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  DirectX 9.0, For Better or Worse  
Posted 2002-12-20 by Tony Walsh
DirectX 9.0 is now available for download and installation, but is not able to be uninstalled. So, what you've got here is a new, system-critical piece of software that allegedly includes security and performance updates, but if it screws up your machine, you're screwed too. Unless you make a �System Restore� point. How's that for elegance?
  Sneak attack on hackers  
Posted 2002-11-15 by Tony Walsh
The Cyber Security Enhancement Act was slipped into the U.S. Homeland Security bill this week. If made into law, the CSEA would reportedly:
  • Give life terms to certain types of hackers
  • Permit surveillance without a court order during certain types of Internet attacks
  • Extend an existing advertising ban on electronic suveillance devices from print advertising to online advertising

  • [story]
      Trustworthy Computing  
    Posted 2002-11-14 by Tony Walsh
    The solution to pre-WinXP operating system security: buy WindowsXP.
      PayPoop Part II  
    Posted 2002-10-29 by Tony Walsh
    An email spoofed to read like a (grammatically incorrect) security update from PayPal invited recipients to visit bogus site and enter their account information. This scam didn't originate from PayPal (otherwise it wouldn't be a "scam", would it?) but it does suggest that social engineering is still the most effective form of hacking. [story]
      If a tree falls…  
    Posted 2002-10-23 by Tony Walsh
    The Internet's backbone was attacked late Monday, the largest such assault in its history. A 1-hour DDOS attack pounded 13 root servers that comprise the foundation of the Internet... but did anyone notice? I guess the distributed nature of the `net is good for something after all. [story]

    In semi-related news, a report entitled How to 0wn the Internet in Your Spare Time claims a worm could gobble up the entire Internet faster than most people can finish a big cup of coffee. " is reasonable for an attacker to gain control of a million Internet hosts, or perhaps even ten million. The highway to such control lies in the exploitation of worms: programs that self-propagate across the Internet by exploiting security flaws in widely-used services."
      Trustworthy Computing  
    Posted 2002-10-23 by Tony Walsh
    Gee, is it Trustworthy Computing time already? Today's installment features a big, fat security hole in Internet Explorer. Actually, there are nine vulnerabilities, eight of which have been called "critical." According to this Cnet story, "Seven of the flaws can grant an attacker full access to the victim's PC, while another makes the currently loaded document readable and the last lets an attacker read and write to the clipboard." Apparently IE 5.5 and 6 are affected, but must have the recent service packs applied. Something I'm going to do right now...
      Trustworthy Computing  
    Posted 2002-10-18 by Tony Walsh
    Despite beefing up security on new versions of the Xbox game console, the box has been hacked, allowing "mod chippers" to continue exploit the Xbox, and by extension, gamers to play bootlegged games.
      Trustworthy Computing?  Insert coin, please.  
    Posted 2002-10-10 by Tony Walsh
    CNET reports: "Microsoft is considering charging for additional security options and acknowledges that it didn't move on security until customers were ready to pay for it." I don't know why anyone would pay for "new" security abilities when the old ones don't even work right.
      Bites:  THAT’S�A�SPICY�MEATBALL!  
    Posted 2002-08-14 by Tony Walsh

    "If you ever typed in credit card information to an SSL site there's a chance that somebody intercepted it."  Yet another security flaw in Internet Exploder. Go, Trustworthy Computing!

    Instead of feeding hungry people, let's make a 2700-pound bowl of pasta and then get Nintendo fans to become human meatballs. This way we can become known as a wasteful, uncaring, clueless corporation rather than a super happy fun bunch'o'guys who like to run and jump.

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