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  Urban Stealth Theatre  
Posted 2004-06-13 by Tony Walsh
I live in a gentrified portion of Toronto where, since 1999, a new condo has either been built or is under construction on every available scrap of land in a 3-block radius. Year by year the neighbourhood's been changing, becoming more Starbucks-friendly with each passing season. Occupants have only begun to trickle in to a couple of nearby buildings, so when the sun goes down, there are a handful of lights flickering in the otherwise inky monoliths. Ironically, this looks like squatters have moved in.

One evening this weekend, I noticed that a squatter-condo resident had taken full advantage of the fact that his/her unit is opposite a large, white, flat portion of a George Brown College building. Armed with a video projector and a copy of "Ali," the resident had a crisp balcony view to a drive-in-movie-sized screen. I'm sure someone will put a stop to repeat performances once the building fills up. Uniqueness is against condo by-laws.
  Diary:  Ignoring for Jesus  
Posted 2004-06-05 by Tony Walsh
Downtown Toronto was invaded by combat-pant-wearing Jesus-enthusiasts today. They walked briskly down the east side of Yonge St., uttering praise for their lord, honking air-horns, and waving red flags. At least one homeless person was passed by this conga-line of holiness, and do you think I saw any of the zealots stopping to give a brother a helping hand? Nope. Not one alm for the poor. Classy!
  Toronto 1 Minus 28  
Posted 2004-05-20 by Tony Walsh
Toronto 1, Toronto's newest, flawed local station has sacked 28 staffers and two of its original programs. [] Gone are the chatty Toronto Today and the exceedingly lame Last Call. The station's ratings were 40% less than projected. I blame their content. It blew.
  Digital Discussions in T-Dot  
Posted 2004-04-22 by Tony Walsh
Venerable digi-fu master Bill Buxton gives a talk today on the UofT campus. The lecture is described in Buxton's own words as "What I have learned about software product design in 8 1/2 years of working with some of the best industrial designers and film makers in the world." Sounds like a no-miss event. If you can't be there in person, there's a webcast here. Buxton's sermon will be given between 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. EST in Room BA1200 [1st floor], Bahen Centre for Information Technology, University of Toronto, 40 St. George St.

Tomorrow there will be a brown-bag lunch lecture by McLuhanite Twyla Gibson on "Plato's Medium and Message: The Philosophical Roots of Culture & Technology and the Toronto School of Communication." Make sure you bring a well-laden brown bag--if the lecture's proportionately as long as the title, it's gonna be a long haul.
Deets: Friday April 23 at 12:00 noon the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 252 Bloor Street West, 6th Floor, Room 122.

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  Kung Fu Fridays (Toronto)  
Posted 2004-04-16 by Tony Walsh
It's a fine night for some chop-socky here in Toronto. Kung Fu Fridays presents Sammo Hung in PANTYHOSE HERO
Director: Sammo Hung Kam Bo
Cast: Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Alan Tam, Joan Tong, Jaclyn Chu, Chung Faat, Billy, Wu Ma, Ridley Tsui Bo-wah
Hong Kong / Cantonese with English Subtitles / 1990 / 90 minutes / 14A

"Sammo Hung has directed possibly one of the most politically incorrect and offensive movies ever with Pantyhose Hero. It's a kung fu version of "Cruising", as a serial killer runs wild in the gay clubs of Hong Kong, and smart-aleck straight cops Sammo and Alan Tam must go undercover as a pair of dove-eyed lovers to crack the case. Laugh and cringe as Sammo is given lessons on how to mince and sway as he walks. In between all the stereotypes, prancing, pursed lips, and limp wrists are the rip-roaring fight scenes and stunts that Sammo Hung is famous for. Only in Hong Kong could comedy of such a questionable nature be sandwiched with harsh and violent action scenes like a kung fu chainsaw fight!"

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  Toronto Comic Frenzy  
Posted 2004-02-20 by Tony Walsh
Dave Howard reminds us that "the Toronto Comic Jam is coming up this Tuesday Feb 24th, and that there are only two more Saturdays left in the comic jam art show at (although it is also open during the week, Wed-Fri, 11-5pm). Please come down and check out the show, where there�s paint, pencil crayons, illustration board, all kinds of different media to expand the jam experience. We�ll also be auctioning off the jam pieces created at the show to help raise some money for the jam; pages will start at $20."

The upcoming comic jam will also launch the latest issue of Dave's Don't Touch Me Comics magazine. "Number 10 features cover pieces by John Scott, winner of the Governor General�s Award for Visual Art in 2000 (which is a very interesting cross-over if you know about John�s work); and a great big 44 pages of comics from 16 artists. It�ll go for $7.00, so come down and get them while they�re hot!" More info here.
  Crazed Local Anchor Caught on Tape!  
Posted 2004-01-28 by Tony Walsh
Long-time Toronto news anchor Gord Martineau has been captured on camera dissing gays, mocking kids with cancer, and making raunchy gestures. Unfortunately, the tapes weren't televised. Fortunately, Frank Magazine has all the damning evidence (Windows Media Player required.)

Ironically, Gord's quote on his CityTV bio is: "Yes, boys and girls, we are having some fun now!" Appropriately he once held a job as a ditch digger, which explains how he was able to dig his own grave so quickly.

Official press release follows...

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  ABBA Cadaver  
Posted 2003-05-23 by Tony Walsh
I saw Mama Mia! (the musical) last night. I'm not a big fan of musicals, I'm more of a music fan, but there were crazy cheap tickets available due to the whole Toronto SARS thing, and I was all like "I will gladly risk SARS to see an ABBA musical."

So, what's an ABBA musical like? Imagine being duct-taped to a huge magenta fun-fur pillow by Disney theme-park workers and then force-fed a huge wheel of Gouda, coated in melted Brie smothered in shaved Asiago and liberally sprinkled with grated Parmigiano. By the third mouthful you'd be begging for it all to stop. Unless you like that sort of thing. Which most people in the theatre appeared to. Kinky bastards.
  Subtle Technologies 2003 (Toronto)  
Posted 2003-05-21 by Tony Walsh
Toronto's 6th annual Subtle Technologies festival explores the relationships between art, science and technology. The festival kicks off tomorrow and runs through the weekend.

"On Thursday night, May 22nd, Subtle Technologies opens with a panel discussion at DECONism Gallery, featuring Steve Mann, Derrick de Kerckhove, Arthur Kroker, and Simon Penny. Following the panel, SubtleTechnologies will host an opening reception for Simon Penny's interactive installation, Bedlam."

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  WHO Adds Toronto to SARS Blacklist  
Posted 2003-04-23 by Tony Walsh
The World Health Organization has added Toronto to their list of SARS-overwhelmed locales, which also includes Beijing and Shanxi province in China. [source] Local health officials are talking about "The New Normal" resulting from the epidemic, which means much higher screening and personal hygeine all over the city. Makes me glad I work at home, but since SARS appears to be as easy to catch as a common cold... well you draw your own conclusions. Anyone wanna buy my condo?
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