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  The Monsters of Facebook  
Posted 2007-07-27 by Tony Walsh
The Monsters of Facebook
Over 2 million Zombies are shambling around Facebook. Although the Zombies! game is the most popular on Facebook, growth has slowed a bit from about 60,000 players daily to about 50,000 users daily. Probably because Zombies are no longer only monster in town. The makers of the popular bite-a-friend game also offer a Vampires and WereWolves version, with over 900,000 players and over 5,500 users respectively. Unfortunately, there's currently no way to get these classic monster groups to fight without switching to the Vampires vs. Werewolves game, which boasts over 330,000 players.
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  Do 1 in 4 Internet Users Visit Game Sites?  
Posted 2007-07-10 by Tony Walsh
comScore released the results of a global study today showing that 28% of "the total worldwide online population" visited game web sites in May, 2007 (according to comScore, that's roughly 217M out of 705M total users). The study looked at sites providing online or downloadable games, excluding gambling sites, traffic from public computers (such as those in internet cafes), mobile phones, and PDAs. Matt Mihaly of The Forge notes that people who play online games through client software (rather than a web browser) are also excluded, and Steven Davis of PlayNoEvil explains why he thinks comScore's numbers are bogus.

From the sites studied, comScore distilled a top 10 list, finding Yahoo! Games in first place with about 53M unique visitors. The WildTangent Network trailed at number 10, with about 12M uniques (up almost 400% over May, 2006). WildTangent was found to attract 12.2 visits per user monthly, more than the average of 9 visits per user monthly. An interesting inclusion in the list was the fourth-ranked EA Online, which is a support site for EA's online games, and not a destination for playing online games. The full list is reprinted below...

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  ‘Virtual Worlds, Real Leaders’ Report Distilled  
Posted 2007-06-28 by Tony Walsh
IBM and Seriosity have teamed up for a joint research report entitled "Leadership in Games and at Work:
Implications for the Enterprise of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games." A summary of the report is available for download, painting a picture of "Virtual Worlds, Real Leaders" in broad strokes.

The summary report's chief takeaway in my view is that leadership isn't just a part of MMOs but a byproduct of MMO play (no surprise to any organized MMO players out there). Also see my notes from Ito and Hall's SXSW 2007 panel "Online Games: Beyond Play and Fantasy," or a bunch links I collected last year on the topic of productive play.

Here's my favorite passage from the report:
"The collaborative influence that online leaders exhibit is extraordinary in some cases. Gaming leaders are more comfortable with risk, accepting failure, and the resulting iterative improvement, as part of their reality. Many of these leaders are able to make sense of disparate and constantly changing data, translating it all into a compelling vision. And the relationship skills of the best gaming leaders would put many Fortune 500 managers to shame."
What sticks out here is that game leaders are more comfortable with risk and accept failure. I submit that this is largely due to the minimal real-world repercussions for risk and failure in MMO games. Few guild leaders are losing their day-jobs over a bad raid decision.

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  Ypulse Interviews ‘Gaia Online’ CEO  
Posted 2007-05-01 by Tony Walsh
Ypulse has posted a brief interview with Craig Sherman, CEO of Gaia Online, a web-based community currently boasting 5 million registrants and a record concurrency of over 86,000 users. The entire interview is worth a read, but here are my take-away points:
  • Gaia Online forums represent 25% of community activity. Usage averages 1M posts daily, 1B posts created (since 2003).
  • Gaia Online's business model is based on sponsorships (integrated branding rather than billboard ads).
  • Gaia Online sells 2-3 virtual collectibles monthly at $2.50 USD each. This is a "key source" of revenue. Some real-world items for sale, such as "OMG" cap, based on virtual items, have been "really popular."
  • 85% of users have recommended Gaia Online to friends
  • International expansion of the service is planned.
  VW2007 Notes:  “ Virtual World Consumer Behaviors and The Evolution of Social Networking”  
Posted 2007-03-28 by Tony Walsh
I arrived slightly late for this afternoon panel, and couldn't find a place to set down my laptop, therefore I present a transcription of my chicken-scratched notes. Abridged. Caveat emptor. My occasional notes in [square brackets].

Teemu Huuhtanen, President, North America & EVP Business Development, Sulake Corp. Ltd.:

Habbo's audience is split 50/50 between male/female, average age is 15. Ease of use if the most important aspect of virtual worlds. Habbo is moderated 24/7 across 28 regional sites. There are 74M registered users, with 22M in North America. Habbo receives 7M unique visitors [monthly, I think], with 1.7M in North America.

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  VW2007 Notes:  “Platforms and Technologies”  
Posted 2007-03-28 by Tony Walsh
Best quote of the panel goes to Linden Lab's Joe Miller, who said the company is going to open source Second Life's back-end: "We will not succeed if only one company owns the grid."

Anyway, my grossly-abreviated notes follow. Caveat emptor...

Corey Bridges, Co-founder, Executive Producer, & Marketing Director The Multiverse Network
We are platform makers. This is the start of the mainstreaming of virtual worlds. The most popular/money making virtual worlds are MMOGs. MMOs have more purpose than just entertainment. What Multiverse does is make this technology available for downloading, enabling indie developers to get in and create new stuff. Our standard business model is based around developers--they don't pay us a dime until they charge consumers. It's such a blank canvas. What if you just want a nightclub or island? You can do that in Multiverse. We are trying to enable the full potential of this medium.

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