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  A Brain-Computer Interface For ‘Second Life’  
Posted 2007-10-16 by Tony Walsh
Throw away your keyboards and mice: Second Life avatars may now be controlled directly by the brain, thanks researchers at Keio University Biomedical Engineering Laboratory. According to blog Pink Tentacle, which translated a news release from Nikkei Net, a user wearing an electrode-studded headpiece can control an avatar in 3D space simply by thinking about moving. Based on a YouTube video of the process (below), control over the avatar is very precise--not what I pictured based on early brain-computer interface experiments.

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Posted 2007-10-11 by Tony Walsh
  ‘EVE Online’ Seeks Citizen Journalists  
Posted 2007-10-09 by Tony Walsh
Players of sci-fi MMO EVE Online have been invited to apply for in-world reporter jobs as part of the "News Clones" wing of EVE TV, a web-based broadcast by the makers of the game for its players. According to the official call-out, the EVE universe is too large to cover with EVE TV's original staff: "Stationing reporters and correspondents across the Galaxy means we can cover more events, investigate more stories, and offer a broader scope for news."

News Clones, a sort of citizen journalist team, will be unpaid, but will receive special social status and broadcast credits. Applicants need only to possess "decent" English skills and the ability to file stories on time... hardly a high standard in reporting, but given that EVE has already had success with its own in-house magazine and its (paid) fan contributors, it's likely some skilled News Clone reporters will emerge to cover EVE from the inside out.

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Posted 2007-10-03 by Tony Walsh
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Posted 2007-09-28 by Tony Walsh
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Posted 2007-09-26 by Tony Walsh
  ‘Metaplace’ Virtual World Platform Revealed  
Posted 2007-09-19 by Tony Walsh
Raph Koster's mysterious startup Areae has finally revealed what's been up its corporate skirts since last December: Metaplace, an online world platform described by Koster as working "how the web does."

According to the official Metaplace site, it's possible to create a world in "just a few minutes" using an open markup standard and "MetaScript" scripting language based on Lua. The idea is to be able to create an graphical online world that doubles as a web site, or import web data into your world:
"Every world is a web server, and every object has a URL. You can script an object so that it feeds RSS, XML, or HTML to a browser. This lets you do things like high score tables, objects that email you, player profile pages right on the player -- whatever you want. Every object can also browse the Web: a chat bot can chatter headlines from an RSS feed, a newspaper with real headlines can sit on your virtual desk, game data could come from real world data... you get the idea."

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  Blocking Eyesores in ‘Second Life’  
Posted 2007-09-14 by Tony Walsh
An independent developer has created a Second Life client with the ability to make eyesores--such as ugly in-world content--disappear. Chris Carella discusses Able Whitman's brilliant "Mute Visibility" feature, available in the "Able Edition SL Viewer," pointing out some brilliant suggestions for additional functionality:
The concept could be extended to visually mute avatars, their attachments and any objects they own. With some changes to the server code you could potentially give Mute Visability options to land owners, who could set parcel wide rules, mitigating common land griefing problems (first suggested by Argent Stonecutter). Kooky Jetaime has an interesting idea around “intelligent” muting. If a threshold of avatars on a parcel visually muted an object it would be visually muted for everyone.
Carella mentions a visual trust network, which is a great way tap into crowdsourcing. I'd add that block lists should be able to be easily shared among avatars, so that avatar A and avatar B can instantly synchronize their views. Some interesting social consequences are bound to emerge from any visual blocking system, but we won't know for sure until something like Mute Visibility is widely adopted.
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Posted 2007-09-11 by Tony Walsh
  Linden Lab Separates ‘Second Life’ Product From Platform  
Posted 2007-09-05 by Tony Walsh
Yesterday, Linden Lab split Second Life, its virtual world product, from the Second Life Grid, its virtual world platform. The new distinction isn't as subtle as it might seem at first glance--traditionally, the Second Life brand had referred to the entire package, but now Linden Lab has created two distinct packages it can maintain (or sell) somewhat separately. Second Life (the product) could be seen more as an experience than a technology, and therefore could be offered on a variety of platforms, through Linden Lab or a third party. Second Life (the current platform) is, we are lead to believe, destined to be open-sourced, and may eventually be able to be operated by anyone with appropriate resources.

To support the separation of product and platform, Linden Lab launched, a resource for those looking to use the Second Life Grid in professional or academic settings, and the Second Life Global Providers program, aimed at bringing international communities to the Second Life Grid. One step closer to a "3D web?" Depends on whether or not the Second Life Grid becomes an open source standard. Given the age of the 4 year-old platform, I'm not sure there's going to be a rush to adopt the technology.
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