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  Snapzilla:  Pics of Pixels  
Posted 2005-03-06 by Tony Walsh
Second Life screenshots can now be sent to the web using SL's built-in "postcard" function funnelled through Snapzilla, a third-party service operated by Second Life resident Cristiano Midnight. The new service, endorsed by SL developer Linden Lab, scoops relevant postcard data sent to "," and displays the results in list or slideshow format. Snapzilla is the first service [EDIT: reader Cienna points out that it isn't the first] to facilitate posting of images directly from Second Life to the web, and shows great promise as a third-party extension to the Second Life community.

Second Life postcards are sent out as HTML-based email, with the snapshot embedded in the page code. Were Second Life to send out images as attachments, a wider variety of common web-based services could be used as an "instant" pictorial broadcast. I had hoped to moblog directly from Second Life, but it's not currently possible without server-side scripts such as those in use by Snapzilla.
  SL’s Tringo Hits RL Markets  
Posted 2005-03-03 by Tony Walsh
Tringo has become one of Second Life's most popular user-created games. The creator of the smash hit puzzler, programmer Nathan Keir, has reportedly licensed the game to Donnerwood Media, a San Francisco company that plans to spread Tringo around mobile phones and the web. Keir parted with the real-world licensing rights for "a fee in the low five-figures" and royalties but retains the Second Life rights. Hope he didn't bite at the first deal he was offered.

[Edited to clarify rights issues, thanks Slashdotters and Second Life Forumers]
  Moblogging from Second Life  
Posted 2004-06-23 by Tony Walsh
Despite my initial disdain for moblogging (mobile weblogging), I should soon have some moblog entries here. More specifically, I am in the process of setting up a moblog to display "live" screenshots and commentary documenting my Second Life travels.

The system will allow me to take "photos" in Second Life and send these along with comments from within SL to an external email account-- this is a standard SL function whereby users can send their friends e-cards. The email is collected by the blogging system and stripped of text I don't want, leaving only my message and a picture. Hopefully I'll have this implemented soon, the technical aspect is all handled by the blogging system, and it's not too hard. The end result will be the ability to report "live" as events happen in Second Life. Pretty cool!
  Review: “The Fairly OddParents:  Breakin’ Da Rules” (PS2)  
Posted 2004-01-19 by Tony Walsh

The Fairly OddParents: Breakin' Da Rules (PS2)
Publisher: THQ
Availability: now
Est. Price: $40USD
ESRB Rating:E

Substance: 20%
Longevity: 20%

I'm a childless 30-something with no cable. Therefore I have never heard of the Nickelodeon cartoon show "The Fairly Oddparents." You'd think a game based on the show might offer a little something in the way of explanation, you know, to introduce us older folks to a barrel-of-laughs show like "The Fairly Oddparents." If that's what you were thinking, you'd be wrong. Because if you're 30-something, you should be able to figure out what the show's about just by sitting through tediously-unfunny cutscenes.

So here's what the show's about based on how it's depicted in the game: It's about some white kid who has a pair of white Fairy Godparents (get it? Fairly Oddparents?) that will do anything the kid wishes. The kid has real parents, but in this game all they do is leave home for some kind of sex-romp out of town. Really. The kid's abusive white babysitter comes over and starts insulting him for the weekend. Somewhere in "Fairly Oddparents: Breakin' Da Rules" is an actual storyline, but there's just way too much dialog, smug humour, and stream-of-consciousness blather standing in the way of understanding it.

Continue reading: Review: “The Fairly OddParents:  Breakin’ Da Rules” (PS2)
  Interactive Arena (Toronto):  Game vs. Cinema Space  
Posted 2003-05-29 by Tony Walsh
Game Space vs. Cinema Space is a special presentation of the Toronto-based Interactive Arena Lecture Series.

Next Wednesday night, there will be a screening of "exclusive visuals from computer gaming including unreleased and contemporary introduction movies and cut game-play sequences. Interactive storytelling is becoming a reality and it's on a console near you!" I have news for Michelle Kasprzak, the producer of the Interactive Arena: Interactive storytelling existed for eons before computers were even conceived of. Computer-based interactive storytelling has been a reality since at least Zork.

After the screening there will be a doubtless more informative panel discussion featuring:
John Buchanan, Electronic Arts
Robert Magee, Side Effects Software
Doug Masters, C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures
Jim Munroe, No Media Kings

As usual, I have some issues with this presentation's lineup. How about a panel consisting entirely of experts who actually balance on the line between gaming and cinema. Like Toronto's Trapeze Media? Or the trans-national Microids with an office in Montreal? Hey, at least tickets are only eight bucks. Details follow...

Continue reading: Interactive Arena (Toronto):  Game vs. Cinema Space
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