowded beer stores, clogged highways, and clogged arteries. Is it any wonder that I feel like a nap around dinner time? Turkey or not, I'm bonking by 6 pm.

Apparently yes, there is a chemical in this flightless bird, but this chemical is actually quite common in the old fridge. Scientist think "It's a combination of the type of food, amount of food, and celebratory atmosphere."

Which brings us back to the same non-scientific research we all did in college.
Food(3)+Alcohol(10)+(stress>relaxation)=sleepy time.
  Guest Post:  Would you like fries with your Fries??  
Posted 2003-09-30 by Tony Walsh
Adoom writes:

It's the classic scenario, good versus evil, Luke versus Vader, cow versus chicken.

It seems that over the past few years our consumption of chicken nuggets has been giving beef consumption a run for it's money. So in a counter strike position the beef industry has launched it's latest greasy weapon of fat consumption... the Cheeseburger Fry. Each fry marries the taste of a burger, with the convenience of a chicken finger. And with 4grams of fat per fry, those skinny kids won't stand a chance.

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  Fake Fat Shakes Bad Rap  
Posted 2003-08-05 by Tony Walsh
Olestra, an undigestible synthetic fat used in "lite" food products, was once the source of worldwide scorn. Two words: Anal seepage.

Now, after digesting the results of extensive research into the fake fat's after-effects, the US Food and Drug Administration has given Olestra the gusto it has been so unfairly denied. [story]

With warning lables removed from Olestra-laden foods, could diaper sales suddenly surge? Coincidentally, Olestra-oozer Proctor & Gamble also makes Pampers diapers and Charmin toilet paper.
  Monday Comix Roundup!  
Posted 2003-05-26 by Tony Walsh
Orneryboy's Michael Lalonde: "Don't ask me why in this week's strip, there's a bag of seeds sitting next to Dirtygirl, yet she is planting live sprouts. I guess I just wanted to draw a bag of seeds in there somewhere... I really enjoy taking mundane objects like food and household products, and turning them into the tiny little pictures you see every week. But I digress..."

Rat Boy has made the jump to uber-community LiveJournal with the latest episode of "Rat and the Beanstalk." Click here for gigantic mayhem! Also of note for those who don't know me is a recent spotlight published by budding comic site Iisageek.

The Toronto Comic Jam kicks out the jams tomorrow night at the Cameron House. If you can handle the cigarette smoke, there's a whole world of collective comic creation in there.
  Let them eat Protatos  
Posted 2003-01-03 by Tony Walsh
Rich people eat organically-grown foods. Poor people eat GM foods. India's poor may soon be chomping on the GM "Protato":
"Asis Datta's team at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi added the AmA1 gene to potatoes, with the result that they make a third more protein than usual, including substantial amounts of the essential amino acids lysine and methionine." Hmmm, maybe this will make for some giant potato-bugs or something deliciously unexpected...
  Pizza Perfection Positively Pointless  
Posted 2002-12-12 by Tony Walsh
It sure is a good thing we have Food Scientists. Because without them, we would never know there was such thing as a scientifically perfect pizza. I always thought pizza perfection was measured by one's hunger and/or intoxication levels. Apparently it's a factor of " base area, spatial ratio between toppings, and circularity."
  Tartrazine: Yummy Industrial Waste  
Posted 2002-12-03 by Tony Walsh
Margaret of contends that food additive Tartrazine, a coal-tar derivative, is a contributing factor in "...hyperactivity/ADD, other behavioral problems, asthma, migranes, thyroid cancer, and lupus!" She provides anecdotal evidence of her own bad luck with Tartrazine as well as a few decent supporting links.
  Vomit at 30,000 Feet  
Posted 2002-11-21 by Tony Walsh
 is the world's first Web site dedicated to the neglected world of airline food. If you happen to be considering dieting, you can check the site out and lose your appetite quite easily. [link>stephan]
  Big Mac Attacked  
Posted 2002-11-12 by Tony Walsh
Remember when movie theatres only showed a few previews before a film? Remember when they added commercials to the mix? Videogames were advertisement-free once, too. Long lusted after as a vehicle for commercial messaging, games have finally joined the ranks of the rest of the entertainment industry.

In the soon-to-be blockbuster The Sims Online, players could find it difficult to avoid getting their fingers soiled on virtual McDonald's hamburgers. A deal struck between Sims publisher Electronic Arts and the fastfood mega-corporation allows Sims players to open up their own McDonald's kiosk and improve their game stats by consuming McD's greasy goodies. While news of this groundbreaking sponsorship deal fades quickly from memory, failure to address this latest barrage in the war on ad-free gaming could result in a super-sized sandwich of misery. Based on the success of previous Sims offerings, The Sims Online is an ideal high-profile backdrop in the war against "advergaming." The McDonald's kiosks that dot the imaginary battlefield are mere burger bunkers to be ad-busted in an anti-advergaming mission that could go down in the annals of gaming history.

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