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  Old Gamers Never Die  
Posted 2002-12-02 by Tony Walsh
Youthful reaction to older PC gamers typically ranges from shock to disbelief. But if you imagine the gaming world as a big pie chart, the number of gamers under the age of 18 is only a slice of that pie, leaving the rest, representing gamers over 18, the exact shape of Pac-Man. Young gamers might know what Pac-Man is, but a large and dedicated group of gamers were already in their thirties by the time Pac-Man was released, and are just as active now as they were at the dawn of videogame history. Gamers in their fifties not only bring a unique perspective to the pastime, but are levelling the playing field for gamers of all ages.

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  Red Number Five  
Posted 2002-10-25 by Tony Walsh
Food additives might make kids squirrely, wiggy, or even jiggy, according to a 2001 UK government study. The results of the study are unsurprisingly being pooh-poohed in the same way as smoking vs. cancer, or pollution vs. global warming. [story]
  Will the last car on the train please stand up?  
Posted 2002-10-04 by Tony Walsh
I can't believe they finally did it. After nearly three years of development and the acquisition of ailing kids sites Zeeks, Funschool, and Kids Domain, a former client of mine finally unleashed their paid subscription service. Behold... the Kaboose Network. This one should be interesting to watch from a dot-bomb standpoint. Can millions of visitors be converted to a paying audience? I guess we'll see in about a year or less. Their subscription fee isn't too bad at least. $60 USD yearly to buy "safety" for your kids online.
  Of Christians and Lions and Little Wizards  
Posted 2002-01-31 by Tony Walsh
To say that Christians have never appreciated magic and mythology is a bit of an understatement. After all, ancient fundamentalists used to throw witches onto the fire just to keep warm. While such violent outbursts may be ancient history, the flames of Christian ire still burn brightly. On December 30, 2001, a church group in Alamogordo, New Mexico held a holy bonfire into which Harry Potter books were cast. Pastor Jack Brock, the man who arranged the Alamagordo book burning, told a local reporter: “The greatest danger is these children are enamoured with Potter and they go on the internet to learn more about the book, and they're directed to other places where they can see information about Wicca.” Fortunately for the Pastor, the internet's double-edged sword has also carved out a path for his people.

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Posted 1999-12-30 by Tony Walsh
  • Okay, well, I'm kinda kidding, but it's certainly hard to motivate myself to do anything but worry these days. Reading Wired News doesn't help, either. Of note in one of their articles today is that the UK is expecting "a threatened wave" of 200000 viruses to get mailed to them over New Years. Wow, 200k viruses. Where the hell did they get that number from?
  • Today I go shopping for a gas stove, a few can-openers, candles, matches, new army boots, and some sort of trauma-inflicting blunt device.
  • A CNN story on that personal tracking device that is implanted under the skin. Tell me they aren't going to put this thing into mass usage. Check out the graphic on the page. Creepy radioactive children.
      Bites:  WATCH OUT FOR SNAKES!  
    Posted 1999-10-20 by Tony Walsh
  • Yahoo reports that snakes and iguanas were smuggled into the US inside children's toys! Good thing they weren't smuggled in sex toys.
  • I've been reading more and more favourable stuff about Linux lately. I'm not likely to install it, I don't even know if I can get a Mac build, but it's interesting to think about. If I were to switch to a bizarre OS, it would like be BE.
  • Ryan updated me on a few more movie sequel titles, namely:
    "Heist 2: The Takening"
    "House Party 2: The Bakening"
    "Ford Training Video for Welding U-Joints to Windstar Vans 2: the Makening"
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