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Posted 2000-11-15 by Tony Walsh
  • Thanks to the 43 people who emailed me this:

    > In light of the Canadian Alliance's stand on holding referendums

    > for any issue as long as a certain percentage of the Canadian

    > population signs a petition, CBC comedy show This Hour has 22 Minutes

    > is holding a petition that would mandate the Canadian government

    > to force Stockwell Day to change his name to Doris Day. You can

    > sign the petition at:
  • Video card giants 3DFX are getting out of the graphics card business. [ story@cnn ] This leaves less choice for PC users, and woefully fewer choices for Mac users. I'm not too happy with ATI in general.
  • I'm a guest-columnist for December's Exclaim ! magazine, this time doing an opinion piece in favour of video game violence. Not sure how it will go over, it's sort of ironic.
  • Still busy tweaking my Myth map, "Restless Hollow". The map is a tie-in with Gloomveil , and will be released with accompanying web pages including a trailer video. I'm going to be capturing game-play with SnapzPro2 , and assembling both Flash-animated and actual game footage together with an original soundtrack and voice-overs. I think I'm going to get my dad to play the role of Onyx .

    Some inspirational Myth map-making sites:

    Vista Cartel

    The Jinn project

  • Lookit this big can of stinky worms: "RealNames opens challenge to ".com" naming system" [ story@cnet>reuters ] The plan is for people to be able to type a single keyword into their browsers to find a web site, such as "invent" for Hewlett-Packard. A system like this would be worse than the current one for "domain" squatting, don't you think?
  • And speaking of domain squatting, it seems as though our good friend Sam the Record Man might be doing a little. directs you to Sam's. Rumour has it that several other popular band names do the same. [source>russ]
    Posted 2000-09-12 by Tony Walsh
  • I guested on TalkTV yesterday on the subject of videogame violence. There is a lot going on in the U.S. right now on the subject, and in Canada, where the B.C. government is looking at legislating game sales. I was to argue in defense of violence, and in favour of self-regulation from the standpoint of the gaming industry. My intended opposition was determined to be too mighty, so the show producers split our segments up. After seeing what the "other side" had to say, I surely could have held my own. Oh well, there is always a next time...

  • Further to the violence issue, Nintendo is getting some attention for their shift to the dark side. Perfect Dark is discussed in this article as the harbinger of Nintendo's cutesy image. [link>wendy] In related news, the FTC has discovered (no suprise here) that the entertainment industry is targetting children in their campaigns to promote adult-only properties.

  • Western Union credit card number hijacking: Hacker News Network reports:

    "Intruder(s) downloaded the credit card information of close to 16,000 customers during the malicious attack on the company's web site. The website remains closed while a full-scale investigation is conducted." Western Union actually had to contact the customers in question with advice to cancel their cards immediately. A huge screw-up. [stories-
    @slashdot - @msnbc]
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    Posted 2000-04-20 by Tony Walsh
  • Woman buys big bloated talking Pikachu doll. Gives to son. Doll says "Fuck You! Fuck You!" Woman calls Nintendo. They say it's out of their control- they just license the stuff. The woman just wants a toy that doesn't swear. Fool.

  • The latest on Mafiaboy:

    Quote from RCMP spokesperson at press scrum yesterday- "Mafiaboy was one of those kids who knows alot about computers." Duhhhhh.

    And a that has a couple of interesting tidbits- the first is that the kid was only charged with the CNN attack. The second is a contradictory quote "It is our estimation that Mafiaboy wasn't that good," staff Sgt. Jean-Pierre Roy said. "He wasn't what we would call a genius."

  • The press is trying to make the Columbine anniversary into a newsworthy story. Listening to 680 News in Toronto, you'd think the event actually happened today. They've lately been reporting any old "threats of school violence", but today announced they would henceforth only report actually dangerous threats (bad paraphrase). I think the cops and school board are getting tired of the hype.

  • Someone in Toronto is selling what amounts to a shack for $139k, which is an indicator of how brutal the housing market is here. I'm glad I bought last year.
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    Posted 2000-02-23 by Tony Walsh
  • Holy crazy warm-weather action. 14 degrees C in Toronto today, and forecast for a warm week. I'm going "up north" on the weekend, I hope there is still snow...
  • Starting to rack up some hits from my Gloomveil press release, but so far a disappointingly low number of news sites have given me press.
  • Normally, I wouldn't comment on hockey stories. But this one is all about violence. For those in the dark, the hockey world is in turmoil right now over an "incident" involving hocky player "A" smacking hockey player "B" in the temple with a hockey stick. Deliberately. Some say assault. Others defend this action as acceptible hockey behaviour. I'm listening to an interview right now on Canada AM of some guy basically justifying the attack in so many bizarre ways... "this is normal in hockey", "this was an isolated incident, you can't persecute one man" (I'm paraphrasing here). [Story@Thestar]
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    Posted 1999-11-18 by Tony Walsh
    I will attempt to churn out the latest Ratboy strip on my venerable Macintosh 6100, in Flash no less. For some reason, Flash is one of the few programs that actually runs pretty well on my old machine, much faster than pigs like Photoshop or Illustrator. Go figure.
  • What the hell is wrong with Anime movies? There is a definite lack of relationship between the titles of these movies and the subject matter of the movies. I have seen a couple recently, namely "Ninja Scroll" and "Perfect Blue". Ninja Scroll had Ninjas in it, sure, but where the hell were the SCROLLS??!! I was lookin' everywhere for the scrolls. There was no actual mention of scrolls in the movie that I can recall, and you only see one very briefly, but apparently that's enough to base the title on. Perfect Blue, a "reality-based" anime movie in the sense that there were no sci-fi or fantasy elements, had nothing to do with anything blue at all. Sure, there was some nudity, but that wasn't really a major player in the storyline. The only thing "Perfect" might have been the pop-idol main character. I have no idea. For more strange usages of English, check out this page.
  • Heard some numbers on TV today, sparked by a recent rash of teen violence. The media is having a feeding frenzy on this shit. Apparently, there have been nearly 600 "swarmings" (muggings en masse) in the Toronto area since March. There have been over 100 since October. I'd be interested to find out where the largest concentration of swarmings have taken place, and what they actually consider to be a "swarming". Is it more than one attacker? Is it more than 3? Does there have to be actual violence, or just the threat of violence?
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