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  Hubbub:  Avant Variety Show (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-04-22 by Tony Walsh
The Power Plant gallery presents "Hubbub," an art and ideas show at the Rivoli hosted by Terence Dick. Next Tuesday, guests include "multidisciplinary artists Fastw�rms discussing witches, magic and art; paranormal researcher Patrick Cross with a slide show of his ghost photography; and filmmaker Robert Kennedy screening footage of an actual UFO sighting as we consider the ongoing search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Samuel Andreyev provides musical accompaniment on the theremin and mysterious art collective Forcefield supplies videos."

Free Admission
Tuesday, April 22, 8:30 pm (Doors open at 8:00 pm)
@ The Rivoli 334 Queen St. West, Toronto
(416) 973-4949 for info.
  Whistling Woman Vindicated (Sort Of)  
Posted 2003-04-08 by Tony Walsh
We get a lot of movie shoots here in "Hollywood North", aka Toronto. Reaction to these shoots is somewhat mixed, since film crews are not always respectful of the locals. Two and a half years ago, a Toronto woman who dared whistle during a movie shoot was arrested by rental cops, cuffed, and held overnight at a police station. She was charged with causing a disturbance, and then I suppose the police searched her (why?), since she was also charged with pot posession-- a half-gram. [story]

The whistler's charges were dropped last week due to the delay in bringing the case to trial. It's a shame the case didn't get heard. While it's great she's off the hook, I'd like to know how annoying a film crew constitutes a public disturbance, and why someone arrested for a public disturbance needs to be searched.
  The Most Haunted Corner in Toronto  
Posted 2003-04-07 by Tony Walsh
Who knew the most haunted corner in the city would be visible from my window? The spooky structure is currently part of an upcoming condo development, and looks like it will be demolished soon. Poor ghosts. [link:heckubus]
  SARS Smacks Toronto  
Posted 2003-03-27 by Tony Walsh
If you didn't know already, Toronto's been hit hard by the pneumonia-like SARS. The Earthfiles summarizes the situation. SARS has reportedly infected about 1300 people worldwide at the time of this writing and caused about 30 deaths.
  Marc Ngui’s “Enter Avariz” Launches Tonight (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-03-23 by Tony Walsh
No Cover Charge
The Cameron House, 408 Queen St. West, Just West of Spadina

"Marc Ngui is launching his new graphic novel, ENTER AVARIZ (respectively) on the Sunday the 23rd of March in the Back Room of the Cameron House. There will be a slide projector and Marc Ngui will do his little thing (an A/V presentation and more). We have between the hours of 8pm and 11pm but can linger or come a bit early if we like."

Presented by The Beguiling.
  Matt Jones On The “Warchalking” Phenomenon  
Posted 2003-03-14 by Tony Walsh
Toronto's pricey Digifest is underway, drawing affluent digerati downtown like so many hackers to a honeypot.

On Friday, March 28, 6:00 pm at the Design Exchange (234 Bay Street, Toronto,) Matt Jones will be speaking about "warchalking."

What is warchalking?
"Dozens of companies in urban centres all around the world are leaving their networks unprotected, enabling anyone with a wireless card in their laptop or PDA to connect to these networks. Warchalking is the practice of marking a series of symbols on sidewalks and walls to indicate these wireless networks. Aware of these symbols and their locations, computer users translate the symbols and are able to connect wirelessly and 'freely' to someone else's internet access."

Tickets to hear warchalking inventor Jones elaborate on and moralize this issue are $35, and can be purchased online or by phone: 416-216-2150
  Editorial: “Toronto Security Expert:  The Sky Is Falling”  
Posted 2003-03-14 by Tony Walsh
Claudiu Popa, president of Informatica Corporation warned yesterday that "Google [is a] a do-it-yourself hacking tool for the masses." Security alerts are occasionally issued by security firms to point out critical vulnerabilities in certain software applications. Useful security alerts are based on substantial evidence, point out exact flaws, and often offer a solution to the problem. Useless security alerts are those which amount to nothing more than a publicity-grab.

Popa's alert, which was published on CanadaNewsWire, not only sported a sensational headline, but made some interesting claims. After reviewing the information in Popa's press release, I was motivated to ask this security expert a few questions. These questions, and my summation of this dire Google situation follows...

Continue reading: Editorial: “Toronto Security Expert:  The Sky Is Falling”
  Rosco Rulez, OK?  
Posted 2003-03-11 by Tony Walsh
Toronto's scuzziest inde rag is on the streets again. This issue of Exclaim! dropping their own comics section.
  1000 Is a Lot of Strangers  
Posted 2003-02-05 by Tony Walsh
One Toronto stranger illustrated daily. It's enough to make your head spin.
  Furry Camp  
Posted 2003-01-29 by Tony Walsh
I just found out there is a summer camp for furry fans a short drive from Toronto! Now I can put on my rubber Rat Boy costume and frolic semi-nude with other afflicted 30-somethings! I would look forward the most to the furry rave: "A flat clearing in the forest, lit by firelight and surrounded on all sides by tall trees, filled with furs - some in rave gear, some in bodypaint, ears, tails, glowsticks - dancing to an amazing mix of music, spun by your favourite furry DJ's and blasting from banks of speakers just off in the trees." [source]
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