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  Toronto Godzilla Tribute  
Posted 2004-11-02 by Tony Walsh
Everyone's favourite giant radioactive lizard is making a Toronto appearance! Cinematheque Ontario presents "ATTACK OF GODZILLA! A 50TH ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE," opening this Friday, November 5, and running through until Tuesday, November 9. The original 1954 version of Godzilla will be shown on opening night, followed by such classics as King Kong vs. Godzilla and Destroy All Monsters. For ticket information, call the Bell Infoline at 416-968-FILM or visit the official website:

Cinematheque Ontario screenings are held at the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Jackman Hall, 317 Dundas St. West (McCaul Street entrance), Toronto. Tickets are $6.00 for members and $10.10 for non-members. Non-members can purchase tickets three days in advance of a screening. All screenings [but Saturday's] are restricted to individuals 18 years of age or older. Because Godzilla eats minors.

Update below...
  Zombie! An Art Exhumation (Toronto)  
Posted 2004-10-19 by Tony Walsh
Live in the Toronto area? Got an unquenchable desire for hot zombie action? This Saturday, October 23rd, stop by Off The Wall Art and Framing for "Zombie! An Art Exhumation." The show runs for 8 days, and features the ghoulish work of 9 artists, including myself.

Preview work from Rebecca Chaperon, Liam Crockard, Kelly Forbes, Chris Satchell, Ryan Snook, Dave Trautrimas, Jason Van Horne, Stephen Alers and Tony Walsh.

Zombie! An Art Exhumation opens at 8pm October 23rd, and runs through to the 31st at Off The Wall Art and Framing, 450 Queen St. West, Toronto (416-535-9571).
  Resident Evil: Apocalypse  
Posted 2004-09-14 by Tony Walsh
Torontonians may be the only audience of Resident Evil: Apocalypse who will get substantial satisfaction out of the zombie film. This latest (and hopefully last) installment in the Resident Evil series was shot chiefly in Toronto, and numerous local landmarks are not only shown on screen, but our City Hall was blown up through the magic of special effects. There's a certain joy for Torontonians in seeing hordes of zombies swarm recognizable locations--I went solely to see hogtown become an undead buffet, and if that's why you're going, then you won't be disappointed. Much. Shockingly, the movie made almost $24M over the weekend.

Continue reading: Resident Evil: Apocalypse
  Impending McLuhan Festival (Toronto)  
Posted 2004-09-09 by Tony Walsh
Although there's currently no mention of such a festival on the McLuhan Program blog, word on the street is that Toronto will be hosting the "McLuhan International Festival of the Future" from October 8 to 17, 2004. Taking place at various venues across the city, the fest aims to explore new media in the city. Official PR snippet follows:

Continue reading: Impending McLuhan Festival (Toronto)
  Toronto’s First Hydrogen Refueling Station  
Posted 2004-08-24 by Tony Walsh
Mississauga-based Hydrogenics Corporation and the Government of Canada have brought Toronto its first hydrogen refueling station. Situated at Exhibition Place at the south end of the city in the spooky-sounding Hydrogen Village, the station apparently will be open to the public, providing juice for a number of clearn-burning demonstration vehicles such as the GEM car. Not the Jem car, unfortunately.
  “Scotland Yard” Live in Toronto  
Posted 2004-08-03 by Tony Walsh
Transplanted West-Coaster, blogger, and gamer Joel Friesen plans to unleash a live-action version of the boardgame Scotland Yard on the streets and subway network of downtown Toronto: details. The game involves a fugitive Mr. X and a league of detectives. Mr. X wins the game by eluding capture on the TTC system for three hours while periodically reporting his location to dispatchers. Detectives only know where Mr. X is arriving, and must guess his next location, although they may travel by any means necessary. Sounds like there's plenty of potential for fun and grievous personal injury here.
  Make the Yellow Truck Go Away  
Posted 2004-07-14 by Tony Walsh
Yeah. I'm not sure why the City of Toronto thought it would be a good idea to have a giant yellow tanker truck park outside of my window at twelve-thirty in the morning and then turn on some sort of gas-powered pumping system and have a couple of guys get out of the truck and start yammering to each other loud enough to hear themselves over the gas-powered pumping system. It appears that this is all in an effort to water the pathetic little trees underneath my condo window.

Dudes, I would have gone out there with a bucket tomorrow if I'd known you were going to rob me of 45 minutes of sleep.
  Room 101’s Multiplayer Offline Games  
Posted 2004-07-07 by Tony Walsh
Toronto-based Room 101 takes the world of online gaming and turns it inside out, hosting multiplayer hangouts at ex-Rockabilly bar and now-hot Drake Hotel. "I have always thought that, in a perfect city, there would be a place you could to play games with other people, whenever you liked..." The cartel has previously hosted Open Cobra v.1, an explanatory/participatory music event based on John Zorn's cryptic Cobra game, and looks to future gatherings as a method of group-gaming. This Sunday, July 11 features a bureaucratically-operated approach to board gaming. "You get to play with your friends. You get to play with people who are not your friends. It is as simple as this. By 11:15 it is all over."
  Don’t Touch Me Issue #11 Launch (Toronto)  
Posted 2004-06-25 by Tony Walsh
Toronto's long-lived, tri-annually published Don't Touch Me Independent Comics launches issue eleven this Tuesday at the Toronto Comic Jam. This latest issue features a wraparound cover by NYC artist Fly, whom I met about ten years ago while working the overnight shift at Kinko's in downtown Toronto.

Details on the DTM launch follow...

Continue reading: Don’t Touch Me Issue #11 Launch (Toronto)
  Urban Stealth Theatre  
Posted 2004-06-13 by Tony Walsh
I live in a gentrified portion of Toronto where, since 1999, a new condo has either been built or is under construction on every available scrap of land in a 3-block radius. Year by year the neighbourhood's been changing, becoming more Starbucks-friendly with each passing season. Occupants have only begun to trickle in to a couple of nearby buildings, so when the sun goes down, there are a handful of lights flickering in the otherwise inky monoliths. Ironically, this looks like squatters have moved in.

One evening this weekend, I noticed that a squatter-condo resident had taken full advantage of the fact that his/her unit is opposite a large, white, flat portion of a George Brown College building. Armed with a video projector and a copy of "Ali," the resident had a crisp balcony view to a drive-in-movie-sized screen. I'm sure someone will put a stop to repeat performances once the building fills up. Uniqueness is against condo by-laws.
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