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  ‘Art Of Xbox 360’ Comes To Toronto  
Posted 2006-02-09 by Tony Walsh
Xbox Canada is bringing a gallery showing to Toronto featuring the pre- and post-production artwork behind three of the Xbox 360's launch titles: platform game Kameo: Elements of Power, action shooter Perfect Dark Zero, and driving game Project Gotham Racing 3. The private gala opening on February 23 will be attended by UK-based artists Wil Overton of Rare and Chris Davie of Bizarre Creations. Concept sketches, background paintings, and hi-def environments are on free, public display February 24 - 26 (roughly between 12pm - 5pm) at The Blue Dot Gallery in Toronto's yuppie Distillery District [map].

This will be a unique opportunity for the public to get a "behind the scenes" look at video game art and a glimpse of the creative process. I'm pleased admission is free. Game design and animation students take note.
  Media iParanoia in Toronto  
Posted 2005-12-12 by Tony Walsh
I am told that The Weather Network warned Toronto-region viewers this morning to protect their iPods on the subway due to a rash of recent thefts. Not entirely so, according to the Toronto Police web site. There have been only 3 incidents involving iPods in December, 4 in November, and 3 in October this year.
  • On December 10, the iPod incident, which took place in the suburbs of Toronto, also involved a mobile phone.
  • On December 5, there was an iMugging at Royal York Subway station.
  • On December 3, a 12-year-old girl was iMugged on a public transit bus on the outskirts of town.
  • On November 27, a youth was iMugged at school
  • On November 26, two victims sharing an iPod were iMugged at a public library. In an unrelated break-and-enter, jewels, a camera, and iPod were iStolen.
  • On November 8, someone was iMugged on the street. The thief also stole their wallet, keys, and hat.
It's clear that there is certainly no pattern here in terms of iPod related incidents. Each day an iPod-related incident occurred, numerous other crimes occurred. In other words, in Canada's biggest city, you are in no more danger of having your iPod stolen than getting robbed for any other posession.

What is it about the local media reporting these non-stories? In July of this year, a local CTV-affiliate reported that Canadians should be watchful about iPod theft, warning viewers not to walk down dark alleys at night while sporting an iPod. I've heard of slow news days, but this is ridiculous.
  Toronto ‘Second Life’ Residents Wanted  
Posted 2005-12-09 by Tony Walsh
The pilot episode of a new show airing on CBC Radio intends on featuring one or more Second Life residents in their daily online activities. Lindsay Michael from the show is looking to get in touch with Toronto, Canada residents who spend a lot of time in Second Life and are familiar with its culture. You can contact Lindsay at for more information.
  The Nutty Professor  
Posted 2005-12-07 by Tony Walsh
Starting January 2006, I'll be joining the faculty of Toronto's George Brown College to teach a post-grad course on Game Culture and Design, part of the college's first Game Design Program. I'm pleased that game culture factors heavily in the program--understanding game culture is understanding your customers and their environs, which is essential to designing successful games. I'll have to review the College's policies on outside communication, as it's possible I won't be able to share much about the experience of teaching this course. More (or less) on that later, I'm sure. In the mean time, I've got oodles of course material to prepare.
  KOEI Builds ‘Inertia’ in Toronto  
Posted 2005-10-25 by Tony Walsh
KOEI, an international console game developer best known for its Dynasty Warrriors property, will be expanding its operations in Canada with a 30-person team based in Toronto. Compared to Montreal and Vancouver, Toronto's game industry is tiny and weak. Perhaps KOEI's new studio will pump some vitality into the local game-dev scene. The company is working on a PlayStation 3 aerial combat game entitled "Fatal Inertia." Based on the title, pilots are more likely to be killed by flying too fast than by bullets. I hope KOEI's Toronto team can hold onto their jobs after the game launches. Fatal Inertia indeed.
  Toronto of the Living Dead  
Posted 2005-10-18 by Tony Walsh
Canada's richest and stuffiest city will soon be crawling with brain-hungry zombies. The Toronto Zombiewalk begins at 2pm on Sunday, October 23, 2005, on the western edge of Riverdale Park, and shambles across town to Dundas and Yonge. The destination spot is the home of one of Toronto's busiest shopping districts, arguably frequented daily by real-life zombies. Ironically, most of the Toronto zombies are likely to be dressed better than the city's homeless population.

I intend to snap some pics, if possible.
  Autodesk Eats Alias  
Posted 2005-10-05 by Tony Walsh
Autodesk, venerable makers of industry standard 3D software such as 3ds Max and AutoCAD, is set to acquire Alias, venerable makers of other industry standard 3D software such as Maya and MotionBuilder. The deal is worth $182M in cash, and will make Autodesk an unstoppable 3D-software-making ogre. No word yet on which company's star software offering(s) will be scrapped.

The announcement was made yesterday, which explains why, on my way back from the corner store in the evening, I saw a group of terrified Alias employees commiserating across the street from their headquarters. Sorry, Alias-peeps.
  Hard Liquor and Porn Film Fest  
Posted 2005-09-27 by Tony Walsh
Torontonians are known for their stuffy demeanour, but Darryl's Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festival offers local yokels a tempting excuse to get both drunk and semi-naked in public. The fest kicks off this Friday, and offers a 90-minute program of over 30 short international films (previous. Attendees are requested to dress up as their inner porn star. A pair of voluptuous online videos should give you an idea of what's in store (Hard Liquor and Porn Report; Macho Baby) , and if that doesn't do the trick, previous festival entries are listed here. Ticket info available at the official site.
  Grand Theft Toronto  
Posted 2005-08-29 by Tony Walsh
On the heels of the urbanized live-action Scotland Yard game comes another Toronto-based street game dubbed "Grand Theft Toronto." Participants will don the duds of underworld thugs, travel by foot and public transit, and are armed with digital cameras to take photos of locations discovered by solving clues. Unlike Toronto's Scotland Yard variant, Grand Theft Toronto is less comparable to a tabletop game, and more like a scavenger hunt (although there is a minor amount of role-playing involved). "Fun, fame, glory & cleaning up your city" is at stake. And for you cynical bastards, there are also tangible prizes. Sign up now--the mayhem begins September 18, 2005.

[tip via jos]
  Cranking It Up  
Posted 2005-08-15 by Tony Walsh
Although summer wanes, Toronto's hot weather and its accompanying electrical-grid strain isn't over yet. Since we've been hit with rolling blackouts this year (as well as the famed outage of 2003), being prepared for darkness just makes sense. Thanks to my wife, I snagged a couple of practical wedding gifts: a hand-cranked radio with built-in LED flashlight, and a plug-in blackout radio with similar features. This way, when the power goes out, the radio automatically illuminates. For extended outages and camping trips we can hand-crank all the radio and light we want.

I'm looking forward to a universal windup charger for electronic devices. Currently, there are options for cell-phones, Game Boy SPs, and laptops.
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